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A Backpacker´s Morning, Maceio, Brazil travel blog

A Backpacker´s Morning

A travel blog entry by shawnsmith

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... day of...well, we have no idea, and thats all the fun of it! Happy Valentines day to all, hasta la proxima. Besos de Brazil, --Shawn PS Despite all the evident debauchary we get up to by night, we do an IMPRESSIVE job of getting our arses up each ...

BRAZIL....Speedos, Crabs and Victor Lopes!!!, Maceio, Brazil travel blog

BRAZIL....Speedos, Crabs and Victor Lopes!!!

A travel blog entry by steve_sara

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...  make you need to...well you know.¨ Steve: ¨Why, has the maid said something?¨   Accommodations Brazil has a flourishing seedy motel business. You notice these places everywhere. The first time I spotted one, ...

Tapioca, Maceio, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by rese_ma

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... snack tents with very delicious food. You should try Tapioca If you like it ...there is a basic prescription We stood in Maceio until the third of September, made a small city tour included center and Pontal da Barra. In the evening we took a ...

Brazilian beaches, Maceio, Brazil travel blog

Brazilian beaches

A travel blog entry by pamericas


We will post trip information here as soon as it starts. For 2010, we will continue planning the project and look for Sponsors that are willing to invest and support the Project. All indications in that regard is highly appreciated. Please contact us by ...

City by the beach, Maceio, Brazil travel blog

City by the beach

A travel blog entry by benyclaire


... the morning provided us with extremely heavy rain, leaving us indoors and planning our next couple of weeks with another guests Lonely Planet Brazil… The sun was back out in the afternoon, so we headed to the main 2 bays in Maceio: Ponta Verde and ...

Fritieren mit Rainer Kalmund, Maceio / Barra do Camaragibe, Brazil travel blog

Fritieren mit Rainer Kalmund

A travel blog entry by tomandbecky


... 12 hours without being able to find immediate consolation with someone. Yes, it was NOT nice! In general, though, bus travel in Brazil is very organized. Buses leave from numbered platforms, the number is written on your ticket, you book a seat you will ...

The next chapter of my journey - Brazil solo!, Maceio, Brazil travel blog

The next chapter of my journey - Brazil solo!

A travel blog entry by clarasudamerica


... carnival made me feel like I blended into the crowd (well, as much as you can in Salvador as a white foreigner!). Maceio, by comparison, is fairly quiet, which I appreciate after the craziness of Salvador.  The few tourists who are here are mostly from ...

MACEIO,  BRAZIL, Maceio, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by jjndotr


Moskito Alarm in Aquas Calientes, Aquas Calientes, Peru travel blog

Moskito Alarm in Aquas Calientes

A travel blog entry by es_rossi


per Zug geht es am Morgen 4 Stunden in Richtung Aquas Calientes. Spannend wird es als man im Zickzack aus Cusko raumrumpelt. Uber Muellberge, braune Haeuschen vile braune Berge verlaesst man irgendwann das Dauerbraun und die Vegetation aendert sich ...

maceio, Maceio, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by abacaxirlanda

a little travelled capital thats a bit rough(statistically i think its brazils most dangerous!) but still i met some really nice people there and had a great ...

Maceió, Maceio, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by kias


... dancing and this dark and twisted history which makes it all the richer. I would love to have been able to stay a while longer. Maceio is beautiful,  and momentarily quite wet. We got here yesterday, after a 10 hour over night bus ride, which was for ...

relaxing on beach, Maceio, Brazil travel blog

relaxing on beach

A travel blog entry by jennifers


... hot! (I heard its snowing back home, not jealous...) Saturday night we went to the best party I´ve been to since being in Brazil, actually probably the best party I´ve EVER been to. There is a crazy girl at the hostel (seriously crazy!) who took us ...

Maceio, with Juliana!, Maceio, Brazil travel blog

Maceio, with Juliana!

A travel blog entry by marie-line


... everyone, and realise how close people are even if I feel sometimes alone. It's only a state of mind, as (almost?) everything. Maceio is a city at the beautiful Brazilian northeast coast, and Juliana lives just 1 block away from the turquoois ocean. I am ...

Beach bummin, Recife to Maceio, Brazil travel blog

Beach bummin

A travel blog entry by kevinwalls


... the sun shone everyday. And the beaches were superb. Something there for everybody. Sundays are great on the city beaches like Maceio and Recife. Everybody with a pulse heads to the beach. You'd struggle to see the sand there's so many people ...

Weer onderweg!, Maceio, Brazil travel blog

Weer onderweg!

A travel blog entry by sylviaenjeroen


... vervelend maar het gaf ook wel een kick: de snelheid en dat we dit samen toch maar mooi geflikt hebben!!! We zijn nu in Maceio en gaan waarschijnlijk morgen door naar Recife. Ruim een dag varen van hier. Arjan en Marjo met de kids zijn gisteren in ...

