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Tarija, Bolivia 31st Jan - 3rd Feb, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

Tarija, Bolivia 31st Jan - 3rd Feb

A travel blog entry by fae-neilvsworld

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... ...then turn around on the narrow road and we were off again. Completely dangerous, and completely crazy....but hey this is Bolivia, anything goes here!! We finally made it to our hotel that afternoon. What an adventure....lucky we made it! Its really not ...

Leaving Bolivia Via Tarija., Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

Leaving Bolivia Via Tarija.

A travel blog entry by heatheravan

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... gasoline tax on New Year’s Eve. With massive transport strikes looming, we would not be able to get around or out of Bolivia in the time frame we needed. A travel agent suggested flying to Tareja, then busing it in to Argentina. To our dismay, ...

Less than two weeks, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

Less than two weeks

A travel blog entry by satravelblog

... too dangerous. Anyway, that is pretty much our trip so far, we woke up at 5ish this moring and flew to Tarija, which is a small town in Bolivia and an 8 hour bus ride from the border. We are trying to make our way across and into Argentina by tomorrow ...

Découverte de Tarija, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

Découverte de Tarija

A travel blog entry by bourlingueur


... rue. L'après midi, nous partons pour le lago San Jacinto, un lac artificiel créée pour les week-ends des habitants de Tarija. C'est très mignon, on peut y manger des doraditos, excellent poisson local. On rentre diner dans un très chic resto ...

TARIJA..., Tarija, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by gurcanelbek


... La Ruta de Vino, San Lorenzo, Cascades, Small cute villages, Warm blooded residents... It is like Argentina more than Bolivia's general view. Me gusta Tarija mucho mucho... Hostal Casa Blanca y dueno Luis es muy amable y bonita tambien. No otra lugar para ...

waterfalls and hippys, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

waterfalls and hippys

A travel blog entry by eskimostephie

... actually a taxi with a family in, obviously we were charged taxi price for that. we saw some great scenery here and a different bolivia to anything that weve seen before. it was a real treat to see families having bbq´s in the fields. the bus ...

arriving at 430am isnt wise., Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

arriving at 430am isnt wise.

A travel blog entry by eskimostephie

... over our dipappointment of NO ALCHOHOL (whatever do you mean no wine tasting!!! gosh) by aggreeing to get hammered in the night in stead. Tarija is the wkind of place, so it seems, to kick back and relax and have a coffee in the shade watching people pass ...

Dernière journée a Tarija, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

Dernière journée a Tarija

A travel blog entry by bourlingueur

Nous nous levons tard. Nous partons déjeuner avec Magda et Katia à la taverne Gattopardo (le resto où nous passons le plus de temps ici), très bon et très agréable. Normalement nous aurions du nous préparer à partir pour faire le chemin de l'Inca ...

05/07/05 - 07/07/05, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

05/07/05 - 07/07/05

A travel blog entry by lgonzi


... the "Andalucia of Bolivia", I thought it would be a nice place to go. That and it´s the only place in Bolivia where they make wine. Unfortunately, Tarija is a bit of a hole and although it does have a few nice plazas, the rest is a bit crappy. And ...

Tarija, and goodbye to Bolivia, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

Tarija, and goodbye to Bolivia

A travel blog entry by marie-line


... very) slow traveling would suddenly get a jumpkick. Just watch the map in this blog and you'll see ;)   So, Tarija, my last town in Bolivia. I couchsurfed here. The weather was amazing, and the town beautiful. Very clean and nice green parks. This is ...

christmas, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by shadow13


... met up with alejandro - a friend of juan puablo´s who is a guy amber hooked up with in cochabamba - very lovely guy.  tarija was beautiful if a little quiet, two main squares, principal and sucre and we got to know it quite well during our five day ...

Tariiiiiija, you gotta see her...., Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

Tariiiiiija, you gotta see her....

A travel blog entry by sarahandliz


... in the town and after another day of walking around (admittedly in the blissful sun and warmth we'd not known anywhere else in Bolivia) we realised we should probably move on the next day. A return to the expensive restaurant was in order so Sarah could ...

Tarija - Bolivian wine tasting, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

Tarija - Bolivian wine tasting

A travel blog entry by monkeybusiness


... . After a lovely day of wine tasting we finished off our day by having our first taste of Argentinian steak (even though we were in Bolivia) and it was truly excellent. Bring on more wine stop Salta (Argentina) Tarija gets a thumbs ...

¿Si no vino a tomar vino porque vino?, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

¿Si no vino a tomar vino porque vino?

A travel blog entry by emanorsa


Eccomi qui, sono a Tarija, al sud della bolivia, ultima tappa prima di passare in Argentina e lasciare la Pachamama bolivia, giá sono triste e mi mancherá un poco la stranezza di questo paese che mi ha ospitato per due mesi! Comunque sempre qui con ...

Calderillas, Tarija, Bolivia, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by mcginlays


... and foot hills down into the Tarija Valley at 2000m.  The Inca trail was a trading route connecting the fertile valleys of Tarija to the Altiplano.  It is still used today by the few communities that live in the reserve. I left the house ...

