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Austria, Linz, Austria travel blog


A travel blog entry by ozvere


Our trip from Copenhagen to Austria was comparatively long but comfortable. An afternoon of travel to Hamburg gave us sufficient time to change to the night (sleeper) train and, after a fairly comfortable sleep, we arrived 30 minutes late at Linz station ...

Linz/Cesky Krumlov, Linz, Austria travel blog

Linz/Cesky Krumlov

A travel blog entry by bobdebstrat


... finally stops and it's actually warm.  We hear the history and walk up the hill to the castle....again the Hapsburgs of Austria enter the picture.  A very picturesque town.  We have a lunch of goulash and Czech beer (fun fact...the original ...

Assault on the Senses, Linz, Austria travel blog

Assault on the Senses

A travel blog entry by rachelkw


Music that smells and walking on light, amongst other things. Write up to come. It is now many moons since we were in Linz, so my recollections will be less detailed than usual. We took the train to Linz and went to an exhibition called Sinnes Rautsch. ...

Linz an der Donau, Linz, Austria travel blog

Linz an der Donau

A travel blog entry by noni_matt


... direction is completely whacked in this city. Firstly I went to the Linzer Dom, or Marien Dom, the largest cathedral in Austria. I found it to be a lot more powerful than Stephansdom, but this could be because this one wasn't covered in scaffolds and ...

Linzer Torte stop off, Linz, Austria travel blog

Linzer Torte stop off

A travel blog entry by richlum

... same shuttle bus. Main square was nice. A few more old buildings and churches. Saw a weird green floating disc shaped pontoon that was apparentlya gift from somewhere... Ate Linzer torte in Linz which was probably the highlight of my 3 hours in Linz :) ...

Great Couple of Days, Linz, Austria travel blog

Great Couple of Days

A travel blog entry by dblegldave


Let's see, where did I leave off? Oh yea, we were heading toward Regensburg on the Maine - Danube Canal. And a canal it is. The locks are as high as 24 meters...some-78 feet. We went through several, and a guy came on board to tell us how the locks ...

Following the Danube, Saltzburg, Wels, Linz, Mauthausen, Melk, Krems, Vienna, Austria travel blog

Following the Danube

A travel blog entry by jnewcomb

... surprised at the lack of people for a Saturday afternoon, perhaps an indication of a less populated region of Austria. Went looking for photo opportunities and continued to Linz. I was informed the closest site to Linz is 8Km SE in the town of St ...

The insufferable burden of being consistent, Linz, Austria travel blog

The insufferable burden of being consistent

A travel blog entry by eddyakko


Turned on the TV and black clouds with lightning bolts were all over the map of Austria. Not a good sign for a day of biking. We emerged from the boat full of optimism as Andreas, our beloved events supervisor, had promised a rain-free cycle – and ...

3 Countries in 1 day, Linz, Austria travel blog

3 Countries in 1 day

A travel blog entry by shelleyc


... . We will leave the boat in Passau, Germany, visit Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic and then meet up with the boat in Linz, Austria.  It was an hour and a half drive to Czech Republic, interesting scenes along the way. It was obvious that this was ...

Living in Linz, Linz, Austria travel blog

Living in Linz

A travel blog entry by noni_matt


... Our plans to cover more museums were running out of daylight, so we rushed off to the Lentos museum which had a 'Best of Austria' exhibition happening. This place wasw quite interesting, of course it was all modern art so some of it was total trash. But ...

The hills aren't alive, but they're pretty great., Linz, Austria travel blog

The hills aren't alive, but they're pretty great.

A travel blog entry by valaryr


... we have seen so far.  Then we walked around Linz a little bit and got some food for the train from some street markets. Linz was way prettier then we expected it to be-- the book talks about it as an industrial town, but the main street/square was ...

Ich bin gut danke, Linz, Austria travel blog

Ich bin gut danke

A travel blog entry by neason


today we got up bright and early (after being awake for 7 hours due to some loud american snoring!) and caught the trian to linz. turns out rex doesn't mean the regional express train, its the train that stops at every single station so it took twice as ...

Linz Winter Learning, Linz, Austria travel blog

Linz Winter Learning

A travel blog entry by noni_matt


... settle into a routine soon enough. But for now, I can pretend I'm still on holidays until I get started for real ;) This weekend I'll check out the sights of Linz properly, and report them to you!   Tschüss, and cyas later! ...

Last of Linz...?, Linz, Austria travel blog

Last of Linz...?

A travel blog entry by noni_matt


... I think everyone else did too? They also gave me a farewell gift, comprising of an Austrian cookbook and a book about Linz! I was truly touched, awwww :3 The next morning I was touched by hangover, but still went for breakfast in the raab mensa ...

Orchids in the train - LINZ, Linz, Austria travel blog

Orchids in the train - LINZ

A travel blog entry by redhive

... and brought me and my heavy rucksack to his flat at the Danube, a perfect location for students. I´m favourably taken aback from Linz, this seems to be really nice and features a lovely old town. After going out for a Austrian meal yesterday, we were ...

