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Linda: our hero -  Linda: onze heldin, Mechelen, Belgium travel blog

Linda: our hero - Linda: onze heldin

A travel blog entry by tonyandmarina

This is a top pick!

... pikt Linda ons op. Hebt u vrienden, die u om 6h in de ochtend voeren? Wij wel! We nemen vanmorgen de trein van Mechelen aan Schiphol, waar wij een rechtstreeks vliegtuig naar Kuala Lumpur zullen nemen. Na het kopen van het kaartje vraag ik Dr. T (voor ...

The Mechelen Man!, Mechelen, Belgium travel blog

The Mechelen Man!

A travel blog entry by andrew_mac


So another impromptu trip, I decided on a weekend exploring more of Belgium. First stop, the city of Mechelen, a 90 minute train ride away in the Dutch area. A local explained Mechelen to me as a 'cozy' town, and I agree. It’s a very walkable city, ...

The Bells of Mechelen, Mechelen, Belgium travel blog

The Bells of Mechelen

A travel blog entry by patry


... in Belgium have not disappointed us!  Neither has Belgium for that matter.  We stayed in a beautiful city called Mechelen (between Brussels and Antwerp).   We exchanged with a younger (sorry guys) couple for their 2 bedroom apartment in ...

At Mieke and the Mechelaar, Mechelen, Belgium travel blog

At Mieke and the Mechelaar

A travel blog entry by maplefanta

... that Mieke forgot in her car the previous night and to bring it to her. Finally we either didnt have to hitch-hike to Mechelen as Ingrid drove us there and we met with Mieke there taking it relax on the computer before heading in town for what was ...

A quick stop in Flanders, Mechelen, Belgium travel blog

A quick stop in Flanders

A travel blog entry by croxandlilt


... fantastic meals and the best beer in the world. Our first stop was our third time in Belgium, this time pausing for lunch in the town of Mechelen. Mechelen is a pleasant town halfway between Brussels and Antwerp. Mechelen became quite wealthy during the ...

Mechelen... little Belgium town with a big heart!, Mechelen, Belgium travel blog

Mechelen... little Belgium town with a big heart!

A travel blog entry by redbikini

The surprising thing about Mechelen is that it has a beach.  Inland sandwiced nicely between Antwerp and Brussels typically you would not expect this. ...I spent a lazy weekend here with my Belgium friends Wannes, Geert and Natalie, we trawled around ...

As promised ..., Mechelen, Belgium travel blog

As promised ...

A travel blog entry by bartenevelien

Hi all, as promised we tried to make it possible to follow us during the next month. We entered some of the trip details upfront, with some entertaining movies or typical photographs. When having access to the internet we'll try to update our travelblog ...

Follow us on our blog ..., Mechelen, Belgium travel blog

Follow us on our blog ...

A travel blog entry by bartenevelien


Almost forgot to say, you can subscribe for e-mailupdates to our blog. For those who are not well known with following a travelpod, we've included a picture from our home page. Just go to the right of your screen and under our profile picture you can ...

A Day in Antwerp, Mechelen , Belgium travel blog

A Day in Antwerp

A travel blog entry by fitchett


After our stunning breakfasts in Liege, we resigned ourselves to something more ordinary in Mechelen. But we were wrong as the breakfast was once again divine!! This time we loved the rich bread, the yoghurt with raspberry puree, the pastry as well as ...

Merchtem, Mechelen, Belgium travel blog


A travel blog entry by 2tillbrooks


What is it with water in Belgium? Skippy was empty, and it took us majority of yesterday arvo & today to find some where to fill her up. There are just no visible taps anywhere...and if there were they were shut off. luckily it was crappy weather today so ...

Bike Tour: Amsterdam to Brussels, Mechelen, Belgium travel blog

Bike Tour: Amsterdam to Brussels

A travel blog entry by k_j

... we had three beers to taste - one light flavour, one sweet & one bitter. They were all nice and different. 5th June - Mechelen - Bike Tour We left Antwerp on our bikes at 9:15 in the rain. We all had our rain jackets and ponchos on. ...

Ready for our honeymoon, Mechelen, Belgium travel blog

Ready for our honeymoon

A travel blog entry by jimmyhans

20 april: Eindelijk is het dan zover: onze huwelijksreis naar Java & Bal!  Na een prachtige trouw kijken we er enorm naar uit om deze mooie tijd af te ronden met een leuke vakantie.  Indonesia, here we ...

Minus 1, I guess?, Mechelen, Belgium travel blog

Minus 1, I guess?

A travel blog entry by blizz

Just started packing... We're going to try to keep our luggage as minimal as possible... Firstly because the trunk of the car we rented is not that big and two because I don't want everything to be misplaced during the transfer. Its a huge plus when ...

Bills first home and Belgium Waffels, Mechelen, Belgium travel blog

Bills first home and Belgium Waffels

A travel blog entry by chuckcurry


... we walked around the area and stopped at Cafe des Beaux Arts for Belgium waffles mit schlag (whipped cream). On the train back to Mechelen we planned the evening: we bought some fruit tarts at the street fair, some cheese, a baguette and a bottle of red ...

