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The Outback Pub, Ora Banda and Broad Arrrow, Western Australia, Australia travel blog

The Outback Pub

A travel blog entry by scottwoz

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This weekend saw a visit to the remote outpost of Ora Banda, an historic and sunbaked community of... at least a dozen or so, and a notable point of interest along the 'Golden Quest Discovery Trail'. I took a ride out there with Laurie who furnished me ...

Aug 23, 2013, Coolgardie, Australia travel blog

Aug 23, 2013

A travel blog entry by tonyandmarina

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Coolgardie, Coolgardie, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by georgejanene


... like a ghost town with several shops closed and not many people about. The first thing that strikes you as you drive into Coolgardie are the wide streets, you almost have to take a cut lunch with you when crossing the streets, from a time when horse and ...

On the road again..., Coolgardie, Australia travel blog

On the road again...

A travel blog entry by mkford

... groceries and say goodbye to Jade. We hung around there for a little while and then headed back to pick up the Ultimate. We were back on the road, with Ulti in tow, by 11.30am. From here, we drove straight through to Coolgardie and camped for the ...

Tankstopp, Bullabulling, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by worldwidewidu


meinem Uebermut, meiner Experimentierfreudigkeit auszuprobieren wie weit ich mit einer Tankfuellung kommen wuerde ... naja ich erreichte aber dann doch noch ein Oertchen namens Bullabulling, welches eigentlich nur aus einem Haus besteht vor dem zwei ...

Day 4 - Southern Cross to Coolgardie, Coolgardie, Australia travel blog

Day 4 - Southern Cross to Coolgardie

A travel blog entry by gatzby


... trains - thanks to Richard and Eric in our support vehicles, they kept us informed with the two way and the "beeps". The Coolgardie Gospel Church put on a very nice evening meal for us and were friendly and hospitable. We were all pretty pooped ...

One door closes and another opens..., Coolgardie, Australia travel blog

One door closes and another opens...

A travel blog entry by followingmyfeet


... me... Suddenly a figure appears from behind one of the bushes and it's Alistair. I hop into his car and he takes me to Coolgardie and my new home. I meet the guys who live their and go for a stroll around the tiny goldfields town on the main highway from ...

Coolgardie - Ora Banda., Coolgardie, Australia travel blog

Coolgardie - Ora Banda.

A travel blog entry by heatheravan


... of 800 in 1898 and several were recruited from here for WW1. Kunanalling is located about 32 km north of the town of Coolgardie. From here it was a short drive to the resilient Ora Banda Hotel. While Ora Banda has been a virtual ghost town,  ...

Coolgardie, Coolgardie WA, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by jimandelle


Coolgardie is a real slow old gold mining town with a lot of room to move, nothing much here anymore, everything is in ...

Still no gold!!, Coolgardie, Australia travel blog

Still no gold!!

A travel blog entry by dentons


Spent the night at Coolgardie, Stretch got chatting to a fella at the Pub and he told him where he could try prospecting, so next morning he went out on the hunt for the big one, but we are still ...

Caiguna to Kalgoorlie, Karramindie, Australia travel blog

Caiguna to Kalgoorlie

A travel blog entry by dmas


Upon leaving Caiguna we encountered the 90 mile straight - Australia longest straight road. Very boring, but also very fast as we were doing 110kmph the whole way. We covered 550km from 8am to 2pm for an early arrival in Kalgoorlie. After setting up the ...

Heading South, Coolgardie, Australia travel blog

Heading South

A travel blog entry by ellenlouise

... break but I know I have a long way to go now with not much in between. I did 450 klms to day from Northam to Coolgardie. Tomorrow hope to get to Balladonia just under 400 klms.  I am having trouble with the control  box screen for my electric ...

Stop over to visit Ash's relative in Coolgardie, Coolgardie WA Australia, Australia travel blog

Stop over to visit Ash's relative in Coolgardie

A travel blog entry by ash-wendyfrank


We stayed at a few camps from Norseman to Wangan Hills and even though we remember the camps themselves we forget their names and I had to go back and recheck.   There's been some really nice bush camps, some with facilities like bins, ...

Coolgardie, eine Stadt mit Vergangenheit, Coolgardie, Australia travel blog

Coolgardie, eine Stadt mit Vergangenheit

A travel blog entry by bernd_koss


... von schwarzen Kakadus in den Bäumen. Dann kam uns ein großer Oversice Transport entgegen. Coolgardie ist ein kleiner Ort in Western Australia, der 558 Kilometer östlich von Perth in der Region Goldfields-Esperance liegt. Diese Stadt zählt ...

Always fun even on the way home, Coolgardie, Australia travel blog

Always fun even on the way home

A travel blog entry by lucy.baptist


On Thursday the 2-10-14 we arrived in Canberra and stayed with Uncle Rick and Auntie Monica. On the Friday we went to Questacon and Parliament House. Quest acorn is like Scitech but is allot more interesting and I found it very very fun. I went on a ...