Flight to Maceio, Maceio, Brazil travel blog

Flight to Maceio

A travel blog entry by clarasudamerica

My flight left an hour after Sam´s. I am really really sad that we have to part ways, but I suppose life goes on, and I will be seeing him in five or six months when he hopefully visits me in California. UGH, that is SOOOO far ...

Maceio, Maceio, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by jonandfinola


to be ...

Back on the Beach, Maceio, Brazil travel blog

Back on the Beach

A travel blog entry by fishtails04


... head with the guy upstairs and  threw his watch down the stairwell, nearly getting myself murdered; we discussed the current Maceio scandal (I´ll mail that separately, Janet!);  we tried to run through the whole ´case´ ...

Heading North, Maceio, Brazil travel blog

Heading North

A travel blog entry by jtrail


Sad to leave Salvador, but time to hit the road with "John From Dubbo" to this beautiful coastal town about 800k´s north. Stayed at Jacarecica Pousada (motel) directly opposite the beach where there is a lovely little beach bar that JFD & I got ...

Visitor, Maceió, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by renard


I'm the traveler that never settles down I'm a visitor I'm the stranger that always hangs around Finalmente consegui chegar a Maceió e, como não tinha encontrado onde ficar, resolvi me infiltrar no hotel onde estavam hospedados André e companhia. ...

Maceio en Penedo, Maceió, Brazil travel blog

Maceio en Penedo

A travel blog entry by pieterrick

... van het goede. Van hotel naar hotel, van stad naar stad. Daardoor zien we wel veel van het land. Gisteren waren we in Maceio. Een grote stad aan de kust tussen recife en Salvador. Hotel aan de bouldevard, waar iedereen aan brisken deed. Dus Rick en ik ...

Beachtastic 22-25 March, Maceio, Brazil travel blog

Beachtastic 22-25 March

A travel blog entry by stokenmait


... I said goodbye to him in my own special way on this beautiful, peaceful beach. Life is very unfair sometimes!!! (LS) After Gunga, returning back to Maceio seemed a little bland in comparison. So we decided it was time to move on - Next stop OLINDA ...

Scavenger Hunt, Maceio, Brazil travel blog

Scavenger Hunt

A travel blog entry by lindseyandpaul


Hello, Brazil. We ported in Maceio today and finally found the portion of Brazil that we thought we would.  Standing atop the ship while still in port, miles of sandy beaches stretched out from either side.  It was hot, sunny, and just ...

Costa de coqueiras, Maceio and the Alagoas, Brazil travel blog

Costa de coqueiras

A travel blog entry by womblekisses


We have certainly seen the beauty of Brazil up here in the north east; as we move further south the beauty continues. Last week in Praia Frances, we spent time on the beach, in the sea, eating fine fish whilst supping beer and the occasional ...

It reminds the French riviera, Maceió, Brazil travel blog

It reminds the French riviera

A travel blog entry by chiheb


I really enjoyed the ride with José and Maria. We talked a lot. They told me about their country. They gave me some advice. They were two lawyer from Rio having some holidays befor leaving in two days. That's the kind of encounter I really like. We ...

Maceio – Unscheduled Stop, Maceio, Brazil travel blog

Maceio – Unscheduled Stop

A travel blog entry by zinzan3


... generation" bill could be substantial. As mentioned earlier parts of town weren’t safe so we didn’t bother going into central Maceio, but according to LFP, we didn’t miss much, so after a week it was time to move on northward to Recife, ...

Bus Gate, Maceio, Brazil travel blog

Bus Gate

A travel blog entry by brazil2010

... I sampled some of the best Caipirinhas here. Not sure how I´ll survive without my daily fix on return home. So we left Maceio yesterday (Tuesday) on a 9 hour bus journey eeeeek to Salvador. To be covered in next update ;-) Claire and Tom p.s apart from ...

Two nights camping, Maceio, Brazil travel blog

Two nights camping

A travel blog entry by kirstinf

Night time swimming and ...

Mellow Maceio, Maceio, Brazil travel blog

Mellow Maceio

A travel blog entry by phileasw


A sleepy fishing village according to the brochures..however we found it to be a huge diverse city if you manage to get on the wrong bus (due to some misleading advertising of destinations....a common theme in south america..!) There was a feel of my ...

Guaxumã, Maceió - Alagoas, Brazil, Maceio, Brazil travel blog

Guaxumã, Maceió - Alagoas, Brazil

A travel blog entry by debgen2011


... back under the palm trees, drank beer and Caipirinha (a Brazilian drink made by muddling limes, sugar and Cachaça, Brazil's most common distilled alcoholic beverage).  There was a very interesting waiter that befriended both Gene and Daniel.  ...

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