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Kakadu, Jabiru, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by scootergal

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... the sun didn't actually set - rather it just disappeared.   That night we camped in the Adventure Tours permanent campsite at Jabiru. The "tents" were shadecloth over steel frames with proper beds and real mattresses. For the next 2 weeks all our ...

Croc Land, Kakadu National Park, Australia travel blog

Croc Land

A travel blog entry by tdv95

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... are you from" if you lived in Humpty Doo? There were a number of other creative names like Mistake Billabong, Bark Hut, Jabiru, Bukbukluk, and so on that created a certain entertainment value to the long drive. The wetlands also gave us a chance to ...

Australia - Kakadu National Park, Kakadu, Australia travel blog

Australia - Kakadu National Park

A travel blog entry by gonetilwhenever

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... date back many thousands of years, to the original tribes that inhabited the area long before white settlers came to Australia. Some of the paintings are very basic and quite faded whereas others are immensely intricate and still vibrant due to ...

Kakadu....or don't, Jabiru, Australia travel blog

Kakadu....or don't

A travel blog entry by wickens

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... aboriginal-owned territory for which you need a permit to enter.  Like many parts of the Northern Territory and Western Australia, Arnhem land is completely dry ie alcohol-free.  In fact, the whole alcohol/aboriginal issue is so difficult up ...

6 Months later......., Kakadu, Australia travel blog

6 Months later.......

A travel blog entry by jen_and_chris


It is a little over 6 months since we left the comfort and security of rainswept England. In that time we've grown acclimatised to the heat, the mozzies, living with no TV (quite nice actually), no fridge (a pain in the arse), no job (yippee), no money ...

Across the top, Jabiru, Australia travel blog

Across the top

A travel blog entry by 2aussiesglobal


... the gorge of the same name mark the point where you are firmly back on the tourist trail from southern to northern Australia. The Katherine supermarket is the place where tourists congregate like blowflies on a caravan park hot plate. Essentials like soft ...

GETTING READY (Long way out but!!), Kakadu, Australia travel blog

GETTING READY (Long way out but!!)

A travel blog entry by kakadudude


Just getting ready, finally got the kids passport application in, paid the extra $65 for the speedy processing service (3-5 day turnaround), so there wont be too much stress waiting for passports to return from the Vietnamese embassy. Also, I figure ...

Wsrod Aborygenow, Oenpelli, Australia travel blog

Wsrod Aborygenow

A travel blog entry by skleroz75


Dzisiejszy dzien spedzilam z Aborygenami. Bylo to bardzo pouczajace I inaczej juz na nich patrze. Wybralam sie razem z wycieczka (osobne zezwolenia I aborygenski przewodnik sa konieczne) do Arnhemland, to jest jakies 60km od Kakadu National Park. ...

Day TWENTY SIX, Cooinda, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by feltham


On the road we into Kakadu we stopped at Bukbukluk lookout and later set up for the night at Cooinda Caravan Park. Mum booked us in for the Yellow Water sunset cruise which we all looked forward to. It was really hot and we enjoyed a swim before heading ...

Au pays des crocodiles!, Jabiru, Australia travel blog

Au pays des crocodiles!

A travel blog entry by fcjd


... des crocodiles. Nous avons aussi aperçu de nombreuses espèces d'oiseaux comme le cormoran (comme le téléroman du même nom) et le jabiru (comme le nom de la "ville" où nous nous trouvons ici) et une végétation très diversifiée (dont des fleurs ...

Kakadu National Park, Jabiru, Australia travel blog

Kakadu National Park

A travel blog entry by andrea.adrian


... flog direkt in unser Auto, und ein Exemplar dieser Spezies hat dies vermutlich nicht ueberlebt... Yellow Water - Nourlangie Rock - Jabiru Bei Ankunft in der Cooinda Lodge buchten wir sofort die Yellow Water Cruise fuer den naechsten Morgen um 06.45 ...

Kakadu, Jabiru, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by charleslamb1985


... Aboriginal painting sites in Kakadu is the Nourlangie Rock, and the style of painting is quite different to that of the centre of Australia - all quite skeletal and a lot more intricate here. There's no doubt loads more all over the place, but as Kakadu ...

Kakadu, Jabiru & Katherine, Jabiru, Australia travel blog

Kakadu, Jabiru & Katherine

A travel blog entry by sharonsutera


Another incredible day. We started by taking a Croc hunting tour. I will say they are MUCH bigger and MUCH uglier than an alligator. When we came around a corner and saw 6 huge crocs chomping down on a dead buffalo it was pretty serious. From there we ...

Kakadu National Park, Jabiru, Australia travel blog

Kakadu National Park

A travel blog entry by arnott


... spirit that women! At the look out you could see all of Kakadu. You can also see were the Lightning Man lives. Jabiru Region, Jabiru In Jabiru wewent to the public pool. It wasn’t that busy considering it was a public holiday (Darwin Cap Day). It ...

Ubirr and Cooinda, Jabiru, Australia travel blog

Ubirr and Cooinda

A travel blog entry by macphails


... ,veeerrrryyy humid! Nejla Marc's Entry We were in Kakudu for two nights.Did you know that Kakudu is the largest National Park in Australia?The first place we stayed at is called Ubirr,the second place we stayed at is called Coinda and it is a very nice ...

Sztuka Aborygenow, Ubirr, Australia travel blog

Sztuka Aborygenow

A travel blog entry by skleroz75


No to dzisiaj troche o sztuce pierwotnych wlascicieli tych terenow (z gory przepraszam jesli bedzie to belkot). Park Kakadu posiada najwieksza ilosc malowidel naskalnych na swiecie. Aborygeni wierza, ze wiekszosc tych obrazow stworzona zostala przez ich ...

