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At the tip, Dunsborough, Australia travel blog

At the tip

A travel blog entry by mitz24

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We had dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Bussleton city and then made our way down to Dunsborough to check into a hostel for the night as there was meant to be more choice there than in Busselton. Having got to the YHA there was a notice saying that there ...

The Rat's Nest, Rottnest, Australia travel blog

The Rat's Nest

A travel blog entry by hils

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My mum, Sylvie and I took a boat over to Rottnest Island just opposite Perth. Unfortunately we had the tail end of Cyclone Clare and it was peeing down with rain. Not such a good idea when we'd hired bikes for 2 days. We cycled from the ferry terminal ...

Jul 23, 2010, Dunsborough, Australia travel blog

Jul 23, 2010

A travel blog entry by tonyandmarina

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Cricket on the beach and hot chocolate at the bar, Dunsborough, Australia travel blog

Cricket on the beach and hot chocolate at the bar

A travel blog entry by wickens

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... .   Friday of our stay, the 28th was of course the Royal Wedding. There was no missing it here as the press coverage in Australia has been intense, it must be close to what everyone experience in the UK with a huge build up over the last 2 weeks and ...

Margeret River- Wine tasting tour, Dunsborough, Australia travel blog

Margeret River- Wine tasting tour

A travel blog entry by mmtk


... was lucky to be able to go on a wine-tasting trip with Bushtucker tours. Maxwell and Josephine enjoyed the final day in Dunsborough, which turned out to be an excellent holiday destination. Our tour guide Brian had picked 3 wineries for us, where we ...

Surfs up dude, Dunsborough, Australia travel blog

Surfs up dude

A travel blog entry by edddadams


... 2 tonnes. It was an old aboriginal worship ground. Discovered by an explorer in the 19th century, he turned it into Western Australia's biggest tourist attraction for most of the 19th and 20th century. Crawled through parts and admired the caves. At one ...

WA!, WA!, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by debjenkins


... to live til I'm 94! Haha! You'll never be rid of me! This past weekend we hired a car and drove down to Dunsborough and stayed in a caravan park... very Australian! We visited Cape Naturaliste (which is supposed to be very good for whale watching this ...

Getting stuck in the sand!, Dunsborough, Australia travel blog

Getting stuck in the sand!

A travel blog entry by lilyloves


So the grown-ups plan to head south for sea and sunshine, hasn't quite turned out that way... it keeps raining! Despite the rain, the grown-up and me headed to the beach for a bit of a play in the sand and of course, a walk. The beach was just across ...

Full of surprises, Dunsborough, Australia travel blog

Full of surprises

A travel blog entry by paulhuisman


... had een working holiday visa moeten nemen i.p.v. een tourist visa! Afgelopen week in Pemberton, Margaret River en Dunsborough geweest. Pemberton staat bekend om zijn omvangrijke karri forests, welke garant staan voor aangename wandelingen. Tevens ...

Lucky bastards, Dunsborough, Australia travel blog

Lucky bastards

A travel blog entry by mmtk


... , also mentioned he saw some blue whales that day, but they were not to be seen again. So anytime you want to visit Dunsborough, we do recommend to take a trip to Geographe bay, you might be lucky. Like us! Tourist information Geographe Bay: ...

Augasta to Dunsborough, Augasta to Dunsborough, Australia travel blog

Augasta to Dunsborough

A travel blog entry by alexklarka


... headed north through Margaret river stopping at a winery, chocolate factory and caves before walking along the coast at Dunsborough. Czech - Z Augasta jsme pokracovali dal a to do znamehomesta odkud pochazi slavne austra. vino Margaret River, kde jsme ...

Michael and Anna: A Day in the Life, Dunsborough, Australia travel blog

Michael and Anna: A Day in the Life

A travel blog entry by michael.bell

... clean the hostel for us and most of our time is spent making beds and securing the reception. The contrast between YHA Dunsborough and YHA Ambleside is almost incomprehensible. Whilst working at Ambleside I was forced to dress like an Undertaker, It ...

Cape Naturaliste, Dunsborough, Australia travel blog

Cape Naturaliste

A travel blog entry by upandaway_gk


Resolutions on a post card please..., Dunsborough, Australia travel blog

Resolutions on a post card please...

A travel blog entry by bronwenrolls


Christmas Eve. Oh, that exciting and potential laden night when all the magic and dreams of the year come to a head. A night wildly more romantic then most when hope and joy reach a crescendo and all is right in the world when you place your head on ...

An Aussie Christmas, Dunsborough, Australia travel blog

An Aussie Christmas

A travel blog entry by michael.bell


... was then that we were given the opportunity to spend a further four months in paradise as assistants to the manager at Dunsborough Beachhouse YHA.   I understand the happiness you must feel but control yourselves for this tale is not over and things ...

