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Rushing ´round Recife, Recife, Brazil travel blog

Rushing ´round Recife

A travel blog entry by emanddave

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... only joking (just checking to see if he ever reads this). Have spent the last few days wondering about changing our route a bit as Brazil is quite expensive compared to the rest of S America and also we are in danger of being a bit colonial towned so ...

Brasil Brasil Brasil, Recife, Brazil travel blog

Brasil Brasil Brasil

A travel blog entry by aussiepanda

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Day 26.   12 November 2007 (Recife, Brazil)   Woke up early again and looked out the window and we're docked in Recife Brasil!!  Can't work put where we are in relation to any of the maps we have but think that Olinda is directly ...

Catching the last parade, Recife, Brazil travel blog

Catching the last parade

A travel blog entry by camille

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... I was getting on the bus to the train station and before I had gone through the turnstile (turnstile manufacturers could make a killing in Brazil) the bus driver braked and I went skidding backwards towards the windscreen of the bus. As I was moving I was ...

Days 30, 31, 32 - Recife, Recife, Brazil travel blog

Days 30, 31, 32 - Recife

A travel blog entry by markrfc86

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... -do-boa-viagem.jpg]  Our destination for the afternoon was Olinda, which is an old town still slightly separated from modern Recife by a canal and park. This is the location of one of the original Portuguese settlements from the 1600's and contains ...

Recife, Recife, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by rese_ma

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... the way we saw some signs there with a warning for Sharks ... Nice ... I will not go swimming there. Discovering Recife This is the offical Website of Recife Wikipedia Our first destination was the Casa da Cultura. It was a prison but ...

Days 28 & 29 - The long road to Recife, Recife, Brazil travel blog

Days 28 & 29 - The long road to Recife

A travel blog entry by markrfc86

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... the land). Then a change of buses, and a marathon from Feira de Santana via Alagoinhas, Aracaju, Maceio, Caruaru, and finally Recife. This would add the states of Sergipe and Alagoas to those we'd already visited, although we decided against stopping off ...

I love surf, Porto de Galinhas and Recife, Brazil travel blog

I love surf

A travel blog entry by jennifers


... we all stayed together in a very cute pousada. He lives here in Recife and is taking us out tonight. You can´t surf in Recife because of sharks that are attracted to the bay here because of a fruit factory (or something like that). We arrived last night ...

Formal Night Once Again, Recife, Brazil travel blog

Formal Night Once Again

A travel blog entry by jimstephkrueger


We were at Sea again today - on our way to Salvador de Bahia.  Our last formal evening was tonight and I have a few photos of some of our favorites in the dining room.  Mom, is a photo or two with me...are you all ...

Meeting Caroline´s parents in Recife, Recife, Brazil travel blog

Meeting Caroline´s parents in Recife

A travel blog entry by globetrippin


... in Recife early in the morning. After an additional metro and bus ride we arrive in Olinda, a cute little town north of Recife where my parents had been staying. We surprised them in their hotel and we must have looked pitiful enough that they decided ...

RACIFE,  BRAZIL, Recife, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by jjndotr


Oh Linda!, Olinda (Recife), Brazil travel blog

Oh Linda!

A travel blog entry by cathandnick


Ohhhh Linda! Olinda is a sister city to the big smelly city of Recife whick is a seaside sprawl. Olinda is made up of alot of beautiful colonial style buildings built on a hill with a view of the sea. We stayed in a great HI youth hostel (discount ...

First stop in Brasil - Recife, Recife, Brazil travel blog

First stop in Brasil - Recife

A travel blog entry by marcelo.heather


... viagem, which is a famous beach in Brasil, but it was a bit packed full of people and to be honest, a bit dirty. The centre of Recife city is also dirty and a bit dangerous. It is better to stick to the tourist areas unless you are with a guide. It was ...

Still Roaming the Brazilian Coastline, Recife, Brazil travel blog

Still Roaming the Brazilian Coastline

A travel blog entry by ernamaria


... flat and some furniture was being delivered the day that I arrived. We went to Olinda, which I thought was a lot prettier than Recife I thought, with cobbled stoned streets and coloured houses and a beautiful view on the sea. You can 't swim in the sea ...

The Sun Searchers, Recife, Brazil travel blog

The Sun Searchers

A travel blog entry by charlotteandben

... couldn't be sure of that and we'd just been to a bunch of Islands too (that sounds a little spoilt...I know). So a flight to Recife and a bus journey to Praia du Pipa was decided. Our flight was only at 6 am but seemed pointless to stay the night in a ...

