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Day 31 - Young to Yass, Yass, Australia travel blog

Day 31 - Young to Yass

A travel blog entry by gatzby


... in the afternoon – my legs told me I had a done some good hill work! We were then allocated to families from the Yass Anglican Church to have a shower and tea at their place. Trevor Lawrence (Canberra), Marcus and I were allocated to a young couple ...

Safely Back Home, Yass, Australia travel blog

Safely Back Home

A travel blog entry by torial


It's taken a few days to recover from the home travel, but we are finally back in Yass, Australia. All of our return travel plans went well, thanks to Anastasia and Roman from Oxiana. At 3:30am on 27th December, Roman arrived at the apartment to help ...

Up Dick's Creek Without a Paddle, Yass, Australia travel blog

Up Dick's Creek Without a Paddle

A travel blog entry by 2totango


The last week or so, we've spent on a Superfine Merino Stud farm along Dick's Creek between Canberra and Yass.  Surrounded by steep hills, pastures, and *ahem* sheep, we learned a few things: climbing over a barbed wire fence isn't as easy as it ...

POO!, Yass, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by 2totango


Our first day as sheep farmers! First we had to get properly kitted up. Our keen sandals, wonderful though they are, were not going to adequately protect us from snake bites and hoof stamping (and we saw a large brown snake the previous evening). ...

First night out at Yass, NSW, Yass, Australia travel blog

First night out at Yass, NSW

A travel blog entry by georgejanene


Our first day on the road was a nice easy introduction with stops at Glenrowan and Albury/Wodonga before stopping at Yass for the ...

Home sweet home, Yass, Australia travel blog

Home sweet home

A travel blog entry by tinaandsimon

Home. ...

Baaaaaaad Situation, Yass, Australia travel blog

Baaaaaaad Situation

A travel blog entry by 2totango

... talking us up, another couple were willing to take us that very day.  Bags were quickly packed and we were herded off to Yass to meet our new hosts, sitting at the McDonalds waiting, a bit like lost sheep. Funny how things can change so quickly. ...

Painting the Town Pink, Yass, Australia travel blog

Painting the Town Pink

A travel blog entry by 2totango


There is an invasive species of tussock grass that's causing a problem for farmers in Australia. It's believed to have come from South America as packing around some saddles (understand customs). Not really pallatable for sheep and competition for native ...

Beautiful Yass Valley, Yass, Australia travel blog

Beautiful Yass Valley

A travel blog entry by dentons


Stopped over at Yass for the night, at the Yass Caravan Park. We enjoyed the drive through the Lachlan Valley Way and Yass Valley. The countryside is fantastic, even this time of the year, with all the autumn tone trees, paddocks worked up & some ...

Shipping the Bikes, Yass, Australia travel blog

Shipping the Bikes

A travel blog entry by robosmoke


I rode out of Yass at 8 am after stopping for that morning caffeine fix at the favorite coffee shop. It was a very cold, minus 4 degree start, with a pea soup fog. What a robust start to the ride to Melbourne.  It was a long day down the ...

Day 2 Yass - Coffs Harbour, Yass, Australia travel blog

Day 2 Yass - Coffs Harbour

A travel blog entry by melodyhorvat


Rolled out of Yass at the more civilised time of 8:30. Beautiful drive for the first few hours until we hit 1) Sydney traffic, and 2) Pacific Hwy roadworks, which persisted on and off right up to Coffs. Lunch was uneventful...Subway somewhere, so ...

Just a Short Distance, Yass, Australia travel blog

Just a Short Distance

A travel blog entry by jennynbob

This is a top pick!

... race that he also won before he died in 1932, in New Mexico. A syndicate was formed to bring the body back to Australia and on that committee was James Robinson from Gundagai. Each member received a momento and he was given the saddlecloth. Something else ...

Yesss...Yass!!!!, Yass, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by thelandjohn

This is a top pick!

... at a beautifully kept rest stop, between Holbrook and Yass.  It seemed no time at all and we were seeing signs advertising places in Yass (probably because I had my nose in a book). We found the Yass Caravan Park easily and set up.  Had a bit of ...

Ballarat, Victoria to Yass, NSW, Yass, Australia travel blog

Ballarat, Victoria to Yass, NSW

A travel blog entry by hillsinokotoks


... or over a deer but here you can run into kangaroos or wallabys, See attached picture of a free roaming kangaroo. Another great day in the neighbourhood. What a surprise. We came to a rest stop and what should we find but a submarine. Only in ...

Leaving Sydney's, Yass, Australia travel blog

Leaving Sydney's

A travel blog entry by purdonkeys


... today and headed to Broulee but before that, we needed to stop in Canberra for the battery. While in Canberra, we went to the Australia National Museum which, besides being a pretty cool building also had a lot of cool stuff inside. See pics. I got a call ...

