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The Beef Capital of Australia, Rockhampton, Australia travel blog

The Beef Capital of Australia

A travel blog entry by rossandsue

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... was a easy non stop drive and we arrived there about 11am and checked in. Once set up and lunch completed we headed into Rockhampton to the Tourist Information Centre. With all the info we found a coffee shop and worked out a visit to the Botanical ...

A quick trip down the coast, Rockhampton and Hervey Bay - QLD, Newcastle - NSW, Australia travel blog

A quick trip down the coast

A travel blog entry by tjmartin

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We arrived at Rockhampton in the evening. As the time was getting on, we decided that we would be best to check into the budget hotel that we stayed at last time. After we had checked in and got organised, it was getting pretty late, so we decided we ...

Heading for the Whitsundays, Hervey Bay - Rockhampton, Australia travel blog

Heading for the Whitsundays

A travel blog entry by tjmartin

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... can be a problem on the roads after dark) so we decided to stop for the night in Rockhampton - the Steak capital of Australia. Rockhampton is a reasonably large town, but it is not really geared up for tourists. In the end we decided to stay in a basic ...

Its a Rocky Road. . ., Rockhampton, Australia travel blog

Its a Rocky Road. . .

A travel blog entry by roseyben

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The road to Rockhampton is long and our guide book tells us most people just pass through as there isn't much to see or do here. I guess it's a stop gap between Arlie Beach & Hervey Bay. We had planned to spend a night here anyway and it's a good job; ...

Rockin' in Rockhampton, Rockhampton, Qld, Australia travel blog

Rockin' in Rockhampton

A travel blog entry by shonandgraham

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... on Saturday night only to find out that in Queensland, nothing opens on a Sunday. This includes supermarkets! We spent a week in Rockhampton at Ascot Backpackers, which is run by really friendly and helpful staff, even if the hostel itself isn't the best. ...

Still moving North, Gladstone/Rockhampton, Australia travel blog

Still moving North

A travel blog entry by paulandciara

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... stops. The Queensland government have in place these stops where you can get free tea or coffee and biscuits Then we moved on to Rockhampton, which lies on the Tropic of Capricorn. We got the usual photos done at the line where it crosses. The next day ...

Remember Rocky & Bullwinkle?!, Rockhampton, Australia travel blog

Remember Rocky & Bullwinkle?!

A travel blog entry by vickersontour

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... what was in Carmilla, not what we had for lunch - although the ham did have a rusty truck taste to it! When we arrived at Rockhampton, we found a site near the river, aptly named the Riverside Caravan Park! It was after 4pm by now, so we just went for ...

Rockin' around the Christmas Tree, Rockhampton, Australia travel blog

Rockin' around the Christmas Tree

A travel blog entry by vickersontour

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This morning was go-slow morning. After a bit of a lie in we then just sat in the sun next to the van. We just couldn't be bothered to move, and the beauty of it was, we didn't have to move either! Finally we decided to winch our lazy fat asses out of ...

The following travelog contains information ..., Myella Farmstay, Nr Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia travel blog

The following travelog contains information ...

A travel blog entry by phil_and_lisa

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... and had such a fantastic and unusual experience. Lynn then said that she would name the calf after me if it's a girl! Back in Rockhampton we discussed all the things we had been doing over the previous days and how much we both enjoyed it. It is a ...

repairs in rockhampton, Rockhampton, Australia travel blog

repairs in rockhampton

A travel blog entry by vickz_2

rockhampton was all about getting the campervan fixed, after no fault of our own, but due to the failings of a mechanic we'd dealt with beforehand, who it seems didn't finish the job off properly, resulting in undue damage and yet more expense! ...

Rockhampton, Rockhampton, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by scruffyandco


We stopped off in Rockhampton more to break the journey than for any specific attraction. We did find a few things to do such as the Dreamtime Cultural Centre and as you open each photo or clip it has a small story to go with ...

The Beef Capital of Queensland!, Rockhampton, Australia travel blog

The Beef Capital of Queensland!

A travel blog entry by louandandy


... ) so it should start getting hotter now. We've definitely noticed the onset of mossies recently too it's getting a bit more tropical already. Rockhampton is the Beef Capital of Queensland so we had a steak for dinner. To be honest mine was a bit chewy but ...

Australia's steak capital..., Rockhampton, Australia travel blog

Australia's steak capital...

A travel blog entry by richardandfiona

... bit too we took the opportunity to sit by the river and have lunch and catch up with our journal writing. Rockhampton is also known as the steak capital of Australia so for dinner on Sunday night we thought it would be rude not to try one. The steaks ...

nix mit capricorn dave, Rockhampton, Australia travel blog

nix mit capricorn dave

A travel blog entry by doerty_die


... . u vorallem hier mitten im nirgendwo, selbst HIER trifft man nur auf deutsche! dit is doch zum kotzen... ansonsten war in rockhampton echt nix. abgesehen von einem gang zum frisör und in den laden fürn paar neue socken ist in rockhampton nischt ...

