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anti-climax to the max!, Oostende, Belgium travel blog

anti-climax to the max!

A travel blog entry by bekstaarr


Yes, well, as i've stated in my Bruges' entry, Oostende was rather an anti-climax.... here i was, thinking i'd head to a 'lovely' Belgian beach.... only to arrive and find that it's basically a construction site, as they are trying to revamp the whole ...

Ostende, Ostende, Belgium travel blog


A travel blog entry by jacksonw264


Here are some pictures of our day trip to Ostende. This is a fairly busy town on the North Sea, about an hour and ten minutes away from Brussels. It had a great beach but no swimming for us, the temperature was around 62 degrees with 20 mph winds! It was ...

Ready..., Ostende, Belgium travel blog


A travel blog entry by marie-line


I don't remember ever having been more ready for anything in my life. My feet itch, my mind itches, my heart itches. I need to go, I need to fly out, see the world! Live every day as a new day, breathe every breath as a new breath, feel every ...

Breve visita para conseguir ferry, Ostende, Belgium travel blog

Breve visita para conseguir ferry

A travel blog entry by k0k0m0


Cuando llegué a la estación de Brujas tomé el tren y en menos de 15 minutos estaba en Oostende. Allí había una amplia oferta de ferries y me quedé con uno que ofrecía la travesía en 3 horas por Seacat para el día siguiente al mediodía. El cielo ...

The Belgium Coast, Oostende, Belgium travel blog

The Belgium Coast

A travel blog entry by carinamjones


We have been taking advantage of the very inexpensive 'Kust' tram to visit the numerous coastal towns along Belgium's seaside. The tram line is 84 kms long and goes from DePanne near the French border to Knokke near the Netherlands border. The seaside is ...

To the Sea-side, Oostende, Belgium travel blog

To the Sea-side

A travel blog entry by maplefanta


September 27 On Wednesday the belgian children only have half a day of school, Sarah decided to not send them for the morning so that by end of the morning we could all be ready to go to the sea-side after a more lazy waking up. We drove there with ...

Sep 23, 2006, Oostende, Belgium travel blog

Sep 23, 2006

A travel blog entry by michael_bromby


Una ciudad medio desierta, Ostende, Belgium travel blog

Una ciudad medio desierta

A travel blog entry by k0k0m0


Como tenía tiempo recorrí un poco de la ciudad y me quedó la sensación de estar en un pueblito de la costa atlántica fuera de temporada. La ciudad era chiquita y estaba medio vacía, pensé que iba a estar más movida pero no. De todos modos apenas ...

Klaar voor vertrek!, Oostende, Belgium travel blog

Klaar voor vertrek!

A travel blog entry by charlotte-arne

Getrouwd, appartement opgezegd, verhuisd, werk opgezegd, lang verlof genomen... klaar om te ...

Belguim, Ostende, Belgium travel blog


A travel blog entry by lancastersgapyr


Ostend, Belguim was a quick 2 night stopover on our way to Amsterdam.  It had a huge beach and a large esplanade with some cool orange art features.  It was empty of people and would be one of those places that come alive in ...

Suomi-Hollanti 3-0, Ostende, Belgium travel blog

Suomi-Hollanti 3-0

A travel blog entry by markkupohjola

Olisipa tämä jalkapallo-ottelun tulos, vaan ei ole. Kovissa jälkimainingeissa ja vastatuulessa saatiin ohitettua 3 venettä. Mereltä kun Haag oli kaunis kaupunki, niin nämä Belgialaiskaupungit ovat kuin ...

Battling a sunburn from hell but having a hell of, Ostend, Belgium travel blog

Battling a sunburn from hell but having a hell of

A travel blog entry by threeup3dwn


... they are fun. They say they are going to show me the club scene in Ghent which is supposed to be the best in Belgium!  I've only driven through Ghent and it looked awesome.....lots of history there!  The camps were a lot of fun and some ...

From the beginning... to Ostende, Ostende, Belgium travel blog

From the beginning... to Ostende

A travel blog entry by susankington


... a few hard stares at children who ventured into our path we emerged unscathed. In the distance we saw what lloked like a Belgium version of stone henge albeit a rather bright orange. Wandering through it it was more like a giant's collection of discarded ...

