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The Famed India Pacific Rail Journey, Cook, Australia travel blog

The Famed India Pacific Rail Journey

A travel blog entry by charmedlife

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... of heat rising off the tracks. This is desolate, not to mention hot as hell. I travelled this path in the heat of Australia's blazing summer, and it had to have been at least 52 degrees celcius, which I'd experienced in the Pilbarra but out here there is ...

The Indian Pacific, Cook, Australia travel blog

The Indian Pacific

A travel blog entry by ickle-squirt


The Indian Pacific Train takes 4 days to go from Perth (on the Indian Ocean) to Sydney (on the Pacific - hence the name!!) 2 of those days are taken crossing the Nullabor ...

Ghost Town!!, Cook, Australia travel blog

Ghost Town!!

A travel blog entry by aussie_trip


We made two stops along the way but thought only a few pictures of one town were required. The town is Cook. Ghost town, population: 4 people (all work in the gift shop) & 3 million flies. This town was a little freaky but hey that's what you get for ...

14 Hours In, On a 38 Hour Train Trip!, Cook, Australia travel blog

14 Hours In, On a 38 Hour Train Trip!

A travel blog entry by travelbuggie


... , a large rabbit disappear into a burrow, 3 dingoes, all solo, and one very close to the train. We are just departing Cook, South Australia. Population 4. Yes that’s right, not 4000, not 400, but 4. We had a half hour stop here to look around this ...

Friday 13th P.J. Party, Melborne, Australia travel blog

Friday 13th P.J. Party

A travel blog entry by aussie_trip


So there's not much to say other than this was our last day on holidays, friday the 13th, a pajama party, and a great 80's music ...

Arriving in Cook, Cook, Australia travel blog

Arriving in Cook

A travel blog entry by eddandalice


a place in the middle of no where with only 4 people and ...

Cambodian Dinner, Templestowe, Australia travel blog

Cambodian Dinner

A travel blog entry by tcccc05


TCCCC CAMBODIAN TRIP DINNER With excitement rising amongst the TCCCC team of staff and students, the trip to Cambodia is fast approaching. A most successful dinner was held this week for students, parents and supporters. At the meeting, David Alexander ...

The start of a long train journey, Cook, Australia travel blog

The start of a long train journey

A travel blog entry by tony-helen


... couple who had just sold their Dairy farm and bought a "little house with 6 acres of gardens" We also learnt today that Australia has about 6.6 million square kilometres of land, enough for New Zealand to fit in it 26 times. Only 2% of the population ...

Who? What?, Point Cook, Australia travel blog

Who? What?

A travel blog entry by


12 months ago to this very day I finished radiation. Finally, I could throw my hospital robe into the air conditioning wind. No more searing rays burning my skin to a blistered mess. No more fatigue that would knock me into a nanna nap coma every evening ...

5 Star Accommodation Rating, Cook, Australia travel blog

5 Star Accommodation Rating

A travel blog entry by ejo


... and the lovely lady on the GPS is telling us to do a U-turn at the first available opportunity to get to Ceduna in South Australia. Switched her off and ignoring the poor love now … Have you had any of that Tanzanian [passionfruit and mango] jam ...

Fun needles and Visas, Point Cook, Australia travel blog

Fun needles and Visas

A travel blog entry by


Nothing screams holidays more than getting your passport back filled with Visa's. The Vietnamese & Cambodian consulates have granted me access to their kingdoms. Do they have any idea what they are in for? GOOD TIMES, thats what!     ...

No trees!, Cook, Australia travel blog

No trees!

A travel blog entry by kazjohn


... and north meets south) and moved on through the bottom of South Australia.  We did stop at Kimba (claims to be halfway across Australia) and visited the big galah! The stories of the road trains are true - they are massive and are up to 3 massive ...

An Alien Wasteland, Cook, Australia travel blog

An Alien Wasteland

A travel blog entry by joe_cox

... like something out of a nuclear waste land or apocolypse film. We had thought of driving across from Perth to Adelaide. After stopping in Cook we were glad we didn't. If we had broken down out here we would have been well and truly stuck. With this ...

The fabulous Fe!, Point Cook, Australia travel blog

The fabulous Fe!

A travel blog entry by thommo-travels


Hi all, a quick catch up on the last few days... We left Point Lonny and drove through Geelong up to Point Cook, to Adrian and Fiona's place. We hadn't seen them in nearly 3 years!! It was so amazing to finally catch up in person, and their boys are ...

