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Half way refuge....., Labrador, Australia travel blog

Half way refuge.....

A travel blog entry by cotysmore


We're now loosely half way (not quite!) into the Australia leg of my trip and have arrived at our planned mid-trip refuge where we plan to spend a week doing laundry, drying out tents, showering regularly and sleeping in proper beds. We have booked into ...

Family Ties, Labrador, Australia travel blog

Family Ties

A travel blog entry by annandrewabroad


So the unlikely desitnation of Labrador was next on our list. Unlikely for most that is, but a large number of the Pearce clan live in this area, many who I have not seen for years and years, even more I have never had the pleasure at all, but thanks to ...

Family Matters, Labrador, Australia travel blog

Family Matters

A travel blog entry by annandrewabroad


... feel very welcome that afternoon and were sorry that we could not stay any longer than we did. We both vowed to return to Australia sooner rather than later, and reunions with the family I ahd met over the last two days would definitely be in our plans. ...

First Blog Entry, Labrador, Australia travel blog

First Blog Entry

A travel blog entry by roadtrip_usa


Cliff: It is a cold and rainy day as I type this, a great day to focus on the trip that is only about 18 days from kicking off. Glen will be pleasantly surprised to see that I have actually got online and entered something. I got the latest JJJ Hottest ...

Road trip to Gold Coast, Labrador, Australia travel blog

Road trip to Gold Coast

A travel blog entry by trishigirl

2 week holiday in QLD with girlfriends Caught the overnight train from Melbourne up to the Gold Coast via a stop-over Sydney for 8 hours.  In Sydney we did a Harbour Cruise and did some shopping.  Stopped at a dusty town in the middle ...

Gold Coast Compound. (BMX freestyle park), Arundel, Australia travel blog

Gold Coast Compound. (BMX freestyle park)

A travel blog entry by tomanddanozadve


The park we are in is great. Only issue is the noise of traffic on the front road. Overall the services here are excellent. We got up at 7:30 and got ready. Headed off to GC compound for the day. Dan received help from the ramp builder here. He gave ...

Yuleba to South Port, Caravan Park, QLD, Labrador, Australia travel blog

Yuleba to South Port, Caravan Park, QLD

A travel blog entry by tomanddanozadve


Up at the crack of dawn. Sun just starting to rise and we are on the road to the Gold Coast. Passing through, Miles, Chinchilla, Dalby and into Toowoomba where we stopped and grabbed a new phone cable for Dans phone. It's only about an hour to the Gold ...

The real trip starts now, Labrador, Australia travel blog

The real trip starts now

A travel blog entry by stephenviv

Up at 6am, stripped the bed, washed the sheets and had a shower, then everything that had been washed into the dryer and coffee.  Talked with our coffee and then re-made the bed that Lance helped with, he said to make sure I did it right  ...

USA HERE WE COME !!!!!, Woody Point, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by peter-linda

Picked up at home by our lovely friends Angela & Carol for the Limo service to the airport. Well the girls opened the door to the car and we were welcomed with 2 glasses of wine set up for our trip to commence our journey in style. As Peter was ...

Almost here., Labrador, Australia travel blog

Almost here.

A travel blog entry by travelerjess

It is almost time for my Melbourne trip! At 6:50 on Monday morning I will be on a plane, leaving Gold Coast airport to go to Melbourne for 5 days. So far, I have check that I have everything I need and have finalised my airport transfer when I get to ...

Arrived at Noreen and Lance's, Labrador, Australia travel blog

Arrived at Noreen and Lance's

A travel blog entry by stephenviv


4:30pm and 625.9km traveled, we finally arrived at Noreen's greeted by a huge smile from Daniel, Nephew.  We put the camper into the enclosed front yard at house and as we were backing it up Daniel noticed that the shockies were hanging, the shock ...

Looking for parts, Labrador, Australia travel blog

Looking for parts

A travel blog entry by stephenviv

Both Noreen and Lance had to work today so we set of looking for somewhere we could get new shocky mounts for the camper, no luck, everything was closed but we did have a good drive around and and got familiar with the area.  So many people and ...

Back in Labrador, Labrador, Costa Rica travel blog

Back in Labrador

A travel blog entry by kfishman



Home at last, Labrador Australia, Australia travel blog

Home at last

A travel blog entry by clangrantau


Well I left Vancouver on Saturday night at mid-night and arrived Monday at 8:20am in Sydney then had to wait until 11am for the connecting flight.The flight wasbn't bad. AIRCANADA were alright I had no complaints about there service the food was ok ...

the way it should be...., Labrador, Australia travel blog

the way it should be....

A travel blog entry by rmlkent


Today was a beautiful example of life on the Gold Coast. We went out for breakfast, on a friend's suggestion, to 3sixty in Labrador, just north of Southport, not very far at all. Strangely in 7 months we had not been down this way at all. Restaurant was ...