Meri!, Ostende, Belgium travel blog


A travel blog entry by pille

Järgneval paaril päeval külastasime taas Brügget, eksploorisime linna, sõitsime turistidele mõeldud paatidega, sõime pizzat ja pidasime rannas piknikku. Viimasel päeval pidasime vajalikuks ainult rannas vedelemist, sest õhu- ja veetemperatuur ...

Brujas, Brujas, Belgium travel blog


A travel blog entry by gab84

Me alquile una bici para recorrer esta ciudad de cuentos de adas.... Belgica, el pais completo, esta preparado para que pueda recorrerse en bicicleta... cada autopista, calle, callecita, ruta, tiene un sendero para bicicletas!!! Las personas aqui me ...

Geboekt, Ostende, Belgium travel blog


A travel blog entry by ann_yorick

Onze vlucht is geboekt! We vertrekken met z'n allen op zondag 19 augustus richting Chengdu, voor zo'n 731 dagen ... het aftellen kan beginnen.  Groetjes en ...

De Chinese bureaucratie, Ostende, Belgium travel blog

De Chinese bureaucratie

A travel blog entry by ann_yorick

Amai, we zijn er nog niet. Is me dat een papierwinkel. 6 externe firma's/personen zijn er mee bezig en nog is niet alles duidelijk. Blijkbaar verandert de Chinese instanties maandelijks, wekelijks of zelfs dagelijks hun eisen of beleid.  We hebben ...

ssx, Ostende, Belgium travel blog


A travel blog entry by olympicemma

f ...

Belgium 2000, Oostende, Belgium travel blog

Belgium 2000

A travel blog entry by ebaby

yo wasup same year as amsterdam i went to ...

First night the best spot, 2nd not so good, Ostend, Belgium travel blog

First night the best spot, 2nd not so good

A travel blog entry by jackie.a0910


... the river and out the other side and found a café to get a coffee, still haven't had a decent one in Europe. Onto  Belgium Antwerpen, then onto Gent where we had some lunch. It was very busy in the main towncentre and full of cafes and people, as ...

Mar 19, 2014, Ostende, Belgium travel blog

Mar 19, 2014

A travel blog entry by zata8


Ostende welcomed us with great beer and adventure, Ostende, Belgium travel blog

Ostende welcomed us with great beer and adventure

A travel blog entry by hechlok


We stoped at a parking next to another RV. It was getting dark burt we've decided to go to the beach wich supposed to be across the street and through the bushes. We took our flashlight and went into the trees. We saw a group of people heading left but ...

Ostend, Ostend, Belgium travel blog


A travel blog entry by antwon

will update ...

A Day at the Seaside, Ostende, Belgium travel blog

A Day at the Seaside

A travel blog entry by stephen.turner


The trusty Lonely Planet guidebook advises not to judge Belgium in an hour, which is exactly what I did when I decided I hated the place five years ago.  Today was an opportunity to give it a chance.    Bright sunshine greeted us directly ...

Lots of rest in Oostende, Oostende, Belgium travel blog

Lots of rest in Oostende

A travel blog entry by steveandkat


As our stay in Brugge came to it's end, Steve and I (not to mention our host as well) caught a bad cold. So, we decided to rent a hotel room in a harbor town called Oostende for a few days to rest before continuing our expeditions. In the 3 days we ...

Feb 11, 2010, Oostende, Belgium travel blog

Feb 11, 2010

A travel blog entry by sun_shine


., Ostende, Belgium travel blog


A travel blog entry by dtr1968

. ...

Sea, Ostende, Belgium travel blog


A travel blog entry by manchedda


We decided to hit up the sea for another sea on our check list. It was a beautiful place but quite spendy, but got to walk the beach with some wild wind and ...

Klaar voor vertrek, Ostende, Belgium travel blog

Klaar voor vertrek

A travel blog entry by ann_yorick

Eindelijk zover...  Valiezen en tassen gepakt. Nog effe stressen en de nacht doorkomen. Morgen rond 11.20u onze vlucht richting Abu Dhabi en dan op naar Kaapstad. Wat zal het worden: de Tafelberg of het nieuwe stadion. Wie wint?  groetjes en ...

EM i Brass Band, Oostende, Belgium travel blog

EM i Brass Band

A travel blog entry by globalelin


Endelig ble det EM. Turen til Oostende har jeg sett frem til i lengre tid. Det ble litt av en lang tur å ta seg hit. Nattoget fra Kolding og så videre med tog fra Köln og Brussel. Jeg er positivt overrasket over byen, det er en veldig livlig by, mange ...

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