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It is coming., Tiwanaku, Bolivia travel blog

It is coming.

A travel blog entry by mcgown

This is a top pick!

Just waiting on Andrew. Enjoy the ...

TIWANAKU...   PUMA PUNKU..., Tiwanaku, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by gurcanelbek


PLEASE FOLLOW MORE and MORE Photos To COME!!! TIWANAKU... Tiahuanaco and Tiahuanacu (Espanol)... The ruins of the ancient city state are near the south-eastern shore of Lake Titicaca and about 72 km west of La Paz. You can easily reach TİWANAKU ...

Tiwanaku, Tiwanaku, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by olefrog


Pachamama Tours turned up for us right on time. 8am  - which at least was a more civilised start than some of the other trips we've taken. Again we were a real mix of nationalities on the tour. Our guide was Vincente and he spoke Spanish, Aymara and ...

Home stays and bad backs..., Taquile and Amantani Islands, Peru travel blog

Home stays and bad backs...

A travel blog entry by richardandfiona


... On the way our guide pointed out some of the sights on the lake, the day was clear enough for us to see all the way to Bolivia. Our guide also stopped and showed us muña, a local mint-like herb which is said to aid breathing at high altitude. We all took ...

Les ruines de Tiwanaku, Tiwanaku, Bolivia travel blog

Les ruines de Tiwanaku

A travel blog entry by bourlingueur


Vers 10h nous partons pour le cimetiere de La Paz d'ou partent les minis pour Tiwanaku (3950 m) a 2h de La Paz (1 euros). Dans le bus la cholitas a mes cotes s'ecroule literalement sur moi en s'endormant. En arrivant nous visitons ce petit ...

Tiwanaku Civilisation, Tiwanacu, Bolivia travel blog

Tiwanaku Civilisation

A travel blog entry by kiwi_surfer


... now named Tiwanaku. They were a pre Incan highly advanced civilisation for their time. The excurvation like all the problems in Bolivia, suffered from a lack of funding and most of the answers to the many questions asked of the civilisation, lay berried ...

Lake Titicaca, Copocabana, Bolivia travel blog

Lake Titicaca

A travel blog entry by howardino


This place is situated at approximately 4000 metres, and in the sun its lovely. But at night, ouch! Went there with only a few days to play with, as i needed to be back in La Paz for a mates birthday. The town itself is nothing to write home about, ...

dried Llama parts, Tiahuanaco, Bolivia travel blog

dried Llama parts

A travel blog entry by barrontv


One of the highlights of my trip to Bolivia so far was my visit to Tiwanaku yesterday. I was alone there, so had even more time to spot all the strange inscriptions I had read about. It's supposed to be the oldest site on earth with theories ranging from ...

I am a freaking illegal immigrant again, Desaguadero, Bolivia travel blog

I am a freaking illegal immigrant again

A travel blog entry by sarahpearl

... (ie-not dealing with the legal formalities in the migration office).  Well, when I got to the border between Peru and Bolivia, everything seemed so tame, I thought i might as well get a stamp on my passport, even though I'm just coming back to Peru ...

Puno to Copacobana (Bolivia), Copacobana, Bolivia travel blog

Puno to Copacobana (Bolivia)

A travel blog entry by risint


In Copacobana we ended up staying in a great hotel called La Cupula owned by this very nice German guy called Martin. We stayed here and chilled out for a few days. I tried a hand at Kayaking on the big lake and it was difficult to imagine that this ...

La Paz, 18 days in, Bolivia travel blog

La Paz

A travel blog entry by peteanddee


... in order to visit the Pantanal. We crossed the Brazilian border and went to Corumba. See the Brazil entry for the Pantanal story. Bolivia 2nd time After the Pantanal we flew back to Santa Cruz, which is quite a lively, modern town, unlike any of ...

Sick and trapped in Coroico due to strikes, etc., Coroica, Bolivia travel blog

Sick and trapped in Coroico due to strikes, etc.

A travel blog entry by mattandbecca


... andes. Our trip has evolved from a trip through South America into a trip through Northwestern South America. Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia are the countries we´ve been in, and we have no time and no money with which to explore further. This ...

Trocha kultury a historie, Tiwanaku, Bolivia travel blog

Trocha kultury a historie

A travel blog entry by koutinka


Marketa dneska vyrazila na La Carretera de la Muerte, silnici smrti, bajny sjezd na kole nedaloeko La Pazu. Ja jsem tam uz byla loni a tak jsem chtela pro zmenu absolvovat jinou trasu, sjezd z Chacaltayi do Zonga...(asi 4tisicovej ubytek vysky). Bohuzel ...

A lesson in History, Tiahuanaco, Bolivia travel blog

A lesson in History

A travel blog entry by usupandaway


... by around 550 the city became the capital of a vast empire covering what is now southern Peru, northern Chile, most of Bolivia, and parts of Argentina. The marshy tracts on the lakeside, where the climatic conditions were more favourable, were brought ...

Culture, Tiwanaku, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by riege


... known because of the Sun Gate and the pyramid of Acapana with its six magnetic pillars. Wikipedia: Tiwanaku (Spanish: Tiahuanaco and Tiahuanacu) is an important Pre-Columbian archaeological site in western Bolivia, South America. Tiwanaku is recognized ...

