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Berrigan Racing, Deniliquin, Australia travel blog

Berrigan Racing

A travel blog entry by irax

This is a top pick!

... 's a better car, but I miss my rocket, I feel sad whenever I think of it in the scrap yard. We eventually arrived in Deniliquin in New South Wales a little after 10pm. We'd driven up for a weekend of horse racing and general fun with a group of people ...

Ute Capital of the World, Deniliquin, Australia travel blog

Ute Capital of the World

A travel blog entry by dentons


... we both found quite interesting and unique. We arrived in Deniliquin and booked into the Deniliquin Riverside Caravan Park for 3 nights. Deniliquin is famous for its annual Ute Muster. The Edward River runs through the centre of the town, ...

Camped out...., Conargo, Australia travel blog

Camped out....

A travel blog entry by dentons


Stopped over at Jerilderie on the way for a coffee. Jerilderie is only a small community on the banks of Billabong Creek, but more famous for when Ned Kelly & his gang robbed the local post office and bank of 2,000 pounds back in 1879. ...

Not long now..., Deniliquin, Australia travel blog

Not long now...

A travel blog entry by kirdygirl

Well, I have decided to create a travel blog, so hopefully you can all keep informed as to my many adventures! Please feel free to send it on to anyone else you might think would be interested too. So, we (being the members of the Australian Ladies ...

Confest, Deniliquin, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by nolthafer


... . We got to the site of Confest around 4ish which was just over the NSW's border near the Murray River next to a town called Deniliquin. Confest is put on by an organization called Down to Earth and runs for 5 days. They even have a festival over New ...

Christmas in Deniliquin

Christmas in Deniliquin "Where?" Did I hear?

A travel blog entry by swanning_around


... van - even if it does look like a garden hut! It also creates a little extra shade which is welcome in the afternoon. Deniliquin is a rural town of 8.000, with an economy based originally on droving (stock was brought up to 600 kilometres plus from as ...

Deni's Ute Muster, Deniliquin, Australia travel blog

Deni's Ute Muster

A travel blog entry by tourontour


Inderdaad Rien, dit stukje stond al klaar om te uploaden ik had alleen de foto's nog niet uitgezocht :) Eind augustus had ik in een oud Outback Magazine uit het jaar 2000 een super tof artikel gelezen over Deni's Ute Muster. ...

CMCA, Deniliquin, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by helrayzers


Home of the Ute !, Deniliquin, Australia travel blog

Home of the Ute !

A travel blog entry by olssonoztour


... presented and only a gold coin donation to get in. And not a single old tractor hahahah which is what "heritage" museums are !  Deniliquin of course, is known for the their ute muster every year, and they had a big red WB ute on a pole on ...

Day of Rest, Deniliquin, Australia travel blog

Day of Rest

A travel blog entry by newtripper


Another sleep in - on these very cold mornings, this is the best place to be.  We had a frost over night, and the previously black Escape (my 4wd) was white.  Finally when we got going, we drove into town to see where the Rice Mill was, and if ...

Working at BIG4 Deniliquin, Deniliquin, Australia travel blog

Working at BIG4 Deniliquin

A travel blog entry by waynenwendy


... 'N it. Yes I know it sounds crazy, but we were ready to get stuck into something challenging again.  We have been at BIG4 Deniliquin Park almost 10 weeks now and have learnt so much in such a short time.   The weather here seems to ...

Shepparton to Deniliquin, Deniliquin, Australia travel blog

Shepparton to Deniliquin

A travel blog entry by car167


Day 1 – Thursday 23 August Shepparton to Deniliquin via Yarrawonga – 492 kms Quick note to say apologies to Integrated Emergency & Industrial Equipment Solutions - thank you to Bruce and Helen for sponsoring us again this year - they were ...

Day1, Deniliquin, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by dezzie


Well we are finally on the road and our destination for today is Deniliquin. We have arrived after doing 430 km,the car went brilliantly and we are now sitting back and relaxing on the banks of the ...

Mildura & The Pretty Pine Hotel, Pretty Pine, Australia travel blog

Mildura & The Pretty Pine Hotel

A travel blog entry by jhateley


It was decided last night not to set an alarm, so we had another late start this morning, leaving our room right around ten. Due to the fact that we'd given up on the idea of staying in Mildura, we'd also neglected to plan any activities for the day. ...

Step 1 of the big adventure., Deniliquin, Australia travel blog

Step 1 of the big adventure.

A travel blog entry by emily.hall.7758


So, this is step one of the big adventure. I'm sure all of you have heard both me and Bridget bragging and saying how excited we are, but we have only just begun the planning process. So first I will give you a quick lowdown of our plans at the moment. ...

106 days 05 hours 54 minutes until take off!, Deniliquin, Australia travel blog

106 days 05 hours 54 minutes until take off!

