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A Mining Town, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

A Mining Town

A travel blog entry by shyoungstr

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... the bus is “late?” The highlight was trying to figure out how to pay for things using both KIP and USD. Banlung is predominantly a gem mining town which explains the abundance of high end SUVs driving around town. I got more of the inside ...

Alles Roger in Kambodscha Part II, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Alles Roger in Kambodscha Part II

A travel blog entry by bado


... gemeinsam mit 2 Deutschen (Theresa und Maurice) aufgemacht um, geführt von 2 Guides, den Dschungel ca. 40 km nördlich von Banlung zu erkunden. Geplant waren 3 Tage (Kosten pro Tag, pro Person: 20 Dollar inkl. Essen und Trinken) mit 2 Übernachtungen im ...

Sidste stop: Kratersoe, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Sidste stop: Kratersoe

A travel blog entry by elinatroels


... ude i skoven et sted, ved et hengemt meget mindre vandfald, som tydeligvis ikke havde vaeret besoegt i de seneste mange aar. Men vandfald fik vi da, lidt af i hvert fald, og saa gik solen ellers ned over Ban Lung, og vores sidste dag i Cambodia var ...

Ratanakiri - Red dirt and a tender tail-bone, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Ratanakiri - Red dirt and a tender tail-bone

A travel blog entry by stilllooking


With the CWF semester over, and 2 weeks before I leave Cambodia, I decided to head to Ratanakiri  in North East Cambodia for a look-see.  I really wanted to get to Mondulkiri but it seems to be way too difficult in wet season and I didn't fancy ...

FAIL!, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by louisegandolfi

... I was actually beginning to go  a bit crazy in the North East with no one to talk to for a few days. All in all Cambodia has been interesting, but im going to go back to Thailand tomorrow, im really missing the sea and believe after over 3 months its ...

Lakes, rain and smiles, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Lakes, rain and smiles

A travel blog entry by garrykctravels


... along the lake a local woman passed me on her bicycle and gave me a friendly smile and said "hello!". I was liking Cambodia already! I found the restaurant and went in for some brekkie. The very friendly Cambodian guy in the restaurant welcomed me in and ...

Chilling time in Banlung, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Chilling time in Banlung

A travel blog entry by submarine


Back on our motorbike for a day trip. Target: 160km to reach Banlung. No local transport nor accommodation on the way. The road was half bad, half OK. They are building a new one next to the old bumpy-dirty road. The journey was lovely, we didn't meet any ...

Koupani v krateru, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Koupani v krateru

A travel blog entry by eva-honza


... jsme si to strihli kratsi, ale o to horsi cestou ke krateru, skocili par salticek (Jenda) a vydali se pokracovat chillouvat. Banlung je temer na konci sveta, cesta k nemu je strastiplna, ale toto misto ma ducha a urcite stoji za to sem ...

North by Northeast, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

North by Northeast

A travel blog entry by julie_sam42


... in red dust from head to toe. So then it was time to head for Laos. We’d had an excellent time in Cambodia. The country is very relaxed (especially after China and Vietnam). The locals are very friendly and smiling (outside of Angkor anyway), ...

Erster Kontakt, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Erster Kontakt

A travel blog entry by janinger


Unseren ersten Richtungen Kontakt mit Cambodia hatten wir in Banlung, einer kleinen Provinzstadt im Nord-Osten des Landes. Hier sollte es landschaftlich sehr schön sein. Das heißt Trekking für uns. Ach was, wir gehen doch bei 35 Grad Celsius nicht ...

Trekking in the rainy season in Ratanakiri, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Trekking in the rainy season in Ratanakiri

A travel blog entry by emmaandpaul


... to our bungalow, changed into fresh dry clothes and have a cup of tea and a banana pancake.   Fri 31st July Our last day in Cambodia and we are tying up lose ends, we got a lift with Sompong into Ban Lung town to get supplies and use the ...

Enter Cambodia, Banlung, Cambodia, Cambodia travel blog

Enter Cambodia

A travel blog entry by kristint

... sunshine, tinted green, warming the upper layers. The motorbike ride there was a bit slippery on the wet mud roads. The town of Banlung had one dirt road running through it. For how busy it is, this is ridiculous. Dust floats above the town and ...

Farewell Cambodia, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Farewell Cambodia

A travel blog entry by 2totango


A few final thoughts and photos as we leave...Thailand might be marketed as the land of smiles, but I think Cambodia has it beat! scoop bucket 'showers' women wearing pj's as casual clothing tiny children on gigantic bicycles shops dedicated to ...

Brian's Travel Tips:  Sickness, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Brian's Travel Tips: Sickness

A travel blog entry by 2totango


... your own comfy home where you have a bath, warm shower, and all the drugs you need dispensed by someone who speaks English - Cambodia offers some interesting hurdles for someone feeling ill. Not to mention the bugs they grow here are really, REALLY nasty! ...

Deforestation, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by linda-and-rick


... street corner. In China and Laos it became common to see three adults riding one scooter, or a family of four on a motorbike, but Cambodia has gone one further and we've seen several families of 5 squeezed on. We've seen dustbin lorries at work. They seem ...

