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Very cold caves, Werfen, Austria travel blog

Very cold caves

A travel blog entry by jess85


Went to the tiny Alpine town of Werfen (about 40 minutes from Salzburg) to climb some ice caves. Think of Jenolan Caves - covered in 25metre thick ice. It is the biggest underground glacier! It was, for the second time this trip, a time that I have seen ...

amazingly scenic town, Werfen, Austria travel blog

amazingly scenic town

A travel blog entry by ash_gauld


only very small town (3000 pop), but had a great time here. to us more enjoyable then the bigger austrian cities. the campsite was situated underneath an amazing mountain range, accessible to us through cable cars (slack as we are), and there was no-one ...

Worlds Largest Ice Caves, Eisriesenwelt Werfen, Austria travel blog

Worlds Largest Ice Caves

A travel blog entry by bjw1981


Crazy ice caves were visited, reached below 0oC and had to climb 1400 stairs once inside the magical ice caves! .. approx 1700m above sea level and the view was awesome, fairly hard to breathe as well! ...

Giant Ice Caves, Werfen, Austria travel blog

Giant Ice Caves

A travel blog entry by nothing


i was totally blown away by this trip... just a short train trip outside the city on the s-bahn and then you take a little shuttle bus up the mountain and then a short walk followed by a cable car ride and then a 20 minute hike up brings you to these ...

Don't tell us that, Werfen, Austria travel blog

Don't tell us that

A travel blog entry by beautiful_freak

so, after arriving late into Werfen, we walked about another 5km to a campsite. This is no small feat after just walking up a mountain earlier in the day. We arrived in the dark as usual and met the lady that was running the campsite. She informed us that ...

Werfen Ice Caves Tour, Werfen, Austria travel blog

Werfen Ice Caves Tour

A travel blog entry by vmckinley11


Today we went to Eisriesenwelt, or the Ice Caves in Werfen right outside of the main city of Salzburg. It was about an hour bus trip but it was worth the fantastic mountain and canyon views we got to see. We began ascending up the mountain for about 15 ...

The hills are alive with the sound of music, Werfen, Austria travel blog

The hills are alive with the sound of music

A travel blog entry by picaroon


... all tourism in Salzburg is selling the Sound of Music 'theme' and most locals haven't seen the movie. Most people go to Werfen for the ice caves but it doesn't compare to ice glaciers we have seen elsewhere. Falconery at the castle lawns was ...

Where Eagles Dare - Eisriesenwelt, Werfen, Austria travel blog

Where Eagles Dare - Eisriesenwelt

A travel blog entry by dubai-newmans


... , and made the walk back down the mountain... a great day, although very tiring, and we highly recommend the Tirol region of Austria to anyone who wants to see and experience fantastic mountain scenery. Into Salzburg next, so Nat can go on the sound of ...

Jul 06, 2011, Werfen, Austria travel blog

Jul 06, 2011

A travel blog entry by cmosilva


Ice cave, Werfen, Austria travel blog

Ice cave

A travel blog entry by saradavid


Got to Werfernand drove up a very steep road to the ice caves,followed by some steep walking and a cable car to get to the cave. Cave was the most unusual cave we had been in - all the columns, slagtites, and stalagmites were formed from ice rather than ...

Ice caves and Salt mines and..., Werfen, Austria travel blog

Ice caves and Salt mines and...

A travel blog entry by azsxdc

... 's largest ice cave! I took this destination in and out of the itinerary many times. Anyway, I still decided to go. Seeing Burg Werfen meant the start of our windy ascent up to the ice caves. We parked our car and bought the tickets about 1000m up. Then ...

The Ice Cave, Werfen, Austria travel blog

The Ice Cave

A travel blog entry by e-1


One day before we leave home, the weather has turned for the worst. Comparing to yesterday's +28, today is only +14 and pouring with rain. No problem, we'll visit the ice cave. With blissful ignorance of people who never done it before, we've decided ...

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