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time and place, Gweta, Botswana travel blog

time and place

A travel blog entry by katherine-anne

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... through the last part of the trip now. After the impact of the Okavango the rest of the trip almost escaped me. Gweta, a lovely place to stay, our tents placed under the fairytale baobab trees. How can these ancient trees, some even more than 4000 ...

Planet Baobab, Gweta, Botswana travel blog

Planet Baobab

A travel blog entry by djchurch

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... . I gratefully accepted. Planet Baobab is a camp set back in the vast salt pans that make up this part of northern Botswana. During the day, the temperature soars as the heat bakes the ground. The landscape is sparse and has mostly scrub vegetation. ...

Baobabs galore, Gweta, Botswana travel blog

Baobabs galore

A travel blog entry by ieeworldvoyage

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... ;I waited 3 and half months to eat an English muffin; even France does not sell them!” Corinne 21 oct. Baobabs, baobabs, Gweta «C'est dur! rit Fabyan ... ses mains au volant, en même temps regardant les rpm sur le tableau de bord, essayant ...

ABC, Tutume, Botswana travel blog


A travel blog entry by hannabrowne


... said thank you to our polars, moved everything into the motor boats and made our way to the truck. We had a short drive to Gweta where our next campsite was located. We set our tents up under ancient Baobab trees which were over 3 thousand years old. We ...

On To Botswana, Gweta, Botswana travel blog

On To Botswana

A travel blog entry by sirnick


This morning we traveled by bus to the Chobe River at the point where Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia meet. After passing through immigration, we boarded a small boat for the 10-minute crossing to Botswana. A few minutes later we boarded an ...

Game drives, Gweta, Botswana travel blog

Game drives

A travel blog entry by sirnick


This is the first day of our routine in Botswana - up at dawn, breakfast, first game drive, lunch, siesta, second game drive, dinner, and retire to our tents. Our wake-up call (not optional) was the delivery of coffee to our tent. This was also a sign ...

The Bushmen, Gweta, Botswana travel blog

The Bushmen

A travel blog entry by sirnick


We started our last full day on the Kalahari with another game drive, this time finding some of the large birds (ostrich, secretarybird, wattled crane) that we expected to see in Africa.  Our path crossed that of a family of jackels, who stopped ...

On to Kalahari, Gweta, Botswana travel blog

On to Kalahari

A travel blog entry by sirnick


Our 1-hour flight to Camp Kalahari was scheduled for late morning, so we were able to fit in one last game drive. Near the end of the drive we encountered the lion pride we met three days ago. Having digested their meal, the five females and one young ...

Meeting the meerkats, Gweta, Botswana travel blog

Meeting the meerkats

A travel blog entry by sirnick


Our first stop on this morning's game drive was a visit to a meerkat clan. We arrived at the den shortly before anyone emerged and positioned ourselves on the ground among the numerous entrances. An adult cautiously looked out and then stepped out, ...

Diligence pays off, Gweta, Botswana travel blog

Diligence pays off

A travel blog entry by sirnick


On our second full day of game drives we encountered not one, but two separate leopards.  The first was a female who probably had cubs nearby, although she was careful not to lead us to the den.  The second was a male who was stalking a ...

Boabab trees, Gweta, Botswana travel blog

Boabab trees

A travel blog entry by danielfernandez


... Was even talking in my sleep to Will about it. Makalamabedi veternarian check point for foot and mouth desease. Interesting! Still in Botswana. Walked on a pad of liquid and with the shoes I wasn't wearing, pressed onto the pad. Planet Boabab restcamp in ...

Makgadikgadi Pans, Gweta, Botswana travel blog

Makgadikgadi Pans

A travel blog entry by lee.d.rosen


... the night next to the fire (not being eaten by an animal or stung by a scorpion) and not breaking down as we exited the pan, it was off to Nata for some supplies and then to the border of Botswana and Zimbabwe for a drive along Hwange National ...

Passando por Gweta, Gweta, Botswana travel blog

Passando por Gweta

A travel blog entry by foradecasa


... vai direto para o norte e alcança a estrada de Nata para Gweta.       ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Projeto 20°12'............................................Projeto 20º12' : ...

Day 27 - Botswana, Okavango Delta, Gweta, Botswana travel blog

Day 27 - Botswana, Okavango Delta

A travel blog entry by alicegiles


From our camp site we went to the dock where we got on two speed boats through the Okavango delta which took 45 minutes to take us to where the mokoros were, the dug out canoes made from fibre glass. All our essentials such as sleeping mattresses, ...

Elephants On Parade! (D&D Days 1-5), Gweta, Botswana travel blog

Elephants On Parade! (D&D Days 1-5)

A travel blog entry by peteandal


... toppled and fell on top of a local bus killing 42 people. Awful, I guess we were very lucky. Anyway, a little sidetracked, Botswana is a wilderness of extremes, I think I read that 85% of Botswana is part of the Kalahari.  We stopped at a ...

Chobe National Park, Gweta, Botswana travel blog

Chobe National Park

A travel blog entry by robthebruce


... hidden in the shade. The journey to Chobe is a long one; about 800 kms.   At the half waypoint we stopped in Gweta for the night.   Our campground is quite posh compared to the bush camping.  There is hot and cold running water, a ...