13 Hour Bus Ride, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

13 Hour Bus Ride

A travel blog entry by 2totango

... metal roofs rather than rusted must mean that the attempts at farming are paying off. I think we'll veg out for a few days before our next epic bus trip up into Laos. A new expression has entered our everyday vocabulary: as slow as a bus in Cambodia. ...

Jungle Fever, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Jungle Fever

A travel blog entry by 2totango


Brian's been cycling through cold-aches and hot-sweats for the last 36 hours. Of course, the first thing that springs to mind is malaria. We have been taking anti-malarials, but there are lots that believe them to not be effective. Did some research ...

Ratanakiri - Cambodia 2007, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Ratanakiri - Cambodia 2007

A travel blog entry by surapong


A trip to one of the most remote region in Asia, Ratanakiri province in Cambodia. It took 14 hrs by bus, 10 hrs by private car, or 2 hrs by 7-seater aircraft.  We finally managed to get the computer room setup while enjoy the whole ...

Ratanakiri - Jungle Trekking, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Ratanakiri - Jungle Trekking

A travel blog entry by ldillard


... the bus) we were truly mobbed by people trying to get us to come to their guesthouse.  Now... our lonely planet guide for cambodia is a few years old and we have had better luck just figuring things out once we get to a destination.  We had no ...

The perfect tan!, Ban Lŭng, Cambodia travel blog

The perfect tan!

A travel blog entry by s.lukaszewicz


Today we are fresh and ready to see whats around Ban Lung.  We decided to go around and see waterfalls and the lake. Since it is so hot in here we dream about anything else but a swim.  We rented the bicycles and on the way to a waterfall. It ...

Touchdown, CAMBODIA!, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Touchdown, CAMBODIA!

A travel blog entry by fionandrea

... gewoon zo luxe in mijn eentje lag, keek naar buiten en zag de zonsopgang, prachtig. Na 30 uur, 4 bussen, getreuzel bij de Lao-Cambodia grens en veel "you Lao? you Cambodia?" geduldig moeten beantwoorden, was ik eindelijk in Phnom Penh en zag ik Xant! Ons ...

Waterfalls, Crater Lakes & Dinner In Family Home.., Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Waterfalls, Crater Lakes & Dinner In Family Home..

A travel blog entry by paulandhannah


We arrived in Ban Lung and got straight on the back of a motorbike – the last resort apart from walking with a heavy bag – to Star Hotel, a grand, turquoise-tiled old house that's been converted into a hotel, which is full of huge dark wood ...

Seeing the Forest for the Trees, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Seeing the Forest for the Trees

A travel blog entry by ecour0404


... as the locals surrounded us. We were in a constant state of cheersing with everyone. It should also be noted that in Cambodia if you cheers someone you must finish your whole glass. Needless to say everyone was feeling pretty happy by the end of the ...

Change of Plans, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Change of Plans

A travel blog entry by 2totango

... there's a good chance they won't have a great variety of medical facilities either.  Unbelievably, Laos ranks even lower than Cambodia for healthcare...So we decided to get a 2nd opinion in a more established clinic (as opposed to a cigarette depot) ...

Welcome to the Jungle, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Welcome to the Jungle

A travel blog entry by oi-herman

... up under neath one of them for what I can only describe as a power shower. It was increcible to be out in rural Cambodia, much like Vietnam the children (and some adults) were absolutely ecstatic to wave and shout 'hello'. It doesn't matter where in the ...

Un peu de terre rouge entre les dents?, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Un peu de terre rouge entre les dents?

A travel blog entry by marco-2010


Comme prévu me voilà parti en scoot avec une pote Russe qui au moins ne me demande pas de ralentir quand je dépasse les 60 km/h quand je roule contrairement à la dernière personne qui était monté avec moi…. Donc direction 2 petites cascade ...

Ban Lung Life, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Ban Lung Life

A travel blog entry by 2totango


... also known as Dey Krahorm (red earth) because of it's rusty  coloured earth. We've seen red roads everywhere in Cambodia, but here  they are richer and deeper in colour.  Supposedly very fertile and good  for growing. Current ...

In the Ratanakiri province, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

In the Ratanakiri province

A travel blog entry by patandsaoyuth


... cars, paradoxical isn't it? On the way we pass the Japanese bridge, the new Chinese road and bridge: in Cambodia roads are build by international organisations and not the Cambodian government which is not doing anything to improve the infrastructures of ...

Prechod do Kambodze, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Prechod do Kambodze

A travel blog entry by eva-honza


... , bus na hranice, bus z hranic cekajici na kambodzske strane a pak dalsi bus az na misto. Vyrazeli jsme v 8 rano. V cili (Banlung) jsme meli byt o pul 5. Je dobry si vymenit vsechny zbyvajici kipy jeste na 4000 ostrovech, byt kurz neni uplne vyhodny. Na ...

A perfect swimming spot, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

A perfect swimming spot

A travel blog entry by mrpat


   Our next major stop in Cambodia is Angkor Wat in the west of the country and we are heading there bit by bit (which I am including as blog entries so our progress can be followed on the map). Our first stage was in Banlung the capital of ...

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