A travel blog entry by bridgetbradford

Yes, that's right!! The count down is on!! Emily and I will be leaving Australia on the 1st of March 2013, heading to Dubai for two nights before venturing on to the great city of London, from there we plan on going to visit some of Emily's friends and ...

Last stop before home, Deniliquin, Australia travel blog

Last stop before home

A travel blog entry by diannegeoff


3/10/15 hello from our last stop before we head home to Montrose.... having a few days in Deniliquin...enjoying just resting and cleaning ...ready for the last leg of our adventure for 2015.......until the next one... Lovely park here Big 4 with ...

Now where to?, Deniliquin, Australia travel blog

Now where to?

A travel blog entry by peteandsally


We all packed up the camp site this morning as Andy and co are all heading home too. Dropped in to the property owners to say thanks, it's been a wonderful relaxing time. Yesterday we packed a picnic lunch and headed off for the afternoon to a new spot. ...

Deniliquin Rally, Deniliquin, Australia travel blog

Deniliquin Rally

A travel blog entry by gwenandron

... a very nice happy hour at our place with Jan, Pete, John and Lesley. We spent the next 11 days at the Rally site in Deniliquin, doing the usual things.  It was Ron and Lesley's birthday on the 8th so we are went to the local Golf Club which backed ...

Starting the journey south, Deniliquin, Australia travel blog

Starting the journey south

A travel blog entry by newtripper


... along the stock route.  Lots of small scrubby bushes and uninviting dead grass stretched for kilometers.   As we neared Deniliquin more and more trees appeared and it could be seen we were entering an irrigated area.   The caravan park ...

Merinos and Irrigation, Deniliquin, Australia travel blog

Merinos and Irrigation

A travel blog entry by newtripper

... for the Peppin Heritage Centre.  This contains a museum depicting the contribution of the Peppins to the Merino sheep development in Australia - this took place in the 1800s on a station just north of here at Wanganella. We spent an hour or so in ...

Deniliquin, Deniliquin, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by carween


With the news that Kathryn & Peter are grandparents again this week, we decided to land on them again with our caravan. (Paul & Emily have a little boy, Luke).  Kathryn & Pete are such great hosts - we are able to park ...

A night to remember in Deni, Deniliquin, Australia travel blog

A night to remember in Deni

A travel blog entry by andoadventures


We left Grenfell at 9.30ish and travelled to Narranderra and stopped for a customary pie.  We then onto Jerilderie for a few photo opportunitues by the big windmill.  John drove from Jerilderie to Deni and we called in to see his cousin.  ...

Heading West, Deniliquin, Australia travel blog

Heading West

A travel blog entry by wherrol


... Jeriliderie we stopped, pronounced that it was too hot, got back in Vinnie and continued. At nearly 7pm we arrived in Deniliquin. Delightful caravan park here called the Car-o-Tel. Have to say from the name and the look out the front we were ...

Free camp ground, Conargo, Australia travel blog

Free camp ground

A travel blog entry by peter_liz

Spent the night here - its the weekend for the Ute muster at Deniliquin. Ute muster is a gathering of every Ute owner in Australia.  Ute is a a vehicle here in Oz, open tray, 2 seats, utility vehicle - Ute. Because of this, the roads around ...

Benalla to Deniliquin, Deniliquin, Australia travel blog

Benalla to Deniliquin

A travel blog entry by jtyoung


... . Surprise, surprise, his technique was wrong. Fortunately, we both laughed and James had the refrigerator sorted pronto. The drive to Deniliquin was relatively flat and straight. We got stuck behind a car doing 25 kms less than the speed limit on a long ...

Visiting Deniliquin, Deniliquin, Australia travel blog

Visiting Deniliquin

A travel blog entry by chandja2015


Deniliquin lies within the traditional lands of the Aborigines. Today it is known for water sports also for  Play on the Plains Festival  and World Record Ute Muster. The community erected the symbols Ute on a Pole WB classic Holden ...

Day 2, Deniliquin, Australia travel blog

Day 2

A travel blog entry by maribru


Day 2 on to the World Capital of the Ute Muster! Unfortunately we only saw them on a Pole and in the Park but enjoyed nice meal at the ...

Motogp, Siphons and Waiting for Trains, Deniliquin, Australia travel blog

Motogp, Siphons and Waiting for Trains

A travel blog entry by newtripper


Today was an extra day in Deniliquin - the motogp was being televised at 7am, and had we decided to move on, Ted would not have been able to watch it, as we would have been packing up.  So, we stayed.  Ted got up and watched the race, I didn't. ...

Eine Tour durchs

Eine Tour durchs "Outback"

A travel blog entry by heike.oli.2014


... Wasser gibt. Überall in der Ferne flimmert es. Am Nachmittag geben wir dann etwas erschöpft auf und lassen uns im Örtchen Deniliquin nieder. Hier trifft man nur sehr wenige ausländische Touristen. Wir freuen uns über den vorhandenen Pool und kühlen ...

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