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Exhaling, Quinns Rocks, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by smgiles


... SCUBA course. On my birthday, Feb 20th, I skyped with family, opened presents, and met up with some friends for lunch in Joondalup.  We had a delayed dinner with the Scottish Mafia later in the week – it was so nice to see them ...

Back in Aus!, Quinns Rocks, Australia travel blog

Back in Aus!

A travel blog entry by smgiles


... also fantastic to see my ladies from the Australian Medical Association (both past and present) Margaret, Stephanie, and Kate. I'm looking forward to a great few months in Australia!  Watch out, this locum Canadian doctor is on the loose! ...

Time for some Off-Road Driving!, Joondalup, Australia travel blog

Time for some Off-Road Driving!

A travel blog entry by jam10


Cervantes to Joondalup Total Roadtrip Distance so far… 21,840km Today we drove out to the Nambung National Park.  This is home to the Pinnacles Desert.  Here there are thousands of limestone pillars all rising from the sandy floor. ...

Sorrento Harbour + p*ss ups!, Joondalup, WA, Australia travel blog

Sorrento Harbour + p*ss ups!

A travel blog entry by dean_hines


We'll start where we left off. Deans birthday celebrations We headed off to Northbridge and straight to a bar called the brass monkey. quite a sophisticated bar, nice but not where we'd of spent all night. Dean spent the first 30minutes trying to learn ...

Back to the Lovely Berth in Perth, Quinns Rocks, Australia travel blog

Back to the Lovely Berth in Perth

A travel blog entry by smgiles


If I am completely honest, the Carnarvon I experienced had few redeeming features. As this is a public blog, I have to be somewhat sensitive in what I post…   The town.  I don't think I saw Carnarvon at its best; last year it, and the ...

Back to civilisation..., Joondalup, Australia travel blog

Back to civilisation...

A travel blog entry by hywel


... on the beach all day and I've got quite a bit to fill you in on, so if you're all sitting comfortably?... Australia. A land where toilets flush automaticaly and toilet roll is available in all toilets. A land where dogs are loved as pets rather than ...

Its been awhile :), Joondalup, Australia travel blog

Its been awhile :)

A travel blog entry by linzinnz

... but thats still four dollars that could be spent elsewhere, and not in a stuffy smelly room haha. So, moving on. I am now in joondalup, a suburb of about 200 000 people at the ECU (Edith Cowan University) campus. I am living with six people (one of ...

Road trip!!!!, The middle of nowhere, Australia travel blog

Road trip!!!!

A travel blog entry by jonnimuk


Photos of our trip across Australia. Starting from Perth and ending up in ...

Home again, Joondalup, Australia travel blog

Home again

A travel blog entry by hywel

Arrived back in Joondalup, cleaned the van out and dropped it off. This trip really was a huge amount of fun. Granted I would suggest to anyone doing it that the motto "two people is comfortable, threes a squeeze" should be in the forefront of ...

Our final leg of the greatest roadtrip ever!, Joondalup, Australia travel blog

Our final leg of the greatest roadtrip ever!

A travel blog entry by jam10


... it could reach the ground!   We then swapped back driving and John continued the trip on through Perth and out to Joondalup.  The traffic was pretty bad but sure what else would we expect coming back into Perth after the Easter weekend. ...

Ma Hackett comes to visit, Freemantle, Australia travel blog

Ma Hackett comes to visit

A travel blog entry by bigdownunder


... We only had to stick it out for a few weeks as it was soon time to move out of our apartment. We had a few nights in the van at our old haunt North Quay and then it was time to say goodbye to Western Australia and back into Trouty and on the ...

Surfing and then Becoming Australian, Joondalup, Australia travel blog

Surfing and then Becoming Australian

A travel blog entry by shilts


... UK mainly due to lifestyle issues, size of home, kids growing with so much access to sport. Then headed up to Joondalup City's civic cnetre. there were flags up for Oz, aboriginees and WA (western austrilia). 4 people became australian today after ...

Australien ist das neue Mallorca, Joondalup, Australia travel blog

Australien ist das neue Mallorca

A travel blog entry by weltenbummlerin


Ungewöhnlich schnell blogge ich mal wieder etwas denn die Zeit mit dem "all the time internet" ist vorbei und wann ich das nächste mal ein Internetcafe ähm ich meine Mc Donalds finde ist ungewiss.  Die Sache mit dem Mc Donalds ist auch  so ...

My family and other animals, Joondalup, Australia travel blog

My family and other animals

A travel blog entry by iainog


... rail. Relief! So you can see that it isn't just me, absent mindedness runs in our family. This has been our last day in Australia. We could have done with a lot longer, the time has flown and we have only seen a tiny fraction of this enormous country. ...

Still in Joondalup & mal wieder auf der Lift suche, Joondalup, Australia travel blog

Still in Joondalup & mal wieder auf der Lift suche

A travel blog entry by weltenbummlerin


Manche Dinge wiederholen sich in Australien immer und immer wieder die Suche nach einem Lift (= Mitfahrgelegenheit) ist def. eins davon. Ausgenommen man hat sein eigenes Auto aber selbst dann muss man wohl nach Mitfahrern suchen auch wenn das wohl im ...