On the Road Again, Yass, Australia travel blog

On the Road Again

A travel blog entry by kilbridesblog


... way to tassie. Catching the Spirit of Tasmania on Sunday Feb 16 overnight. Heading for Juriong show ground tonight, other side of Yass. Everything is ticking along nicely, will stop for lunch shortly. Mum is going along nicely , and should be having lunch ...

Getting out of the country, Yass, Australia travel blog

Getting out of the country

A travel blog entry by jd.6392


So after making an executive decision that it would be a top idea to quit my job, move out of house and leave the country. I quit my job, moved out and booked flights to London. (Not in that order obviously) The first issue that arose from this great ...

Day 2 - Exploring the Lake, Mittagong, Australia travel blog

Day 2 - Exploring the Lake

A travel blog entry by adventuremums


... for a fish (which is code for can I drive the boat dad?) The big boys - Rob and Macca along with Mitch went up the Yass arm of the river. The other kids adventures around the camp. A text came in ..... The fishing team had caught a yellow belly trout! ...

Water views once again, Burrinjuck, Australia travel blog

Water views once again

A travel blog entry by olssonoztour


... It's the last one for NSW! We have missed a few, it not many ! To in truth, I am a little over them too shhh! Yass is getting very close to Canberra, and again the question rose if we should go that way or continue use south. The question was partly ...

Nearly time to go!, *still* Yass!, Australia travel blog

Nearly time to go!

A travel blog entry by sibernewf

... at 5pm, then caught up with some friends before we went and had a lovely dinner with Mum and Max at the local Chinese restaurant in Yass. I still haven't fed poor Taffy - she's next then I'm hitting the hay. We have to be up at 4am, to leave at 5am - ...

Day 3 Hay to Coolac, NSW, Yass, Australia travel blog

Day 3 Hay to Coolac, NSW

A travel blog entry by ronandsusie2013


A wet and fresh morning in Hay. Awoke to a colourful landscape of green, orange, yellow and brown bushland and a fast flowing brown Murrumbidgee River. Glorious. There is a cycling track around Bushy Bend Reserve lined with exercise equipment and ...

Yass, Yass, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by jb-on-tour


...  As you can see from some of the pics we are camped beside a lovely idea of the name.  Maybe it's the Yass River...or maybe not. I see that the temp tonight is expected to be 8 degrees so I have readied the gas heater for the ...

Only Three Sleeps To Go, Yass, Australia travel blog

Only Three Sleeps To Go

A travel blog entry by theriggs

... a year in the planning, and now its nearly here. We are gradually checking off the to-do list. Packing is mostly done. And given the freezing weather today, we will certainly appreciate swapping seven weeks of Yass winter for a northern hemisphere ...

Almost there...., Yass, Australia travel blog

Almost there....

A travel blog entry by sibernewf


Well, it's almost time to go - can't say that we're feeling as excited about this trip as we were about the 2006 trip, but maybe it will hit us on Friday, when we leave!  The weather here at home has taken a rather chilly turn so hopefully warmer ...

Canberra to yass... Yeah not very far lol, Yass, Australia travel blog

Canberra to yass... Yeah not very far lol

A travel blog entry by williamrichards


... looking for a decent camping spot but eventually settled on the caravan grounds for some cheap hot showers. As we arrived in yass, Oliver decided to pop a small wheelie out of the roundabout and discovered that there was a police car coming the other ...

Wee Jasper, Wee Jasper Nature Reserve, Australia travel blog

Wee Jasper

A travel blog entry by kennyandjoanna


The trip from Canberra to Wee Jasper was a reasonably short, picturesque drive through Yass and along the Murrumbidgee River. Wee Jasper is a 'blink and you miss it town' at the bottom of a valley. Unbeknown to us Wee Jasper had suffered significant ...

Home, Bowning, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by caravanparents

Well after 172 days and 29823km and 97 stops we have come back to where we started, little van didn't miss a beat, (you don't count the fridge defrosting) and the car, once we got the aircon adjusted was fine. We saw a lot of places we had heard or read ...

Counting down the days!, Still in Yass!, Australia travel blog

Counting down the days!

A travel blog entry by sibernewf


5 days to go :-) The days are really ticking over - getting quite excited now!!! My wonderful boss has agreed to me taking a flex day tomorrow (Friday), so that means I have 1 working day to go (that's Monday, 18 Sep). Probably sleep in then at some ...

Laters Yass, Yass -Sydney, Australia travel blog

Laters Yass

A travel blog entry by laurenhamster


... school kids which was an added bonus. My favourite piece was an airplane cut into 70 pieces small enough to be mailed to Australia by post. Each piece in its postage packaging containing airmail stickers and gaffa tape. I'm unsure why I liked it so much ...

Unexpected Departure - Our Trip Begins!, Yass, Australia travel blog

Unexpected Departure - Our Trip Begins!

A travel blog entry by stephow


Well here we are in historic Yass - unexpectedly because we really didn't think we'd be leaving, with sister Sue gravely ill in ICU under the miraculous care of the top RPA specialists. She'll be looked after them for the next few weeks so the family ...

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