Jul 15, 2001, Recife, Brazil travel blog

Jul 15, 2001

A travel blog entry by barrontv


Dernier etape au nord du Bresil, Recife, Brazil travel blog

Dernier etape au nord du Bresil

A travel blog entry by baptistevericel


... etant tous malades (intoxication alimentaire pour moi, rhume pour Adrien): pas mal pour ma journee d anniversaire! Sinon la ville de Recife, bien qu etant tres moderne dans le quartier ou nous sommes parait assez sympa. Nous avons surtout visiter la ...

Beach bummin, Recife to Maceio, Brazil travel blog

Beach bummin

A travel blog entry by kevinwalls


... shone everyday. And the beaches were superb. Something there for everybody. Sundays are great on the city beaches like Maceio and Recife. Everybody with a pulse heads to the beach. You'd struggle to see the sand there's so many people there. Hardly ...

Beach!!, Recife, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by marie-line


... I couldn't go visit its famous natural pools.  But they had a free aquarium to inform about local seahorses, which was nice. Recife is a pretty big city with high rising apartment blocks. The view from my hosts apartment's roof was very nice, I love ...

63. Recife, Recife, Brazil travel blog

63. Recife

A travel blog entry by kesvic2013

... a busy final few days. It felt a lot more humid here than in Salvador and people use the shopping centre to cool down. Recife is a strange place, with a huge area of apartment blocks which go right up the coast. Since I was last here, there are ...

Olinda/Recife, Olinda-Recife, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by chezcody


Well over a decade ago, I was offered an English teaching job at a private in Recife, Brazil. I had a wonderful student--who went on to become a friend--from there, but ultimately I didn't take the job and went to Barcelona instead. (A choice I have ...

Brazilian beaches, Recife, Brazil travel blog

Brazilian beaches

A travel blog entry by pamericas


We will post trip information here as soon as it starts. For 2010, we will continue planning the project and look for Sponsors that are willing to invest and support the Project. All indications in that regard is highly appreciated. Please contact us by ...

Land Ho in Recife, Recife, Brazil travel blog

Land Ho in Recife

A travel blog entry by jimstephkrueger


... of the Windjammer restaurant - the window cleaners had a lot of work to do this morning upon our arrival in Recife (Hay C Fay), Brazil.    The air was getting quite heavy last night - that confirmed that we were indeed in equatorial ...

Little old Recife, Recife, Brazil travel blog

Little old Recife

A travel blog entry by vaughnyb

This town was kinda boring. Its two hours from Joao Pessoa, Brazil. Just went here to hide out and get some relaxation at the beach and drop a friend off at the airport. Thats ...

I've gotten my visa!!!, Recife, Brazil travel blog

I've gotten my visa!!!

A travel blog entry by cintyac


Recife, Brazil, Recife, Brazil travel blog

Recife, Brazil

A travel blog entry by oldnavigator


... for their residents and yours for the asking for a mere $1 million.  We continued on to a huge shopping mall (largest in Brazil - Halifax Shopping centre times 100 for the home crowd) where we were joined by their two beautiful daughters, Camila and ...

estranho comeco, Recife, Brazil travel blog

estranho comeco

A travel blog entry by betuca

Foi a primeira vez em minha vida em que o primeiro dia de viagem eu passei inteiro... na mesma cidade da qual eu ia sair! Foi incrivel! Realmente diferente do que eu havia planejado. Assumo minha parcela de culpa antes mesmo de dividi-la com os outros ...

Nihilist Assault Group, Recife, Brazil travel blog

Nihilist Assault Group

A travel blog entry by renard


What's morals after all? Difícil abandonar essa cleptomania, tenho preguiça de inventar quando o que quero dizer já foi escrito e cantado. A arte original esgotou-se há muito tempo, tudo o que sobra agora é recortar e colar, ...

Colonial Splendor, Olinda / Recife, Brazil travel blog

Colonial Splendor

A travel blog entry by ashifreeshma


... the corner from our hostel with no name.  His bar was called the Paulo Axe Reggae Bar.  In between cheering for Brazil, we learned that some futbol terminology were actually terms for genitalia in Hindi.  It wasn´t long before we picked up ...

Genieten in Recife en Olinda, Recife, Brazil travel blog

Genieten in Recife en Olinda

A travel blog entry by sylviaenjeroen


... nooit gezien (Marjo en Tim zijn op Lanzarote al bij ons aan boord geweest) en zijn natuurlijk nieuwsgierig. Na een zoektocht door Recife, waarbij de auto in een niet zo veilig uitziende buurt alweer kuren begint te vertonen, arriveren we opgelucht bij de ...

The Beautiful Game, Recife, Brazil travel blog

The Beautiful Game

A travel blog entry by teamswiss


... be the deciding Match for the Pernambucco State Championship between Sport and Santa Cruz, which are two of the three big teams in Recife (the big evil City across the swamp). The local Derby! For Kaptain Swissy it was clear that they couldn't miss ...

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