My Speedometer is Possessed!, Gweta, Botswana travel blog

My Speedometer is Possessed!

A travel blog entry by dr_jay_onabike


Wednesday April 18th, Stage 74, Nata to Soccer Field Camp. 185km My Speedometer Is Possessed! I became convinced that my speedometer was possessed by evil spirits. Before I left Canada I bought an inexpensive speedometer/odometer for my bike. It worked ...

Under the Baobab Trees, Gweta, Botswana travel blog

Under the Baobab Trees

A travel blog entry by cuzamy


... experience and their hospitality.    We returned via safari vehicle, then boarded our bus and made the long journey to Gweta. Late afternoon we arrived at our campsite, Planet Baobab and set up camp, absolutely devastated that the pool was under ...

Into Botswana, Gweta, Botswana travel blog

Into Botswana

A travel blog entry by jacqhawtin


Today we are driving through an area in Botswana called elephant corridor or elephant highway as there are lots of wild elephants and you see them come out to the road almost the whole way. Over the past week or so we have had some travelling days and ...

Cream Soda anyone..?, Gweta, Botswana travel blog

Cream Soda anyone..?

A travel blog entry by blueskyunltd


... and after experiencing waiting on tables in Australia and accountancy in the Caribbean, he's finally made his way back to Gweta...volunteering for a year before receiving his permit to work... ... This morning, Karis presented Ivan and I with Anniversary ...

Planet Baobab, Plantet Baobab, Botswana travel blog

Planet Baobab

A travel blog entry by debbiewaldman


... who could fill the tank.  Finally with fuel to cook with, we embarked on our journey south to Nata then west near the town of Gweta.  This is the area of the Makgadikgadi and Nxai Salt Pans.  Here, the land is flat as a board, the salt from ...

So priveledged..., Tutume, Botswana travel blog

So priveledged...

A travel blog entry by blueskyunltd


... layers of clothing and congregated around the fire to share stories, jokes and an insightful discussion of the relative politics of Botswana/Zimbabwe... Before long came the best part...our guides instructed us to take a bedroll and drag it out from the ...

It's my Birthday..!, Gweta, Botswana travel blog

It's my Birthday..!

A travel blog entry by blueskyunltd


Doesn't get any better than this...waking up in beautiful Botswana to sunshine, cards, a small piece of Baobab branch and drawing of a impala from Karis and a 'loom' bracelet from Evie... After breakfast, the kids hit the pool and I was allowed to ...

Day 194-197 21st April-24th April - 2013 Botswana, Gweta, Botswana travel blog

Day 194-197 21st April-24th April - 2013 Botswana

A travel blog entry by beyersandlisa


... . Emily helped out at a HIV centre, she is one brave lady. I have to say I was very aware of the problems in Botswana but it I would definitely go back there and would recommend anyone with a love for Africa to go there too. The people are amazing, so ...

Gweta and a whole lotta nothing, Gweta, Botswana travel blog

Gweta and a whole lotta nothing

A travel blog entry by teirrac


... not nearly up to the fantastic-ness level as our last duo.  This was confirmed beyond any doubt when we drove to Gweta, which is in an area of Botswana known for huge salt pans.  We got up super early to make sure we arrived by lunch to have ...

Delta to Gweta, Tutume, Botswana travel blog

Delta to Gweta

A travel blog entry by sarah85


... to our base camp in Maun. We had a brief stop to repack, pick up laundry and grab a cold drink before heading on to Gweta. We left around 4 and had 200km to drive on African roads! We arrived just after sunset, all exhausted. Few of us could be bothered ...

Baobobbaum, Gweta, Botswana travel blog


A travel blog entry by bp80


Unser heutiges Ziel der Campingplatz"Planet Baobob". Warum der Campingplatz so heisst... Wegen dem Baobobbaum oder auch Affenbrotbaum. Der Baum ist einfach unglaublich riesig. Ich mein auch eigenlich nicht die Höhe sondern mehr die Breite des ...

extra blog!, Gweta, Botswana travel blog

extra blog!

A travel blog entry by jenniemike


Came to get petrol in this small town and suprise suprise we found a post office and so decided to send another blog whilst we had the chance. Since leaving Maun we have spent 2 days in the desert at Nxai Pan , a large flat pan now completely dry and ...

Elephants for lunch, Gweta, Botswana travel blog

Elephants for lunch

A travel blog entry by hannahriddoch


Our lunch stop today was at elephant sands, a man made watering hole along the road to gweta. Fortunately for us, loads of elephants had descended upon the area to grab some water. We managed to get so close to them, with a couple even coming up to the ...

Chobe National Park, Gweta, Botswana travel blog

Chobe National Park

A travel blog entry by oncewhileaway


We were up super early at 4:30am to head out for our game drive to Chobe National Park. I paid $45USD to visit Chobe, with the keen idea to see a leopard as it is the only "Big 5" animal I haven't seen. I knew the possibilities of seeing one were small, ...

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