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Nov 28, 2011, Eucla, Australia travel blog

Nov 28, 2011

A travel blog entry by spanglehatsinoz


Cave dwellers and cave man day, Eucla, Australia travel blog

Cave dwellers and cave man day

A travel blog entry by mpeacock


Today is not what you would expect on the nullarbor. We stopped at Cocklebiddy over night and unhitched the van so we could explore. A drive of about 20km we came across two great caves. However, without abseiling gear we were stuck looking from above. ...

Nullarbor Plain= Fahren,fahren,fahren (13 -15.01), Eucla, Autralia travel blog

Nullarbor Plain= Fahren,fahren,fahren (13 -15.01)

A travel blog entry by melundfelix


Um Melbourne auch rechtzeitig zum Australien Day zu erreichen, mussten wir die Traumstrände von Esperance nach 4 sehr schönen Tagen wieder verlassen. Nachdem wir auf unseren zweiten Roadtrip durch sehr dicht besiedeltes Gebiet gefahren sind, ...

Nothing boring 'bout the Nullarbor!, Eucla, Australia travel blog

Nothing boring 'bout the Nullarbor!

A travel blog entry by kyser


... three! Last night was our first attempt at bush camping, and we are one-quarter of the way to declaring our new Camp Australia book worth its asking price. We rolled into a bush park called “Scenic Lookout” for fairly obvious reasons. ...

Great Australian Bight - Eucla, Eucla, Australia travel blog

Great Australian Bight - Eucla

A travel blog entry by heatheravan


... Border Town and is on the South Australian side. The cliffs of the Great Australian bight extend from west of Eucla through to Ceduna in South Australia. When we visited the bight in 1993 with our children, they insisted on venturing close to the edge of ...

Perth to SA: across the Nullabor and beyond..., Eucla, Australia travel blog

Perth to SA: across the Nullabor and beyond...

A travel blog entry by ryanandchels

... plenty of space between us all. Up again and we were back on the Eyre Highway, travelleing through Balladonia, Cocklebiddy, Madura and Eucla, where we stopped and had a shower at the caravan park, before continuing on across the WA/SA border for another ...

Border village, Border Village, Australia travel blog

Border village

A travel blog entry by tourdeoz


... some years earlier, the door of the truck now hangs up in the roadhouse, we picked up what supplies we could and headed for Eucla, there's not much to tell about this part of the trip as I hate the wind and just couldn't wait to get to the end ...

der Weg nach Esperance..., Eucla, Australia travel blog

der Weg nach Esperance...

A travel blog entry by fabianbecker


... nicht abstuerzt =) In West Australien angekommen durften wir feststellen das die Einfuhrbestimmungen noch haerter sind als in South Australia oder Victoria. Hier darf man weder Knoblauch, Kartoffeln und Honig ueber die Grenze mit sich fuehren. Unser ...

The Longest Straightest Road in Austalia, The Nullarbor - Eucla, Australia travel blog

The Longest Straightest Road in Austalia

A travel blog entry by roamingroaches


... in Eucla. Monday 27-Mar, the highlight of our continuing journey across the Nullarbor is driving the 90 mile stretch - Australia's longest, straight section of road. We turned left at Norseman and pushed ourselves another 200km to check in at Seafront ...

Null - nothing, Eucla, Australia travel blog

Null - nothing

A travel blog entry by chezgra


... , I'm not sure where he thought we'd secreted flowers!! But was obviously worried we were planning a major epidemic for Western Australia and were smuggling in some evil virus, even though I declared straight off one tomato and one potato. Eventually, we ...

Eucla - RoadTrip Stop2, Eucla, Australia travel blog

Eucla - RoadTrip Stop2

A travel blog entry by biggmik

Stopped one night only at Border of ...

Cactus Beach, Border Village, Australia travel blog

Cactus Beach

A travel blog entry by morrisjjre


... at the milk bar at Penong. Rylee's Fact:- The cliffs at Cactus Beach are made of sandstone and limestone. Ella's Fact:- Edward John Eyre walked through Cactus Beach in 1840 on his way to Western Australia. It was also explored by the Dutch in the ...

Crossing into Western Australia, Eucla, Australia travel blog

Crossing into Western Australia

A travel blog entry by sunshinetrekker


So we passed the border into Western Australia finally!  Along the way we actually got some rain!! Stopped at some beautiful cliff beaches, almost ran over heaps of kangaroos, drove alongside a wild dingo, and crossed the infamous Nullarbor Plain!! ...

Flies,frustration,fights, Eucla, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by nicb69


... viewing bays is goosebump stuff-we are right in the middle of the bite the giant took out of this delicious country. South Australia,impressions so far. That rabbit/dingo proof fence must really work. They are everywhere along with foxes. Yet to see ...

