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back on the road, Sorocaba, Brazil travel blog

back on the road

A travel blog entry by tripmurphy


Maris- Hey! We've moved out of Itapetininga and are now chilling in a small town called Sorocaba. We're only here to see the zoo and catch a bus to the beach. Yes.....everyone is getting pretty anxious to start surfing. The last week has been very busy, ...

The summerhouse party, Sorocaba, Brazil travel blog

The summerhouse party

A travel blog entry by like_a_jujo


... a short stop at McD to prepare our systems for the following days meatfest.   It was a lovely little house just outside of Sorocaba with a pool, football pitch (ofcourse) and lots of mango trees. It was quite nice to just walk up to it and yank a ...

Brief stop and xmas gift delivery!, Sorocaba, Brazil travel blog

Brief stop and xmas gift delivery!

A travel blog entry by like_a_jujo

The bus ride took us to Sorocaba which would be our base of operations for a few days. A beautiful house inside a guared area. Managed to stock up on some water and food before we left by car to our next stop for some business Ju had to attend. To ...

A day at the zoo., Sorocaba, Brazil travel blog

A day at the zoo.

A travel blog entry by like_a_jujo


The last day before we head north to Fortaleza was spend with some hanging out and going to the quinzinho de barros zoo. It was a medium size zoo with some more exotic animals compared to the one back home, lions, jaguars etc vs the more traditional ...

Sorocaba, Sorocaba, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by zorobabel


Sorocaba ...

Andreīs 5 star hostel!, Sorocaba, Brazil travel blog

Andreīs 5 star hostel!

A travel blog entry by catndeano


... via some more impressive buildings, we saw a student protest over, we think the government canceling some exams.  Then we returned to Sorocaba for panquetes at Andre's pastelaria and then to bed. 16th Nov. Had a nice lie after along day in the city ...

Further down the rabbit hole.., Sorocaba, Brazil travel blog

Further down the rabbit hole..

A travel blog entry by like_a_jujo

after three days of fever we drove back to Sorocaba. After a few hours after we arrived we decided that we had to go to the hospital. I can tell you that the experience was quite different to Swedish hospitals. Alot of handwritten notes and alot of ...

Apr 04, 2009, Sorocaba, Brazil travel blog

Apr 04, 2009

A travel blog entry by adarastrokes


Happy New Year!, Sorocaba, Brazil travel blog

Happy New Year!

A travel blog entry by like_a_jujo


2012 is coming to an end, and i got to experience my first Brazilian NYE party. In sweden you gather at the designated party around 18.00 and maybe eat a little and drink youre fine and dandy when its time to light the explosives. This year the ...

OlaŠ, Sorocaba, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by marise_tieme


teste e fotos e agora? ...

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