The end of the Nullabor, Coolgardie, Australia travel blog

The end of the Nullabor

A travel blog entry by rethus

... legs, we turned back, and continued along the Nullabor, til we reached the end, Norseman. We headed north for 200km to Coolgardie only to be met with hurricane force winds where you couldn't see 20m infront of the car because of the red dirt blowing ...

Bodhi Stirling Trigg is Born!, Coolgardie, Australia travel blog

Bodhi Stirling Trigg is Born!

A travel blog entry by glenter


... travel 709 kms. During the drive today I knitted a little blue beanie for Bohdi. It's so small! Stayed at Boondi Rest Area just outside Coolgardie. It was a very nice quiet spot. Strange thing about it there were no birds or bird noises. We wondered ...

GOLD !!!, Coolgardie, Australia travel blog

GOLD !!!

A travel blog entry by c_josbeck


We spent three nights in Coolgardie and Kalgorlie-Boulder. Centrelink was one of the visits we had to make to fix Jo´s pension. The "Super Pit" was another reason. On of the biggest goldmines in the world with lots of history and the WA muséum. ...

Across the Bottom, Coolgardie, Australia travel blog

Across the Bottom

A travel blog entry by mr_mozam


... for a while until it eventually runs out again. Our only other stop was Norseman for petrol ($1.75/l). We finished the day Coolgardie Tourist Park - another 570km tomorrow and we will be home in Perth. Dinner was at the Coolgardie Hotel. They still ...

1st stop today, Coolgardie, Australia travel blog

1st stop today

A travel blog entry by eddi6063


... the way was very bumpy. The lakes had no water in them and the ground changed from a sandy colour to a red brown and then back to a sandy brown.We stopped at Coolgardie for fuel and had a look around. It is an old Mining Town. Have attached some ...

Back to Norseman, Coolgardie, Australia travel blog

Back to Norseman

A travel blog entry by mawstrip


From Leonora it was back to Norseman and send the registration papers to Queensland to be sorted out as unbeknown to me I have been driving the van for 5 months and am not the legal owner...oops! So with the paperwork sent I waited around to hear from my ...

And So It Begins, Coolgardie, Australia travel blog

And So It Begins

A travel blog entry by mrsbaynes


... hotel room in a bungled burglary. The suspect was Thomas Quinlan, aged 16, who believed because Mrs Gregory had travelled from Coolgardie she would be carrying a large amount of gold, but of course she wasn't.  I was struck with a sadness to ...

Car Repair in Coolgardie, Coolgardie, Australia travel blog

Car Repair in Coolgardie

A travel blog entry by felixaus


This is already my third time in my favourite outback town Coolgardie. Because Kevin, the mechanic in Coolgardie, still hadn't fixed the car I had to go there again with Merle. We stayed two nightswith Gordon, our favourite otback mate, former millionaire ...

Day 135, Coolgardie, Australia travel blog

Day 135

A travel blog entry by feyles


... surrounding areas. Water was the biggest problem faced. In 1903 the pipeline from Mundaring Weir in the Perth foothills to Coolgardie & Kalgoorlie was completed. There are still some great old buildings there. The Wardens Court building, built in 1898 ...

Lunch and fuel stop, Coolgardie, Australia travel blog

Lunch and fuel stop

A travel blog entry by merv_jenny


We were advised via CB radio that a parade and local show was happening in the town so Grt Eastern Hwy was closed and we were detoured around the town centre. We fueled up and drove arround the town to a dirt and gravel stop 52 km east of town.nad had ...

Surprisingly Captivating, WA Goldfields, Australia travel blog

Surprisingly Captivating

A travel blog entry by jackoutback


We were expecting to do a kind of "drive-thru" visit to the WA goldfields but we got ourselves "hooked". The tales of dreams fulfilled and dashed, great exploits, wonderful architecture proved to be quite fascinating. The water piped into Kalgoorlie not ...

We're on the road again, Coolgardie, Australia travel blog

We're on the road again

A travel blog entry by tranquilbloom


... was a small child of about six. I know this because I have a polaroid of my sister and I riding a camel, so I know nothing of Coolgardie. Every town we roll through I wish we could stop. What lives were lived here? What does the town feel like? Who lived ...

Australia, Australia, Perth, Coolgardie, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by andreatim

will ...

Old Coolgardie, Coolgardie, Australia travel blog

Old Coolgardie

A travel blog entry by kimberley61


we stayed at the Coolgardie Tourist Village overnight ok park their were some nice old buildings in the main street ...

Cool Coolgardie, Coolgardie, Australia travel blog

Cool Coolgardie

A travel blog entry by kritters-ark


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