Meeting a great bunch, Dunsborough, Australia travel blog

Meeting a great bunch

A travel blog entry by lucypond


Mon (23rd) Back on bus. helen, jon, christine, catrina, korina, rachel, jim - dunsborough. lovely beach. Tues (24th) rained. went out to pub then wine bar. hitched ...

Australia: The last chapter, Dunsborough, Australia travel blog

Australia: The last chapter

A travel blog entry by teamprinsloo


... , getting the bikes ready and arranging transport over to the dark continent and for the past easter have been stowaways down in Dunsborough with our friends Michael and Anna. Lastly: Getting out of Australia. On the 27th of April we rode our last 11 ...

Howyadoin mate?, Dunsborough, Australia travel blog

Howyadoin mate?

A travel blog entry by mmtk


... some effort to understand the slang. 'Howyadoin mate?' seems to be the most formal way of greeting people. Our drive to Dunsborough was picture perfect: red soil, blue sky, green forests, white sands and azure seas. We spotted a lonely kangaroo along the ...

Get a Ute. Get a Root, Dunsborough, Australia travel blog

Get a Ute. Get a Root

A travel blog entry by bronwenrolls


I'm in Dunsborough, Western Australia. I came here via Brisbane, Perth and Freemantle.  Leaving on the plane to get here I was over excited, like I was flying into town to meet a lover or have a job interview I changed my outfit before landing, I ...

Family holidays in Dunsborough, Dunsborough, Australia travel blog

Family holidays in Dunsborough

A travel blog entry by ryanandchels


... a chocolate sunday for dessert!  Aside from eating, we did manage to fit in some other activities whilst in Dunsborough including visits to Smith's Beach, Yallingup, The Aquarium, a few wineries and breweries with Liam and Amy and Todd and ...

A little update..., Dunsborough, Australia travel blog

A little update...

A travel blog entry by fgimelli

So here is another short update...I'm now in Dunsborough, in South-West WA. I'm having a very relaxing time with my parents down well as working nights at their wonderful restaurant. Although the weather has be frank...shit...the place ...

Surf, Wine, Chocolate, Cheese, and Kangaroos, Dunsborough, Australia travel blog

Surf, Wine, Chocolate, Cheese, and Kangaroos

A travel blog entry by dalhousie


The  title about sums up our day visiting Margaret River and the surrounding countryside, littered with Wineries, large and small.  We started off on the west coast in Yallingup.  The seas were still heavy following the storms of the last ...

Resoconto., Dunsborough, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by fgimelli

I've been putting off this entry. Looking back at the memories and experiences - and most importantly trying to make sense of them and place them within any kind of context - seems to be a task beyond my abilities. The experiences are so varied, the ...

Nice Beaches and our First Kangaroo!!, Dunsborough, Australia travel blog

Nice Beaches and our First Kangaroo!!

A travel blog entry by kateandlindsay


... It was the biggest Kangaroo we’ve ever seen, and it was the first one we had seen in the wild since arriving in Australia.  We were both pretty excited and I scrabbled to get the camera out.  Just after I took the picture of him however, ...

Family Bonding 101, Bunker Bay, Australia travel blog

Family Bonding 101

A travel blog entry by woundedsoldier

. ...

Dunsborough and Bussleton - More and More beaches, Dunsborough, Australia travel blog

Dunsborough and Bussleton - More and More beaches

A travel blog entry by bfaldowski

... beach weather. So its very common to be on a beach with only a few people on it. Bussleton is only 20 minutes from Dunsborough. It is famous for the Bussleton Jetty. This is the longest jetty is the southern hemishphere. I think its about 2 km. For ...

A day in the Dunny, Dunsborough, Australia travel blog

A day in the Dunny

A travel blog entry by sundborg


... definitely come out having lost a few pounds. Ok ok, when i say Dunny I am of course referring to Dunsborough, a pleasant seaside town in western australia. There's not masses to do at Dunny (hence the name) so we went to the outdoor cinema which is ...

The Vacation from our Vacation, Dunsborough, Australia travel blog

The Vacation from our Vacation

A travel blog entry by abroadwith3boys


... caves reminded me slightly of Horne Lake Caves on Vancouver Island, these caverns were much larger with many more undamaged crystals. In Dunsborough, the boys were excited to see their first possum at the condo after missing seeing any in Melbourne - Toby ...

Day 180 - Perth - Bush Fire, Dunsborough, Australia travel blog

Day 180 - Perth - Bush Fire

A travel blog entry by neensandpete


... out we were on our honeymoon. We landed in 32 degree heat and picked up our hire car to start our journey down to Dunsborough, near Margaret River, where Kate and her boys Oliver and Ben are staying, along with Kate's mother-in-law Sue and her husband ...

A Holiday Weekend and More..., Dunsborough, Australia travel blog

A Holiday Weekend and More...

A travel blog entry by markgemmell


... o bed or passing out on the sofas... Sunday we took a drive and walk around, visiting Cape Naturaliste round the coast from Dunsborough.  There are beautiful walks there and vantage points to view the whales from (at the right time of year, which ...

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