Togturen - Dag 2, Cook, Australia travel blog

Togturen - Dag 2

A travel blog entry by lasse-kaya


... . Det ble bare noen få bilder i hist og pist, et toalettbesøk og en tur innom det lokale "supermarkedet" hvor 2 av innbyggerne i Cook jobbet denne varme mandagen, før vi omtrent løp tilbake til vognen vår for å komme unna alle fluene. Etter ca. 1 ...

a whale of a time at Head of Bight, Cook, Australia travel blog

a whale of a time at Head of Bight

A travel blog entry by feeling_alive


To the sheltered bay of Head of Bight dozens of Southern Right Wales migrate from Antarctica to give birth to their calves. They endure the long journey and the shortage of food in Australian waters to bear their calves at the place where they were born ...

Middle of nowhere!, Cook, Australia travel blog

Middle of nowhere!

A travel blog entry by delsanders

... books, and enjoyed looking out the window at lots of nothing. Today at about mid day we did stop at another place - called Cook, will add pics later. Essentially though the town consists of two people, lots of disused buildings and a millions of flies. So ...

Taking it easy, Latest news, Australia travel blog

Taking it easy

A travel blog entry by peacefrog


Go to the Summary Page ___________________________ I got up late, but just in time to meet up with Lisa for a lunch break. We met up with Sjoerd, the dutch guy I had been travelling with on the west coast, and we all went to an open air ...

Day 157: Yarra Valley, Yarra Valley, Australia travel blog

Day 157: Yarra Valley

A travel blog entry by williampotter


Darrell and Valerie drive me over the forests of the Black Spur, so named for bush fires 70 years ago. Mountain ash and eucalypts have been replanted and tower beside the winding roads, straight verticals without lower branches. Tall tree ferns and ...

Just Passing Thru.... (part 2), Cook, Australia travel blog

Just Passing Thru.... (part 2)

A travel blog entry by hayleyandlorna


... life, but this is a community that essentially has its own strong culture, values and ways which don't necessarily fit with modern Australia so they can look out of place. For example material items, such as the latest fashions, aren't a priority, and ...

Day 2: The Nullarbor (Treeless) Plain, Cook, Australia travel blog

Day 2: The Nullarbor (Treeless) Plain

A travel blog entry by sahs

... were of course, but it did deaden the ghostlike feeling of the town, and made the whole just a little disappointing.  The famous Cook sign is still there, though it has been repainted in much neater fashion, which I thought a shame, but I don't live ...

Train journey: Indian Pacific, Cook, Australia travel blog

Train journey: Indian Pacific

A travel blog entry by agi_and_rudi


... Western Australia and South Australia but during summer South Australia turn into daylight saving time and add extra hour difference with Western Australia. Therefore, it is now 12.30pm!! Lunch time it is then!! Yeeaaahh!! At 2pm we arrive in Cook. It is ...

Cook Town, Cook Town, Australia travel blog

Cook Town

A travel blog entry by jel1957


... very sleepy little place with dive boat and fishing boat charters readily available. The view form the lookout is amazing and Captain Cook must have been impressed by the views. The people were friendly and the advice for eating places were spot on. ...

Middle of nowhere, Cook, Australia travel blog

Middle of nowhere

A travel blog entry by lroff


[The travel brochures tell me that the Indian Pacific is the last remaining trans-continental train journey. This amazing train traverses Australia from cost to coast, between the sparkling waters of the Pacific and the Indian Oceans, a distance of 4352 ...

Jelly belly, the Toad, and Lyn, Melborne, Australia travel blog

Jelly belly, the Toad, and Lyn

A travel blog entry by fedthegoat


Probably one of the highlights of the entire trip, and the most compelling reason to visit Austriala. Forget Ularu, it's just a big rock. Forget Fraiser Island, it's just a load of sand. Don't even start on the oldest rainforest Daintree. Last ...

The Big Road Trip, The Great Ocean Road, Australia travel blog

The Big Road Trip

A travel blog entry by teamdac


So after our uneventful stay in Adelaide, it was time to pick up our hire car and head on our road trip!  We were travelling from Adelaide to Melbourne via the Great Ocean Road, and it was to take us a week.  Although I would ...

Cook, Cook, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by ridgway


... goes for 478 km. with no bend, the longest straight stretch of track in the world. The first stop was the tiny town of Cook that has a population of about 30 people, the second was Kalgorie which is a town built around the cash crop of Gold. After ...

Nullarbor Day 1, Cook, Australia travel blog

Nullarbor Day 1

A travel blog entry by dave.hernandez


Ceduna to "Great Australian Bight" Campsite stats: distance travelled: 429 kms elapsed time: 8:08 hrs  time moving:  5:13 hrs  average driving speed 82.4 km/h The actual coordinates the "Great Australian Bight" campsite are: 31º34.430'S, ...

melbourne, Getting settled, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by joycey


i'm trying to download a few ...

Wrong Address again, My house, Australia travel blog

Wrong Address again

A travel blog entry by pallworthy

For the love of the lord. I got my address wrong again: 238 Smith Street Collingwood VIC 3066 (not 3006) ...

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