Rocky Road, Rockhampton, Australia travel blog

Rocky Road

A travel blog entry by charding


Pulling into the capital of central Queensland, Rockhampton, I found it somewhat ironic that 'It's Raining Men' was blaring out the bus speakers. You see, this city is the masculine epicentre of the country, where cowboys rule the roost due to the massive ...

Greetings from Cattle City, Rockhampton, Australia travel blog

Greetings from Cattle City

A travel blog entry by ellajay


... Robby had left us a key as promised. This morning we had a lazy breakfast before chatting with Robby about local attractions. Rockhampton is Australia's beef capital and feels very much like and old country town so we didn't have a lot of options on a ...

Bugger this for a game of darts!, Rockhampton, Australia travel blog

Bugger this for a game of darts!

A travel blog entry by gary_cailin

Back in Rocky. I seen everything the first time I was here. I've booked a bus to go to Great Keppel Island tomorrow, so that should be ...

Town of 1770, Town of 1770, Australia travel blog

Town of 1770

A travel blog entry by shane-paula

egv ...

Finally a hot day!!, Rockhampton, Australia travel blog

Finally a hot day!!

A travel blog entry by vickiandpaul


... them?? Anyway, we have thoroughly enjoyed all these obscure, and often large towns along the way. So now we have arrived in Rockhampton and it is wonderful. We went to the Rockhampton West Apex Park and at 4.30 in the afternoon it was so alive with ...

a little fossicking, Rockhampton, Australia travel blog

a little fossicking

A travel blog entry by jatty


... but in this case there was no choice as there was no alternative route.  Once on the highway I turned south towards Rockhampton and my destination Rubyvale, hwere I was hoping to seach for some saphires, ( fossicking is the correct term) and perhaps ...

Myella Farm, Rockhampton, Australia travel blog

Myella Farm

A travel blog entry by xena_n_gemma


... watch the sunset - beautiful. Next morning we went for another 2 hour ride (were really aching by this point!) then left for Rockhampton before where we had the biggest nicest steak in Rockhampton that night and for only 8 dollars (less than 4 pounds!). ...

The road back to Byron Bay, Rockhampton, Australia travel blog

The road back to Byron Bay

A travel blog entry by midniteramblers


After the Atherton Tablelands we left the Cairns region and headed back down the highway towards Byron Bay. Here's a few (very few) pics from that journy. ...

Another Day in Paradise, Rockhampton, Australia travel blog

Another Day in Paradise

A travel blog entry by maclaud


... ein paar erlebnisreichen Tagen melden wir uns wieder zurück und berichten heute mal in umgekehrter Reihenfolge. Wir sitzen gerade in Rockhampton, dem „Capitol of Beef“ und haben uns nach ca. 500km auf dem Highway ein saftiges Steak gegönnt. ...

Capricorn Caves, Rockhampton, Australia travel blog

Capricorn Caves

A travel blog entry by fam.straede


... men vi fik en rigtig god oplevelse alligevel i de flotte kalkstensgrotter. Da den guidede tur var slut efter 1½ time kørte vi til Rockhampton. Børnene efterspurgte på turen, om vi ikke nok kunne spise ude til middag. De er ved at være lidt trætte ...

Queensland - Gold, Sunshine etc. Coasts, Rockhampton, Australia travel blog

Queensland - Gold, Sunshine etc. Coasts

A travel blog entry by mobymojo


After moving on from the beautiful Byron Bay, home to many Moby's, we trundled up towards the Gold coast and its Miami/Costa Del Sol goodies. We decided to sample the slower side of the Gold Coast and spent the morning on the beach in Currumbin, watching ...

Capricorn Dave, Rockhampton, Australia travel blog

Capricorn Dave

A travel blog entry by amandaseims


Arrived at Rockhampton last night so late that the owner had gone to bed and left me a note and a key (Ascot hotel).  Snuck quitely into my dorm and went to sleep.  Was woken up by a phone call at 4am which I stupidly answered, forgetting ...

On the way to Emerald, Rockhampton, Australia travel blog

On the way to Emerald

A travel blog entry by lkidner


... for the night and were off the next morning. Alex and I will come back later on, though, for the new year.   ROCKHAMPTON: A big city. This is our last stop along the coast before we head inland to Emerald for our watermelon debut. This is the beef ...

Finally I can actually do something!, Rockhampton, Australia travel blog

Finally I can actually do something!

A travel blog entry by gemmatthews


... to save a nights accomadation by sleeping on the bus (this is what it has come to now!), we were picked up at 6:30 in Rockhampton and taken straight to the farm which was called Myella. It was a proper working cattle ranch in the middle of no where with ...

Crocodile Hunter!!!, Rockhampton, Australia travel blog

Crocodile Hunter!!!

A travel blog entry by jessandmel


... I am so far behind on this! Our Contiki tour left us very little time to update you all on our travels. Rockhampton is a town on the East cost of Australia. It is known as the beef capitol of the area. It is also the place where the Tropic of Capricorn ...

Road Trains, Rockhampton, Australia travel blog

Road Trains

A travel blog entry by miss_clay

ride to Springsure with paul the ...

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