Day 58-59 Eucla (NULLARBOR Stage 2), Eucla, Australia travel blog

Day 58-59 Eucla (NULLARBOR Stage 2)

A travel blog entry by millersofoz


... No-one ventures out from the car at Bunda Cliffs, I am alone in the heat trying to appreciate the sheer drop and realisation that Australia's southern edge is actually like some-one has taken a huge bite of the land!! Many of the car pull-out points have ...

esperance to eucla, Eucla, Western Australia, Australia travel blog

esperance to eucla

A travel blog entry by helz_on_tour


just a stopover here really on the most uncomfortable campsite ever!!had to buy a box off wine to make it more comfortable!! the drive over was strange, went on the 90 mile straight. literally. and there is nothing either ...

new state - south australia, eucla, Australia travel blog

new state - south australia

A travel blog entry by vickz_2


after flying through the border, we stay right on the wa / sa line the one night for a roadhouse tea and no free ...

Moodini Bluff, Madura, Australia travel blog

Moodini Bluff

A travel blog entry by houseoftemple


Continuing on across the Nullabor and I had already asked to drive the longest stretch of road in Australia. You may think it would be boring but its quite amazing to drive for 145 km without turning a corner or going up or down a hill. Its also very ...

Mundrabilla, Mundrabilla, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by tourdeoz


We were up at 2:00am, and on the road at 3:40, it was cold, we could warm up and get into a rhythm, but the legs just wouldn't go, we were only doing 15ks an hour, it was seventy km's to Madura, We stopped at the Madura pass lookout about 8:00am, ...

Eastbound and Down, Eucla, Australia travel blog

Eastbound and Down

A travel blog entry by richard_x_brown


... we take a downhill curve at the Madura Pass we get a breathtaking view over the plain. We push onto Eucla which is 12km short of the South Australia border and get a discount motel room for the night.  Basically like our shack at the vineyard ...

WA-SA Border: sleeping in the dunes, Eucla, Australia travel blog

WA-SA Border: sleeping in the dunes

A travel blog entry by peacefrog


... There were at least 200 kangaroos in various condition along this stretch (none of them alive though). For the next few hundred km to Eucla, there was at least a kangaroo per km. I got really sick of it, feeling very sorry for them. A real massacre. At ...

crossing the treeless Nullarbor plains, Eucla, Australia travel blog

crossing the treeless Nullarbor plains

A travel blog entry by feeling_alive


To cross from the east to the west of Australia the common route to the South crosses the remote Nullarbor plains, a treeless high plain which impresses with a lot of numbers: For several hundred km the road leads through this neverchanging landscape, ...

Streaky Bay - Eucla, Eucla, Australia travel blog

Streaky Bay - Eucla

A travel blog entry by cop12


... owes me 50 cents but seems to have developed selective demetia. Late in the afternoon I reached the WA\SA border town of Eucla. Another quick fruit fly inspection by WA quarantine revealed nothing. I should have joked that I only had a male and female ...

Eucla, WA, Eucla, Australia travel blog

Eucla, WA

A travel blog entry by gregnkeryn


... Same guy owns both above stations and the next few, so he has a monopoly out here. Driving into headwind, towing, consumed fuel faster but driving slower, at 80km, saved app. 25%. Petrol: $2.04 @ Nundroo Roadhouse $2.07 @ Nullarbor Roadhouse $1.94 @ ...

Mit dem Zug immer geradeaus: Nullabor Plain., Forrest, Autralia travel blog

Mit dem Zug immer geradeaus: Nullabor Plain.

A travel blog entry by erikunterwegs


Quer durch die Nullarbor-Ebene wurden die Gleise für den Indian Pacific gelegt. Die Ebene ist eine typische Karstlandschaft: Das spärliche Regenwasser versickert im porösen Kalkstein sofort und sammelt sich in der Tiefe. Komplexe ...

Day 79, Eucla, Australia travel blog

Day 79

A travel blog entry by melgray

This is a top pick!

... for toilet breaks I would wizz into the van & make more food! We travelled the longest straight stretch of road in Australia, 167km without a corner. It flew by pretty quickly. The girls have been brilliant in the car. Even Kate & Andys kids ...

The Eucla Pass - our last night in WA, Eucla, Australia travel blog

The Eucla Pass - our last night in WA

A travel blog entry by glennandheather


On June 13th we crossed from the Northern Territory into Western Australia and drove into Kununurra.  Tonight is our 77th, and final, night in the West.  The past 11 weeks have been amazing!   Today we drove through the Madura pass and had ...

The Nullabor - Part I, Eucla, Australia travel blog

The Nullabor - Part I

A travel blog entry by west_we_go


... that informed us that the area has a population of 8, 25 budgies, 7 quail, 1 dog and 1,234,567 kangaroos! (See attached photo). Camp that night was another roadside freebee (and another campfire) just west of Eucla. Tomorrow we'll be in South Australia.. ...

Zeitzonen, Eucla, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by wahl


Nach ein paar Kilometern sind wir heute morgen in die Central Western Time gefahren, das bedeutet eine Uhrumstellung nach vorne von 45 Minuten. Witzigerweise fahren wir morgen nach 12 Kilometern über die West / Südaustralische Grenze und die Uhr wird ...

Day 3 - Ceduna, SA to Eucla, WA, 540km, Eucla, WA, Australia travel blog

Day 3 - Ceduna, SA to Eucla, WA, 540km

A travel blog entry by travellincol


... great stories in regard to Cactus Beach. This beach is world-renowned and regarded by many as the best surf beach in Australia. Funnily enough it was named such because some surfers on the search for new breaks came across the beach on an ...

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