Riding the Dunes, Joondalup, Australia travel blog

Riding the Dunes

A travel blog entry by zimbokid

This is a top pick!

... re-inflate the tyres for the road. A day is never complete without a bit of shopping so we stopped at a huge complex in Joondalup where Greg got talked into buying a second PS3 controller by Anthony, then headed home for tea. Jane and Paul got home ...

Why is nothing biting?, Joondalup, Australia travel blog

Why is nothing biting?

A travel blog entry by kimrobinson


Up and out early. I'm off sea fishing with Andy and Rob on their boat. It's a beautiful sunny, hot day (again) and it's great to be out at sea with the breeze.   I have to say its not exactly a busy day with lots being hooked ... in fact it's ...

A different kind of Christmas Eve, Joondalup, Australia travel blog

A different kind of Christmas Eve

A travel blog entry by kimrobinson


Ok people, I'm sure you're fed up of hearing this, but yet again, the weather is perfect.  I've decided upon another beach day. Well you don't go to the beach (in your bikini) on Christmas Eve in the UK that often, do you?  Sarah ...

Chilling with Greg, Joondalup, Australia travel blog

Chilling with Greg

A travel blog entry by zimbokid

This is a top pick!

Another relaxed start to the day then we set off with Greg to have a look around Hillary's point - the local marina and harbour complex. The harbour was beautiful - and we looked enviously at all the fabulous yachts moored there.  Some were for ...

Melting!, Joondalup, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by kimrobinson

It's going to be a hot day today - 40 degrees they say.  So Andy and myself are up and out for our beach walk and swim by 7.45am. We're not the only ones with the same idea, the beach is busy with families playing in the sea and adults walking the ...

A beach workout, Joondalup, Australia travel blog

A beach workout

A travel blog entry by kimrobinson


... setting sun on the grass. Followed by a huge burger and chips.   A truely amazing burnt orange blaze and sunset over the harbour wall sees out the day, followed by ice-cream with my aunt and uncle.   God sure has made Australia beautiful.   ...

You'll never forget this one!, Joondalup, Australia travel blog

You'll never forget this one!

A travel blog entry by kimrobinson


 It's Christmas Day. The year is 2011. In Perth, Western Australia I wake up. I am staying with my English (by birth) uncle, Australian Aunty and cousins Sarah and Danny.   It's a beautifully clear, blue sky morning with a lovely sun ...

Gift wrapping station, Joondalup, Australia travel blog

Gift wrapping station

A travel blog entry by kimrobinson

Crowds, shops and the stress of getting gifts. We all battle it. Some better than others. Some earlier than others. Some at the last minute. Actually some may not after all. Some wrap their own gifts. Some get them wrapped by smiling sales assistants. ...

Joondalup.  Perth outskirts., Joondalup, Australia travel blog

Joondalup. Perth outskirts.

A travel blog entry by moffatsoztrip


... there, it was closed for 'burning off". We tired calling their number but no answer.   Dissappointing. So, we came into Joondalup and  returned the Library books from Geraldton. What a great system WA has.  We spent ages in there reading ...

Visiting The Moore's, Joondalup, Australia travel blog

Visiting The Moore's

A travel blog entry by foz.kristy


Spent four day visiting Ian, Fiona, Patsy and Owen at their home in Joondalup.   Watched Owen play Soccer twice (budding Liverpool star!) Enjoyed some long runs on beautiful Western Australian beaches.   Said good-bye to all the family and our ...

Just another winters day!, Burns, Australia travel blog

Just another winters day!

A travel blog entry by paulandlaurac


We woke upon our last sunday in Perth, and after breakfast myself, Paul and Martin made the short drive down to Bruns Beach. Here, the guys got positioned on soem rocks the extend out into the sea and began to fish.I would never normally have enjoyed ...

Settling In, Joondalup, Australia travel blog

Settling In

A travel blog entry by amy_samp


... outdoors and there are so many places to check out here. My jogs tend to take me to Yellagonga Regional Park which surrounds Lake Joondalup, because I love it so much! On my first time there I was amazed to see 4 kangaroos watching me from the bush, and ...

More headwind., Karriup, Australia travel blog

More headwind.

A travel blog entry by gibsondesert11


I love to camp in this old woods nothing around as nature. The births they sing or like this who laughs like a monkey and now I can take a picture The Wind get now stronger and harder just as they like as I don't arrive my target. It get more ...

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears! Oh my!, Joondalup, Australia travel blog

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears! Oh my!

A travel blog entry by mkosik13


... both on exchange for a semester like myself, or as many of the students do, spend their entire college time here in Australia come and are welcomed to the university and city, and given basic information about how to live in Australia, different things ...

Christmas Island, Quinns Rocks, Australia travel blog

Christmas Island

A travel blog entry by smgiles


... . Instead, I send her to get her wounds cleansed by a nurse so that she can be taken to the detention centre (Australia holds asylum seekers in detention centres while their cases are being determined). Before she leaves, she tells me: “I ...

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