Kakadoo, Kakadoo, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by alexklarka


English - After Darwin we took a trip to the infamous Kakadoo National Park. A tad over rated but we had a good time camping in the bush near croc infested billabongs. Highlight of the trip was the aboriginal rock art and the yellow water boat cruise ...

Get me to Kakadu and make it snappy!, Jabiru, Australia travel blog

Get me to Kakadu and make it snappy!

A travel blog entry by scruffyandco


... short rocky hike we were on the edge of the plunge pool at the foot of Jim Jim Falls, the highest straight drop waterfall in Australia (150m drop). Some of our group were mad enough to take the plunge into the freezing cold water and swim the 80m or so ...

Bush Tucker, Jabiru, Australia travel blog

Bush Tucker

A travel blog entry by rubin


... car. Jon:  The safari didn't actually start until 1 PM.  In the morning, after picking up some supplies in Jabiru, we headed to Nourlangie Rock, another Aboriginal rock painting site.  The only other car we saw on the road during the drive ...

The start of our 4 week adventure, Jabiru, Australia travel blog

The start of our 4 week adventure

A travel blog entry by theyoungnomads

... at 8am… We packed up and left our air conditioning comfort in Katherine and were on the road by around 11am. First stop is Jabiru, for the community festival that is on tomorrow. I am super excited about it. Starting at 2pm and has a range of ...

The Land of Wonderful Creatures and Myths, Jabiru, Australia travel blog

The Land of Wonderful Creatures and Myths

A travel blog entry by gapostol


On last Saturday morning we've checked in into our new home, a Toyota camper van with a lot of miles, but in pretty good shape.  While in Evanston we thought that our condo was sometimes small for our needs, you can imagine how our 5'x8' living area ...

Wschod I zachod slonca nad Yellow Waters, Yellow Waters, Australia travel blog

Wschod I zachod slonca nad Yellow Waters

A travel blog entry by skleroz75


... smieszny ptaszek z duza iloscia nozek pod skrzydlami) z malymi biegajacymi wokol niego. Piekne puchate stworzonka :) Widzielismy tez pare Jabiru na szczycie drzewa siedzaca na jajkach, a potem samca ktory zlapal na kolacje rybke (byl daleko wiec zdjecie ...

Nell konczy dzisiaj trzy lata, Jabiru, Australia travel blog

Nell konczy dzisiaj trzy lata

A travel blog entry by skleroz75


... portret grdyki poniewaz wyzej mloda juz nie siegnela :) Pojechalismy tez porobic zdjecia ptaszkom, ale spotkalismy tylko jednego jabiru I to w dodatku w oddali. Czekam na wyjazd do Yellow Water tam jest podobno najwieksze skupisko ptakow w Kakadu. ...

Week 14/2 - Kakadu & Litchfield, Kakadu, Australia travel blog

Week 14/2 - Kakadu & Litchfield

A travel blog entry by heatherbelle


... largest in Kakadu, contains extensive wetlands that include river channels, floodplains and backwater swamps. We learnt that one third of Australia's bird species are represented in Kakadu, with at least 60 species found in these wetlands. It is also an ...

Kolejny piekny billabong, Muirella, Australia travel blog

Kolejny piekny billabong

A travel blog entry by skleroz75


... . Jastrzebie podlatywaly do nas bardzo blisko sprawdzajac czy mamy nic do jedzenia, potem pzeslonil nam slonce ogromny cien lecacego Jabiru. To bylo naprawde cos! Potem wybralismy sie dalej az do konca szlaku gdzie w koncu zobaczylismy piasek I rzeke. ...

Interior decorating Aborigine style (Cave art), Jabiru, Australia travel blog

Interior decorating Aborigine style (Cave art)

A travel blog entry by rubin


... landscape to indicate our entry. For a while I was enjoying driving at 130 km/hr with almost no traffic - and none of Australia's famous road trains thanks to the fact that it was Sunday - but monotony eventually took over.   We stopped for lunch at ...

Jabiru Kakadu, Jabiru, Australia travel blog

Jabiru Kakadu

A travel blog entry by the.okeefes


20th & 21st August After a slow start, our destination today was Jabiru in Kakadu National Park. Heading out on the Arnhem Highway, we could not, not stop, at the Jumping Crocs on the Adelaide River.  Remembering how much we loved it last time, ...

Crocodile, Jabiru, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by nicolajmackay


... of the water their back legs were visible, while the 4 metre+ crocs didn't manage quite so far.    The heat in Jabiru was ferocious, high 30's/ low 40's and also very humid. It was so tempting to stop for a cooling dip in a billabong ...

Just checkin'!!, Jabiru, Australia travel blog

Just checkin'!!

A travel blog entry by kakadudude


... just die". Got the passports back with the Vietnamese Visa, sent on Thursday, back on Monday. This has to be a record for Jabiru-those times would be great for Jabbers to Darwin and back, nevermind Canberra. Almost had an embarrassing moment as an hour ...

Komary - Turysci 1:0, Jabiru, Australia travel blog

Komary - Turysci 1:0

A travel blog entry by skleroz75


... naszych wysilkow ciagle znajdowaly kolejna dziure, zeby dostac sie do przyczepy. Rano zbieralismy sie w duzym pospiechu i wrocilismy do Jabiru. Okazuje sie, ze w miasteczku walcza z komarami odgornie I problem nie jest tak powazny jak poza miastem. Z ...

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