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Durnstein cruise stop, Dürnstein, Austria travel blog

Durnstein cruise stop

A travel blog entry by robselclark


Little town of 350 inhabitants who host approximately 1.5 million tourists per year. 2,000 year old wine producing region with a special micro climate due to the ...

Tour de Austria., Dürnstein, Austria travel blog

Tour de Austria.

A travel blog entry by alison.seeds


A beautiful place to visit is Durnstein, a village on the Danube and thirty kilometers from Melk. Both are nice to saunter around, buy scarves, have schnapps and trip over snakes. Yes i did all three. Lived in Australia since 1973 and never seen a ...

Charming villages, Dürnstein, Austria travel blog

Charming villages

A travel blog entry by judykermode


... think it can't get any better, you have another amazing day. Today began with us arriving in Durnstein, a village in Austria. This village is dominated by the ruins of the castle in which Richard the Lionhearted was imprisoned. The village is literally ...

Durnstein, Austria, Dürnstein, Austria travel blog

Durnstein, Austria

A travel blog entry by lysebrooks


... there are many products: wine, jelly, marmalade and Apricot Schnapps. It is one of the most prominent tourist destinations of Lower Austria.  It is 40 kilometres in length and was already settled in prehistoric times.  We are heading to the town ...

Melk to Durnstein, Dürnstein, Austria travel blog

Melk to Durnstein

A travel blog entry by lyndahancy


Today we had a short tour of the Abbey at Melk which was amazing even though it was terrible weather. Lots of pictures attached. You will note we like to have at least one of us in the picture! Hahahaha. Then back at the boat we sailed to Durnstein ...

Durnstein, Dürnstein, Austria travel blog


A travel blog entry by jeanniek


Had a lovely stroll around the lovely village of Durnstein so much prettier than Vienna and just as I imagined it to be. It was so nice to sit up the front of the boat after our little stroll and watch the world go by And we saw some nudists on the banks ...

Durnstein, Dürnstein, Austria travel blog


A travel blog entry by danube2015


The Folan sisters (by the way the staff now calls us "the sisters") were off to explore bright and early. We docked at Durnstein.....a small quaint town at the curve in the Danube. The ruins of the Castle where Richard the Lionheart was imprisoned for at ...

Durnstein to melk, Dürnstein, Austria travel blog

Durnstein to melk

A travel blog entry by lchapman


Had a walking tour of of Austria's smallest towns (less than 1000 people). Was a real cute town with lots of little shops through narrow cobbled streets. Was on a hill and shops wound around to the top. We looked inside the courtyard ...

Cruisin' quiz 1., Dürnstein, Austria travel blog

Cruisin' quiz 1.

A travel blog entry by rlsjhos


Name the 2 European capital cities that are the closest together. The 2 cities and the countries of which they are capitals are members of the EU and really there are no tricks here, it's just a snippet I picked up from one of our guides. I say I'm a ...

Dürnstein to Melk, Dürnstein, Austria travel blog

Dürnstein to Melk

A travel blog entry by cherylclo


We had travelled from Vienna overnight and about 7.30 an we docked in Dürnstein a small Austrian town on the banks of the Danube. We were taken on a walking tour of the small walled town. It is a lovely village with a population of about 600 ...

Old Durnstein on the hill and Melk Abbey, Dürnstein, Austria travel blog

Old Durnstein on the hill and Melk Abbey

A travel blog entry by canningt


... on board and sailed up the river to dock at Melk where the holy Catholic Church had built one of the most lavish monasteries in Austria in the early part if the 18th century. The bikers met us here and we were bussed up the steep cliff-side to tour the ...

Sc day  8 Cruise-Durnstein, Dürnstein, Austria travel blog

Sc day 8 Cruise-Durnstein

A travel blog entry by caz1947


Today we sailed through the Wachau valley which was stunning., with beautiful villages around every bend. Vineyards, fruit and vegetable are grown in abundance, and everything was lush and green. We saw several castle and ruins along the way, and they ...

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