Future travel update!, Labrador, Australia travel blog

Future travel update!

A travel blog entry by travelerjess

Over the past couple of weeks I have some pretty interesting news. I will be finishing my traineeship next week! With means I can go on my second holiday sooner than expected. I know that I have a holiday in June coming up but because I received this ...

Future holidays, Labrador, Australia travel blog

Future holidays

A travel blog entry by travelerjess

... lengthy. The first lot of travel I am planning is going to happen after I finish my traineeship. I plan to go to Perth, Australia first for a month, from there I will go on to Melbourne, Australia for at least two weeks. The final destination is ...

Up coming journey., Labrador, Australia travel blog

Up coming journey.

A travel blog entry by travelerjess

... I'm there, so I will be able to spend time the my cousins. Then on the 21 October I will be jet setting to Melbourne, Australia again! I loved Melbourne so much he first time, that I have decided to go again and for a couple day longer than last time is ...

Meandering to the Metropolis of Melbourne..., Sandringham, Australia travel blog

Meandering to the Metropolis of Melbourne...

A travel blog entry by dinanna


Sunday October 20th There are bush fires burning fiercely in NSW at present and the smoke haze has travelled south to where we are in Victoria. Thirty degrees is forecast today and it looks like it will be a bottler. We are headed south along the Great ...

Let's get this show on the road., Labrador, Australia travel blog

Let's get this show on the road.

A travel blog entry by keithandgail

Let's get this show on the road.  So far so good.  Lunch in Warwick;  Goondiwindi for ...

1000 in Brisbane., Labrador, Australia travel blog

1000 in Brisbane.

A travel blog entry by travelerjess

Earlier today I went for a day trip to Brisbane. The most remember able part about this trip was when I walked around Brisbane taking in the sites and sounds of the city. This experience taught me that you don’t always have to spend heaps or go to ...

Crunching the numbers and doing your research!, Labrador, Australia travel blog

Crunching the numbers and doing your research!

A travel blog entry by travelerjess

Crunching numbers and doing your research! We all like to go on holiday every now and again. Obviously before any holiday you have to figure out where you are going to go, when you are going to go and how much it is going to cost. But how many of you ...

Holiday countdown, Labrador, Australia travel blog

Holiday countdown

A travel blog entry by travelerjess

Today is offically a week until my Melbourne holiday. I have to admit as this even draws closer, the more excited I get. This is where reality starts to sink in and go over my check lists to make sure I have every thing. For this holiday I know I will be ...

Camping at Broadwater Tourist Park, Labrador, Australia travel blog

Camping at Broadwater Tourist Park

A travel blog entry by becky-boo

We're on Site 47. There's no nice view but the positives are: - A big site - There's no curb so easy with camper trailer - There's a street light at the front of the site and a light at the back if the site. We came at night so it was really easy to ...

Mothers Day, Labrador, Australia travel blog

Mothers Day

A travel blog entry by stephenviv

... the BBQ and it was a very relaxing day.  Bed at 12pm p.s. I had rung Mum for Mothers day and she told me that her very first nursing job was in Labrador in a nursing home, she would ride to work on her motor scooter from her home in Surfers ...

Trailer up for first time, Labrador, Australia travel blog

Trailer up for first time

A travel blog entry by stephenviv

We got up today ready to set the camper up for the first time, we still had to weather proof it before we headed off for the rest of the trip.  We opened it up, and were not to impressed with how hard it was.  There was some swearing and ...

Trailer being fixed, Labrador, Australia travel blog

Trailer being fixed

A travel blog entry by stephenviv

6:30am went out with Stephen to fold the camper up ready to go and have the shocky mounts made.Didn't look like it did before we opened it but it all fitted. Dropped off at 9:30am and went to life line op shop to take a look, i really needed to get some ...

Back to the coast, Labrador, Australia travel blog

Back to the coast

A travel blog entry by martyandness


... pretty cool views of the coast. (See pics) Ness- Great time catching up with the family. Stayed with the folks in Labrador, basically gate crashing their holiday up on the Gold Coast. Mt Tambourine was a little disappointing for the wild life, especially ...

Less than 24 hours!, Labrador, Australia travel blog

Less than 24 hours!

A travel blog entry by travelerjess

... general. I mean yeah this will be the first time in over 5 years that I have been back to New Zealand since moving to Australia but I haven't had a 6 week holiday since I left high school, and that was about 5-6 years ago. So who wouldn't be excited about ...

Backpacking in New Zealand., Labrador, Australia travel blog

Backpacking in New Zealand.

A travel blog entry by travelerjess

Love planning holidays! Though I most likely wont be going backpacking around New Zealand for a long time yet but feels like I'm already ready to go and do it! But these things take time and careful planning, especially when I plan to go all around New ...

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