Den soede  vins hjemsted, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

Den soede vins hjemsted

A travel blog entry by elianasiri


... endte med at hænge ud med vores nye venner hele dagen, og tog også en øl med dem om aftenen, for at opleve Tarijas begrænsede, men livlige, natteliv. Tarija var den sidste by i Bolivia vi besøgte, herefter tog vi bussen mod ...



A travel blog entry by gurcanelbek


TARIJA with FRIENDS... After having some general information about Tarija I would like to present its some beauties together with my friends there. Actually what were nice, were FRIENDS. From different countries but sincere and open for sharing. We spend ...

Vinos and Valleys, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

Vinos and Valleys

A travel blog entry by smile-a-day


... it. Burning and melted plastic where the kids and animals play – that seemed a little more fitting than recycling. Tarija was our last stop in Bolivia, and while we were sad to be leaving the country, luckily our journey to the border was one not to ...

Bolivian wine, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

Bolivian wine

A travel blog entry by 12_months_off


... over poor Bolivian roads, I split up my trip to Santa Cruz (where I went earlier for a concert) by making a stop over in Tarija, known for its wines. I arrive in the early morning to a cold Tarija and arrange a visit to two bodegas: to an industrial ...

Creation and Destruction, Narvaez, Bolivia travel blog

Creation and Destruction

A travel blog entry by billiegreenwood


The center in Narvaez has been transformed! Honestly, when we first saw the buildings, the windowless rooms looked dungeon-like. I realized that Sr. Julianne had a real vision to imagine something better. Now, after two weeks, it is starting to look ...

Catching the Carnival Spirit, Entre Rios, Bolivia travel blog

Catching the Carnival Spirit

A travel blog entry by billiegreenwood

I caught the Carnival spirit in Entre Rios, who was not to be outdone by Oruro. Several groups of people("comparcels") presented a succession of skits and dances accompanied by a variety of homemade floats in the street along the central park. The ...

Off and running, Narvaez, Bolivia travel blog

Off and running

A travel blog entry by billiegreenwood


... sky. Peach trees in the yard. A few times a day a vehicle will pass. No electricity and no bathroom for miles (or maybe 1 bathroom in 100 sq. miles)! I really enjoy being there. Tomorrow we'll investigate the purchase of building materials in Tarija ...

Another Good-by, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

Another Good-by

A travel blog entry by billiegreenwood

... mine from 1988 when we both studied the Bible in Israel/Palestine. He and a team of 3 Bolivian men operate a Marist mission south of Tarija City which we'll visit for the weekend. They own a new home in Tarija and we'll leave from here tomorrow to live ...

Bolivia-first impressions and more crazy bus rides, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

Bolivia-first impressions and more crazy bus rides

A travel blog entry by hilletulp


After crossing the border with Bolivia completely hassle-free compared to some other crossings, we were in the border town of Villazon.  First impressions- people are so much more traditional here! The women with their round top hats, huge wide ...

"Dedication" Tuesday

A travel blog entry by billiegreenwood


... with water, a sort of a blessing. Eight people live in their simple country dwelling. We met all but the two who were in Tarija on business. Since their mom died 7 months ago, everyone was wearing black, and they were all WET from the challar process. ...

Miracles!, Tarija and Narvaez, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by billiegreenwood


God feels more present here. It was a day of miracles. We arose at 5 AM to journey the 3 hours to Tarija City to investigate building materials for the center at Narvaez (naar VICE). There were a lot of unknowns in this purchase. We knew what we ...

Campesino, Tarija, Bolivia, Bolivia travel blog


A travel blog entry by mcginlays


The Campesino On Saturday Morning at five am I went with the Help to the Campesino with a truck load of table grapes to sell.  The Campesino area is a large market area that sells all types of produce and bits and pieces.  We followed some ...

Slainte and Prost!, Tarija, Bolivia travel blog

Slainte and Prost!

A travel blog entry by juliabarry


... huge bags of fruits and other stuff (especially blankets, they really love their blankets here, they basically sell them everywhere!) to Bolivia. We took a taxi to the bus station (I am pretty sure our taxi driver was under 16 years old but was driving ...

Finally: Entre Rios, Entre Rios, Bolivia travel blog

Finally: Entre Rios

A travel blog entry by billiegreenwood


When I was a young sister, I really felt drawn to mission work in Bolivia...and that would be in Entre Rios. But that never materialized. My life went in other directions. So actually to be here is like a dream come true for me. Entre Rios lies east of ...

Better than Disney World, Tarija-Entre Rios-Villamontes-Camiri, and..., Bolivia travel blog

Better than Disney World

A travel blog entry by billiegreenwood

... was no toilet aboard. "Paul, we'll find out soon." The trip was sentimental for me, I shed some tears as we left our Tarija friends and headed toward Santa Cruz where we knew no one, beginning our trip home. It was soon dark, but we already knew well ...

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