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More of Brazil, Rio de Janiero, Brazil travel blog

More of Brazil

A travel blog entry by monkeymouse74

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Well, Brazil continues to be one of my favourite countries in South America, as Ive visited so many beautiful places in the last couple of weeks. I did a 3 day trek in the jungle in Lençois to see Brazils highest waterfall. At 380m high it was pretty ...

Brasilia - Day 66, Brasilia, Brazil travel blog

Brasilia - Day 66

A travel blog entry by christosp

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... , they should of considered more public transport options. Buses are the only option but that's the same across most of Brazil. Brasilia's design was based on an Aeroplane with the fuselage being the heart of the city where the parliament, government ...

Off to Brazilia!!!!, Sau Paulo, Brazil travel blog

Off to Brazilia!!!!

A travel blog entry by martinandheike

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Well after an epic experience as independent travellers per se we ar now off once more on a trip of a different challenge. This time going with a group of students from my school doing our third World Challenge trip. Our first destination was "Sau ...

The best and worst of South America, Reflections on leaving S America, Brazil travel blog

The best and worst of South America

A travel blog entry by littleaitch

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... when it's spoken in Chile and Argentina and the Spanish that is actually unintelligible Portuguese when you arrive in Brazil... ...wandering down winding streets, peering into bizarre shops and riding in battered up cars; being squashed into buses on ...

Summary of South America, South America, Brazil travel blog

Summary of South America

A travel blog entry by kandg

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Summary of South America Unintentionally we've saved the best until last. Visually beyond comparison, South America has it all. Beautiful on the eye, with history and wildlife, the fact we learned the language (excluding portuguese) gave it the edge ...

Days 18, 19, 20 - Brasilia, Brasilia, Brazil travel blog

Days 18, 19, 20 - Brasilia

A travel blog entry by markrfc86

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... some distant flashes of lightning but by then neither of us had the energy to go looking for more photo opportunities. Day 20 - Brasilia With Mark back to full strength, we decided to rent bikes to cover some of the bigger distances between the sights ...

The Planned City, Brasilia, Brazil travel blog

The Planned City

A travel blog entry by hpeier12

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For me as an old Le Corbusier afficinado Brasilia is a must.... after having Visited Brasil more than 50 times but never been to Brasilia, it was time to come here. For many Years and many Ferry Flights of Ximangos I knew about Gerard Moss, a Swiss / ...

White, white, white, Brasilia, Brazil travel blog

White, white, white

A travel blog entry by kimandjohn

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Brazil's capital, Brasilia, is a planned city that exists right in the middle of nowhere (but about halfway between Campo Grande and our next destination, Salvador, which is helpful for breaking up the bus ride!)  Aside from being the capital, it's ...

Cement, Brasilia, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by upriver


... right (too hard to explain but it works!) you can traverse the city easily which we did many times with Vince and Ana. Brasilia is surrounded by hills and valleys, goes from green to brown from wet to dry season, and has a lifestyle ...

C'est quoi une ville sud-americaine ?, Brasilia, Brazil travel blog

C'est quoi une ville sud-americaine ?

A travel blog entry by charlyvaness


... hommes des démiurges, demi-dieux créateurs ; Brasilia, ou 3 ans pour un chef d'oeuvre. A voir.     Le plan de Brasilia a été imaginé par Costa. 1 avion : 1 queue, 2 ailes, 1 nez. Dans la queue, rien, dans les ailes, tout, dans ...

Beautiful, beautiful Iguassu, Iguassu, Brazil travel blog

Beautiful, beautiful Iguassu

A travel blog entry by juner

After the events of yesterday we were so pleased that Iguassu did not fail to impress. The falls are absolutely stunning. What more can I say?? Shame we couldn´t linger but we had to go to the airport in the afternoon for our FLIGHTS to Rio - yes, ...

Brasilia, I'm living in a jetplane...., Brasilia, Brazil travel blog

Brasilia, I'm living in a jetplane....

A travel blog entry by marie-line


... all the way to Brasilia.   So what is so very interesting about Brasilia?   First of all, it's Brazil's capital. Not Rio. Brasilia is. I think it's a little bit funny, naming the capital city "Brasilia", just like Bolivia's money, they called ...

Characters on Tour, Brazil, Brazil travel blog

Characters on Tour

A travel blog entry by daryll

... as the next Michael Flatley with his horrendous dance moves. Zorro got off to an early start with his master swordsman skills in Brazil, as expected. Falls in love far too easily though, and becomes a text pest. In fact the only reason he brought his ...

In transit to Ouro Preto, Brasilia International Airport, Brazil travel blog

In transit to Ouro Preto

A travel blog entry by oreydc


Waiting for our flight to CNF ...

Footie Fever in South America, Rio, Brazil travel blog

Footie Fever in South America

A travel blog entry by cazness


Hey from Footie fever land ... Brazil really is the place to be for the World Cup and im incredibly lucky to be experiencing such amazing ambience and street parties now that im a so-called lone traveller! Theres so much to tell but will keep it pretty ...

Adventure in Chopada Dos Veadeiros, Alto Paraiso Brazil, Brazil travel blog

Adventure in Chopada Dos Veadeiros

A travel blog entry by eugenecash


... of 500,000 inhabitants. We spent the morning looking through JK memorial (President Juscelino Kubitschek who ordered the construction of Brasilia) which was pretty impressive, taking in the views from the TV tower and looking in the very unusual churches. ...