Tiwanaku, Tiwanaku, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by rush


Bolivian combis are happy to pick up anyone but will never embark on a journey until the van is cram packed with paying customers... saying this we finally got on the way after gently persuading some locals that they really really wanted to take our van ...

Tiwanaku, Tiwanaku, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by gracielastanley


... , especially Machu Picchu, these weren't terribly exciting but I felt this was a very productive day in terms of learning a bit about Bolivia. I was very interested in the tour and paid close attention to the guide. Some days you're in the mood for that ...

Winter Solstice, Tiwanaku, Bolivia travel blog

Winter Solstice

A travel blog entry by worldtaste


After taking a lot of warm clothes, we took the bus to Tiwanaku: the team composed of 8 Frenchies, 1 Polish, and 7 Bolivians. The aim of this party is to go with 6000 people to go to do a party on the main place of Tiwanaku: with concert, folkloric ...

No giggling, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia travel blog

No giggling

A travel blog entry by stevecori


... Lake Titicaca because not more than an hour later we found ourselves at our destination: Copacabana. Other than its name, Copacabana Bolivia shares little in common with the Copacobana of Rio fame. This drowsy tourist town at the shore of Lake Titicaca ...

Getting to Copacobana by public bus, Copacobana, Bolivia travel blog

Getting to Copacobana by public bus

A travel blog entry by tillysouth


... ful which was about another 20 minutes, also while a live sheep in a bag was loaded onto the roof... 6. we finally arrived at 12pm... although bolivia is one hour ahead! it was much cheaper than getting the organised tourist bus, but still a ...

Good Archealogical Site, but A Little Boring, Tiwanaku, Bolivia travel blog

Good Archealogical Site, but A Little Boring

A travel blog entry by oliverhart853

... between Tiwanaku and Copa, so our visit was a little short.     Tiwanaku is the largest archealogical site in Bolivia. The main building is a subterranean plaza made of blocks weighing up to 20 tons. There is also a huge pyramid that ...

Puno, the lakes and our adopted Family, Puno, Lake Titicaca, Peru travel blog

Puno, the lakes and our adopted Family

A travel blog entry by weaselsontour


Leaving Cuzco Originally, we had a return flight booked and paid for flying from Cuzco to Lima the day after the Inca Trail, from there we were going back over to Brazil. However, we had enjoyed Peru so much that we wanted to explore ...

Tiahuanaco Incan Ruins, Tiahuanaco, Bolivia travel blog

Tiahuanaco Incan Ruins

A travel blog entry by jess2010


... Paz.It is thought that was the center of an ancient civilization based on agriculture and livestock, called Tiahuanaco culture, characterized by its architecture decorated with incised carvings and drawings placed on trails, and comprising the ...

Ancient Ruins, Tiwanaku, Bolivia travel blog

Ancient Ruins

A travel blog entry by jogo


Heute besuche ich Tiwanaku, eine alte Prä-Inka-Ruinenstadt welche in 3600m Höhe liegt und das Zentrum der Aymar-Kultur war von 1.500 v.C. bis 1.200 n.C. Zu Tiwanaku gehört auch die Pyramide Puma Punku, noch heute wird gerätselt wie es möglich war ...

Pre-Inkan ruins, Tihuanacu, Bolivia travel blog

Pre-Inkan ruins

A travel blog entry by charaluta


... design similar systems now? We seem always to resort to less environmentally -friendly means. The Tihuanacans ruled most of Bolivia and were almost totally self-sufficient then they suddenly disappeared. Very mysterious and leaves you with lots of ...

Inca... part one, Tiwanaku, Bolivia travel blog

Inca... part one

A travel blog entry by ian-sue


Another great example of amazing skills in building big temples with huge monoliths that fit perfectly into each others and look like they have been just made yesterday. A part from the ones that haven't been excavated yet...but probably we are just too ...

Camino de Muerte, La Paz, Peru travel blog

Camino de Muerte

A travel blog entry by stevecarroll


Mar 1st - Mar 5th. The other 3 bussed it the day before me, so met them in La Paz on Thurs 1st after a 12 hr journey from Arequipa. My bus was comming from Lima and on it´s way, someone died on the bus so there was a 5 hr delay. That was ...

Tiwanaku Ruins, Tiahuanaco, Bolivia travel blog

Tiwanaku Ruins

A travel blog entry by christianbjork


So today I did a tour out to the Tiwanaku/Tiahuanaco ruins about an hour and a half outside of La Paz, towards lake Titicaca.  It´s the foremost archeological ruins in Bolivia, and costs 80 Bolivianos, which is pricey for Bolivia, but still not that ...

More ruins, Tiwanaku, Bolivia travel blog

More ruins

A travel blog entry by mikeandmary


  Having had our second rabies jab yesterday it is time to move on today. It is a bit of a fiddle to get out,since we have a French and two Swiss vehicles in with us. One of the Swiss is going to the same place as us today, the other managed to ...

Feliz Anos Nueve - in the Aymaran culture anyway!, Tiahuanaco, Bolivia travel blog

Feliz Anos Nueve - in the Aymaran culture anyway!

A travel blog entry by jill-cam


... in the Willka Kutu, the welcoming of the Winter Soltice sunrise, hence the Aymaran New Year. This celebration begins in Tiahuanacu, Bolivia, with the first sunrise being viewed by elders through the 1000 year old Sun Gate (Puerta del Sol). Four days ...

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