Donauradweg; Obermühl to Linz 49 km, Linz, Austria travel blog

Donauradweg; Obermühl to Linz 49 km

A travel blog entry by michellendave


... €10 for a 30-day starter pack which included all the talk time, SMS, and internet access we’d need while in Austria. He was able to get the phone number activated on the German language website but could not figure out how to activated the ...

Lovely Linz, Linz, Austria travel blog

Lovely Linz

A travel blog entry by noni_matt


... sneak something out? Obviously not! He also slept for his entire journey, which was about one hour. Another hour later I arrived in Linz, and I think the train station here is much prettier than the ones I saw in Vienna. Maybe that's because Linz has ...

In Linz beginnt's, Linz, Austria travel blog

In Linz beginnt's

A travel blog entry by sonyann


... ;  *** Nach ausreichend Grossstadtluft ziehen wir weiter nach Oberoesterreich, statten Foeps, einem Freund in Linz, und damit der Stahlstadt einen Besuch ab. Uebers Wochenende ausreichend Zeit fuer Stadterkundung durchwandern wir ...

Salzburg has Fucking, Linz has Rottenegg, Linz, Austria travel blog

Salzburg has Fucking, Linz has Rottenegg

A travel blog entry by shiiuga


Yes, there is a town near Linz called Rottenegg, and no, sadly, I didn't make the trip out for this one. Linz...well, what is there to say about the former residence of Adolf Hitler, really? There's not a whole lot to do in Linz in Winter, or in general ...

Die Reise beginnt ..., Linz, Austria travel blog

Die Reise beginnt ...

A travel blog entry by loiti

... Vorbereitung ist vorüber, endlich gehts los. Anreise Linz - Frankfurt - Singapur Linz - Frankfurt Am Abend gings los von Linz nach Frankfurt, der Flug war schnell vorüber. In Frankfurt bemerkten wir die Ausmaße des Flughafens, wir mussten das Terminal ...

Back at Home - THE END, Linz, Austria travel blog

Back at Home - THE END

A travel blog entry by loiti


Nach der ca. 30 stündigen Heimreise sind wir zurück, es ist tatsächlich Winter, kaum zu glauben. ...

Linz: Be There One Day, Linz, Austria travel blog

Linz: Be There One Day

A travel blog entry by v1213


... of the trip into Linz was relatively uneventful, bringing us into the Hbf much later than we had expected this morning, around 3pm. Linz's tram system is a shadow of what I hope it used to be; there is effectively only 1 line through the centre of ...

one hour in Austria, Linz, Austria travel blog

one hour in Austria

A travel blog entry by skye

Today we took the train from Cesky Krumlov to Munich, and on the way we had to switch trains in Linz, Austria. With the EU no borders policy, when you go from one EU country to another, you no longer get your passport stamped. (Sad for me, as I like to ...

Linz - part two, Linz, Austria travel blog

Linz - part two

A travel blog entry by forbes.thompson


... of early the next morning.  The ride was uneventful – gotta love the European train system – particularly in Austria and Germany.  I met up with my friend Robert Rzeszut from business school and he showed me around Vienna a little ...

We saw Arnold´s mum, Linz, Austria travel blog

We saw Arnold´s mum

A travel blog entry by chrispy


... in Austria, although an hour later we crossed the Donau, and we were back in Germany again. It was a bit confusing. Ah, Austria, the trail is silky smooth, with special bikers cafes and pubs on the track. Paul is singing Sound of Music tracks and ...

Linz, Austria, Linz, Austria travel blog

Linz, Austria

A travel blog entry by dutchiesdiary


Hi all, as Linz is not a rest day, I will put the story on Linz in my Vienna update. Cheers ...

Linz Sightseeing, Linz, Austria travel blog

Linz Sightseeing

A travel blog entry by fatduck


... €40 per night and I said I could do better elsewhere. So I spent the night in Vienna, where I was headed anyway. Linz citizens seem to be travellers themselves. Every time I got the camera out to snap a photo, regular people on the street would ...

Staying Human, Linz, Austria travel blog

Staying Human

A travel blog entry by ejm56


... in traditional national dress. Oh, and several Gossers were also appreciated ( Gosser being my preferred beer of choice in Austria ). But today was all about Mauthausen. According to one survivor's testimony, for inmates once inside, their previous lives ...

Linz, Linz, Austria travel blog


A travel blog entry by corr


We spent a day of biking along the gorgeous Danube. It is really interesting to see all the small villages and old churches. We also saw a castle that was built into the hill ...

back home, Linz, Austria travel blog

back home

A travel blog entry by klaus-und-karin


So, das war's also nun mit unserem kleinen Ausflug. Inzwischen hab ich eine Platte und 5 Schrauben im Arm und bin froh, dass ich mich in Österreich operieren lies und es nicht weiter mit Gips probiert habe. Schön langsam gewöhnen wir uns auch ...

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