Amazon, Manuas, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by lc65259


... beauty of nature and the rainforest. That night we left for the airport at midnight to catch our 2 am flight from Manaus to Brasilia for a 5 hour layover in Brasilia it was funny watching the locals come off their flights and see tons of white students ...

mandala island, Rio, Brazil travel blog

mandala island

A travel blog entry by g_in_brazil


its good to have friends with private islands! was lucky enough to get invited to spend a weekend on this amazing island. i went with my swedish friends and a cornishman. it turned out to be an unbelievable weekend. the daughter of the family who owned ...

Episode 4 - Rio and Rain..., Rio and New Orleans, Brazil travel blog

Episode 4 - Rio and Rain...

A travel blog entry by paulortw


... it a far cry from the Corcovado staring down on it from the mountain. "A reflection of the changing position of Catholism in Brazil?" I mused rather deeply, while lining up a picture of the two. Damn I can be so intelligent sometimes!! On through the ...

Kicking around on a piece of ground, Brasilia, Brazil travel blog

Kicking around on a piece of ground

A travel blog entry by bleite


" (...) Home, home again I like to be here when I can And when I come home cold and tired It’s good to warm my bones beside the fire" Brasília se preparou para me receber de volta, 18°C e nublado (mesmo na seca). Nada melhor para dormir e tentar ...

Lucky streak, Brasilia, Brazil travel blog

Lucky streak

A travel blog entry by marie-line


... me for a few days out to Chapada with Ivesan's car. - There was a very cool rockfestival happening where othes flew to Brasilia for, and I coincidentally was there just then.- Also a animated film festival going on - I wanted to go to Pirenopolis, a cute ...

Brasilia, Family, Art, Culture, Heritage, Brasilia, Brazil travel blog

Brasilia, Family, Art, Culture, Heritage

A travel blog entry by marcelo.heather


... ) to the other, and a 40 min drive to get into the centre is just about standard.  All the government buildings are in Brasilia and all very well planed out and symmetrical. We really enjoyed visiting the gallery and the Cathedral. And I in ...

Taking the Bus all Day is Great, Brasilia to Sao Paulo, Brazil travel blog

Taking the Bus all Day is Great

A travel blog entry by teampandaheroes


... a few times where we had to swap buses and go from bus terminal to bus terminal but finally we got on the bus that took us out of Brasilia at 4:00 PM. We slept a while on the bus until it was 6:30 PM. From there we ate the rest of our food. We spoke with ...

Washington D.C. of the south, Brasilia, Brazil travel blog

Washington D.C. of the south

A travel blog entry by mattyjordan


... I was impressed and happy that I spent the time waiting. I had a view of literally all of the landmarks in the city. Brasilia is pretty impressively designed (when you don't have to walk) Some Brasilian guy was speaking English to someone and I said hi ...

Not for pedestrians, Brasilia, Brazil travel blog

Not for pedestrians

A travel blog entry by riege


... a Internetshop where I am able to upload my photos, so please be a bit more patient. Sonnenschein! Bin in Brasilia angekommen und bin spazieren gegangen und habe versucht eine sechsspurige Strasse zu ueberqueren. Es war unmoeglich ohne dabei mein ...

A Primeira Mentira de Julio Verne, Brasilia, Brazil travel blog

A Primeira Mentira de Julio Verne

A travel blog entry by rechmachado


A Primeira Mentira de Julio Verne (Reflexões antes da partida) Phileas Fogg, personagem principal da "Volta ao Mundo em 80 dias", teve um "estalo" logo de manhã, e resolveu girar o planeta. À noite, já saía de Londres, rumo a Paris,oriente ...

Incredible Iguazu, Iguazu Falls, Brazil travel blog

Incredible Iguazu

A travel blog entry by laorfamily

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 We took a bus from Rio to the Iguazu falls on our way to Buenos Aires, Argentina. The bus was OK, it was a our first long ride, the bust was clean and made several pit stops for food or clean toilets. Since we didn't understand Portuguese we made ...

Bizzarre Brasilia, capital of Brazil, Brasilia, Brazil travel blog

Bizzarre Brasilia, capital of Brazil

A travel blog entry by jennifers

Got here saturday night. Elter, a contact through SERVAS, picked me up at the airport and took me to his girlfriends, Marcella´s, who is hosting me while I´m here. Very sweet girl, shes driving me around everywhere and feeding me. I finally got to buy ...

Partiuski!, Brasilia, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by bleite

Eu e o destemido André Afonso partimos hoje de Brasília rumo ao mundo ex-comunista. Em nossas andanças encontraremos meliantes como Antônio Cottas, Igor Germano, Daniel e Flávia Ducci (esses não são meliantes!), Guilherme Belli, entre ...

Ecological park, Rain, Stressful journey home, Brasilia, Brazil travel blog

Ecological park, Rain, Stressful journey home

A travel blog entry by mattyjordan


... station and we said our goodbyes. Which turned out to be goodbyes for about 30 seconds because I realised that the trains in Brasilia stop running at 7pm! Whats the hell Brasilia. What kind of fucking idiot designed this train system... Oh wait, thats´s ...

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