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Overnight in Parnaiba, Parnaiba, Brazil travel blog

Overnight in Parnaiba

A travel blog entry by emanddave

This is a top pick!

... is at 22.00 and arrives there at 1am and is quite expensives as is as leito or bed bus. We all decide to stay in Parnaiba to get a cheaper bus tomorrow and proceed to get a taxi into town and find a Pousada. Find a cheapish one in centre of town ...

Parnaiba, Parnaiba, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by alanchapman


... country (although the roads went up and down) with manioc being the main crop in the fields. We crossed the 1500km-long Rio Parnaiba into Piaui State and arrived at Parnaiba after about 200kms. We crossed a bridge to Isla Grande in the delta and then took ...

The only foreign traveller in Barreinhas, Barreinhas/Tutoia/Parnaiba, Brazil travel blog

The only foreign traveller in Barreinhas

A travel blog entry by jronco

The last few days have been kind of crazy. I showed up in Barreinhas, this tiny little town that is close to the entrance to a national park, Lencois Marenhuses. I was seriously the only person there who did not speak Portuguese. Definite reminder of ...

Utazás Parnaíbába, Parnaíba, Brazil travel blog

Utazás Parnaíbába

A travel blog entry by perec


A reggeli a fortalezai hotelben jól indította a napot: gyümölcsök minden mennyiségben! Mangó, papaja, sárgadinnye, görögdinnye, ananász, kókuszlé, guajávalé stb-stb. Már reggel elkezdett esni az esõ, ami aztán egy egésznapos ...

Delta de Parnaíba...hmmm casi, Parnaíba, Brazil travel blog

Delta de Parnaíba...hmmm casi

A travel blog entry by lelaulau


Pasar de Barreirinhas a Parnaíba no es lo más fácil del mundo. Hay que pillar una toyota que va cruzando el pequeño Lencois (otras lagunas en una arena más oscura) hasta Paulino Neves. Ahí como fui con la toyota de tarde, tuve que dormir para irse ...

Parnaiba on a Sunday!!, Parnaíba, Brazil travel blog

Parnaiba on a Sunday!!

A travel blog entry by thomasandannie

... bus from Fortaleza at 8:00 am, and immediately booked a bus out of there to Sao Luis!!! Lonely planets say that Parnaiba is an unremarkable river crossing and unfortunately they were right. However 30 minutes outside of the town there is amazing beach so ...

Parnaiba, Parnaiba, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by stubo


19/9/07 The trip to Parnaiba was also fine. The bus (minvan thing) drove me to Parnaiba and actually to the doorstep of the poussada I wanted to go to which was nice. Once again there are no tourists around and I tried to organise myself a boat up the ...

Satellite dishes on palm roofs, Parnaiba, Brazil travel blog

Satellite dishes on palm roofs

A travel blog entry by bansemer

... sticks with mud between, with palm frond roofs. Yet almost every one had a new-looking satellite dish outside.   We arrived here in Parnaiba just after dark, with no map in our guide book and no map in the bus station. There was a dump of a ...

Aunties and uncles, Parnaíba, Brazil travel blog

Aunties and uncles

A travel blog entry by helen-sean


Late afternoon sat in your sarong, a few scoops, playing doms, Fela Kuti soundtrack -  there´s worse ways to spend a Thursday afternoon.  Funny, enjoyable town this - completely dead at night and weekend, throbbing with life ...

Parnaiba – Where’s the Horse?, Parnaíba, Brazil travel blog

Parnaiba – Where’s the Horse?

A travel blog entry by zinzan3


... we don't have a fax?), the vast majority love a quickie now and again so here’s another one. We arrived in Parnaiba at 6.00am after another eight hour overnight bus journey, we found the local bus into town and the very accommodating conductor made ...

Caju Arancioni, Parnaíba, Brazil travel blog

Caju Arancioni

A travel blog entry by theroadtaken


Siamo ospiti di Andrè, studente di turismo con cui visitiamo il Delta. Urupuvus è il famoso uccello rosso della zona. Arriviamo in una piccola palude d'argilla per prendere i granchi. Completamente piena d'argilla infilo la mano sotto la terra, in modo ...

More Problems ..., Alto Parnaíba and Gilbués, Brazil travel blog

More Problems ...

A travel blog entry by rese_ma


Portuguese Version - down has a german version Se tivéssemos sabido que o caminho para Gilbués fosse tão difícil, na verdade inviável para o nosso carro, teríamos contratado mais alguém para nos acompanhar durante o caminho todo até a cidade, ...

Alto Parnaíba - German, Alto Parnaíba, Brazil travel blog

Alto Parnaíba - German

A travel blog entry by rese_ma

Von zehn oder mehr Hähnen am Morgen geweckt, waren wir froh, dass die von Moskitos gekennzeichnete kühle Nacht vorbei war! Der Guide, den wir am Vorabend engagiert hatten, stand schon bereit und nachdem wir uns etwas zum Frühstück gekauft hatten, ...

The delta experience, Parnaiba, Brazil travel blog

The delta experience

A travel blog entry by worldwanderer05

The Parnaiba delta is a fun day trip if you are in the area.  Parnaiba is not that exciting, but they do have a yummy crab ...

Pro rozinius akinius, atlanto pakrante, Parnaiba, Brazil travel blog

Pro rozinius akinius, atlanto pakrante

A travel blog entry by sigitastrip


... autobusu i Parnaiba. Apie trys valandos kelio karstam autobuse, nes kondicionierius neveike, o langai neatsidaro. Tai truputi patirpau. Parnaiba Parnajiboje atvykus pasake, kad autobusas tik 18h i Jericoacoara. Tai visa laime, kad vienos turizmo ...

The Longest Wait, Parnaíba, Brazil travel blog

The Longest Wait

A travel blog entry by ropedog_84

8 hours in the smallest Rodoviaria ever. Possibly the most boring day ever. Oh and it rained all day nice.  But on the plus side a very cheap day ...

Dünen, Parnaiba, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by shaudenschild


In Parnaiba machten wir die Stadt unsicher. Wir sind durch die dunkelsten Gassen geschlichen und haben uns beinahe verlaufen. Am nächsten Tag stand dann ein Ausflug durch die Dünen auf dem Programm. Wir haben versucht wilde Tiere aufzuspüren, haben ...

Our trip to the Delta, Parnaíba, Brazil travel blog

Our trip to the Delta

A travel blog entry by gse5220


Great time in a boat going down Parnaiba River to the Delta.  Tried to catch crabs, walked on the dunes.  put our feet in the ocean.  this is a beautiful ...

Apr 01, 2011, Santana de Parnaíba, Brazil travel blog

Apr 01, 2011

A travel blog entry by bea.saltus


Delta Good one, Parnaiba, Brazil travel blog

Delta Good one

A travel blog entry by hudan


... like the only tourist witnessing something authentic and very Brazilian. We arranged a high-speed boat trip along the Delta do Parnaiba – a river delta containing several islands -  from the port of Tatus for the day (rather than taking the ...

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