Bier van't vat, Mechelen, Belgium travel blog

Bier van't vat

A travel blog entry by chuckcurry


Wij Ben in Mechelen.  Den trein van Londeren was zier spoodig en comfortabel.Wel te ruuste. Chuck and Tin ...

Internet hoer-a, Mechelen, Belgium travel blog

Internet hoer-a

A travel blog entry by jimkel


De tijd tikt tergend traag voorbij maar geraakt gek genoeg eens zo gevuld met repetitieve vraagstellingen: "Is alles ingepakt?, Heb ik een tandenborstel bij?, Heb ik teveel t-shirts bij?, Ga ik echt 3 boeken lezen?, Hoe moet ik godverdomme die rieten ...

Back home   :-(, Mechelen, Belgium travel blog

Back home :-(

A travel blog entry by jimmyhans

later ...

Belgie, Mechelen, Belgium travel blog


A travel blog entry by whereiskelly

So had a short mini tour of Belgie with Andrew and Wencke..... Really good Beer (WEST VLETEREN TRAPPIST BEER)  hmm did i spell that right Wencke? Got served by a 12 year old kid at a bar....interesting. Oh and I heart cheese and chocolate! ...

Lier to Mechelen, Mechelen, Belgium travel blog

Lier to Mechelen

A travel blog entry by stevemt


... there. From there we went shopping for food for lunch. Had lunch and went walking. Again what an interesting and beautiful town Mechelen is, I really loved it. There is so much to see here and do. I also found the railway station and information to ...

Day 13: Home!, Mechelen, Belgium travel blog

Day 13: Home!

A travel blog entry by blizz

... the last entry for this blog. I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for the comments, the compliments and the visits. That's what kept me motivated to keep doing it! So thanks! Steve, back safe and sound in Mechelen, Belgium, Signing off ...

TEST, Mechelen, Belgium travel blog


A travel blog entry by maceo

Alles ok in Hanswijkstraat ...

Always on the move, Mechelen, Belgium travel blog

Always on the move

A travel blog entry by jimkel


Terug thuis...iets waar we de laatste 2 weken toch geregeld naar uit hebben gekeken. Je mist je zetel, je keuken, je badkamer, je kleerkast, je tafel, kortom alle banale dingen die je het leven comfortabel moeten maken. Het is alsof we de laatste maanden ...

Ik mag naar Zweden!, Mechelen, Belgium travel blog

Ik mag naar Zweden!

A travel blog entry by evydebousser

hoera! Ik mag mijn ticket naar Zweden boeken!  Sinds vandaag weet ik mijn resultaten (ik ben er op alles door). Dit was de allerlaatste stap die ik goed moest doorlopen om naar Zweden te kunnen. Ik moest onder andere  aan een ...

all packed and ready to go, Mechelen, Belgium travel blog

all packed and ready to go

A travel blog entry by bartenevelien


Tomorrow, early in the morning we leave for a short visit to Rome. We ha've never been in Rome before and I have been in Italy just one time, for work (so never really visited it). Expectations are great, weather forecast is fantastic and we are looking ...

Leaving Mechelen for Brugge, Mechelen, Belgium travel blog

Leaving Mechelen for Brugge

A travel blog entry by squashgizmo


From the way the host talked to us on Friday night, I thought we could checkout about 1pm so decided to let Zoe study & that we gradually pack up & clean up.  Jas was dressed, Zoe was taking ages in bathroom getting ready, so I was still in ...

The end is the beginning, Bonheiden, Belgium travel blog

The end is the beginning

A travel blog entry by svenhermans


Eindelijk terug thuis. Het was alleszins een blij weerzien met familie, vrienden en collega's. Op mijn eerste werkdag werd ik zelfs compleet verrast door de decoraties die waren aangebracht aan mijn bureau. Om de overgang minder bruusk te maken, was ...

Mechelen, Lier, swimmin', rainin', Mechelen, Belgium travel blog

Mechelen, Lier, swimmin', rainin'

A travel blog entry by squashgizmo


... than expected because of the roadwork & detours.  We were "drowned rats".  They took us back to the house in Mechelen about 3.45pm.  He said he'd pick us up about 5pm to show us Old Town on the way to their house for dinner.  ...

Happy Birthday ChloŽ, Mechelen, Belgium travel blog

Happy Birthday ChloŽ

A travel blog entry by buddybye

... '. Ik wil er graag bijzijn als ze haar eerste kaarsje uitblaast. Een laatste keer samen met de hechte familie voor ik vertrek! Een laatste keer slapen in Mechelen bij ons Cecile. Nog 2 dagen en dan zit ik op het vliegtuig richting Lissabon! ...

Mechelen, fries & durum, Mechelen, Belgium travel blog

Mechelen, fries & durum

A travel blog entry by squashgizmo


... & that on Monday that he could take us in his lunch-break between 1&2 to the station when we were leaving Mechelen. (I assumed from that we could checkout then & forgot he originally said 11am). While he was talking to us at the house, ...

PROLOOG, Mechelen, Belgium travel blog


A travel blog entry by mawijke

Mijn bergschoenen zijn oranje. De plakkerige, taaie klei van ons vorig avontuur in de vlaktes van Noord- Spanje heeft zijn sporen achtergelaten. Nu is het alweer tijd voor een nieuwe fase in ons leven. Ik heb geen idee wat ik van deze nieuwe reis ...

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