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The Bone Collector, Caiguna, Western Australia, Australia travel blog

The Bone Collector

A travel blog entry by scottwoz

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... some wholesome, lairy characters. A team of four railway engineers who travel around these lonesome outposts servicing the electrics of Australia's remotest railways. We ended up back at their cabin and got blind. They were proper strineys too and so ...

Ceduna - Caiguna 835kms, Caiguna, Australia travel blog

Ceduna - Caiguna 835kms

A travel blog entry by paulandlin


... Australia where nearly immediately we are pulled over by the police....Random breath test and licence check (the difference! over in South Australia everyone seems to be drinking and driving)- Lin gets a zero on the breath test and on we go another ...

Rettilineo, Caiguna, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by planetvale


... in un aeroporto! Superata Balladonia, incontriamo il cartello che ci avvisa che stiamo per percorrere il rettilineo piu' lungo d'Australia, e probabilmente uno dei piu' lunghi del mondo. Volante che non si muove di una virgola e acceleratore piantato sui ...

Baxter Rest Area, Caiguna, Australia travel blog

Baxter Rest Area

A travel blog entry by georgejanene


Forecast for today - wind and then more wind with possible gusts up to 90kph. Did not look all that appealing for driving today but we set off anyway. As the day went on, the wind got stronger. Fortunately it was more of a tail wind for most of the way ...

The longest straight, Caiguna, Australia travel blog

The longest straight

A travel blog entry by tourdeoz


As usual we got up an hit the road while it was still dark about 4am, it started to rain, but thankfully it only lasted a couple of minutes, its not fun riding on the slippery roads in the rain with all this weight on our bikes, we got to balladonia and ...

Caiguna, Eyre Highway, WA, Caiguna, Australia travel blog

Caiguna, Eyre Highway, WA

A travel blog entry by aussie_trip


... your brain could go to mush with the lack of activity but we both think it was a great experience. We met some awesome people and lost a few pounds from running outback to keep our sanity!!! That was the 'Real Australia' everyone tries to find. ...

Nullarbor, Caiguna, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by maas


Nach 840 km wollten wir auf einem 24 Std. Picknickplatz uebernachten. Jedoch sind wir daran vorbei gefahren und wollten einen U-turn machen. Da es jedoch den ganzen Tag nur geregnet hatte war die Erde neben der Strasse ziemlich "pfludig" und wir sind mit ...

Cape Le Grand, Caiguna, Australia travel blog

Cape Le Grand

A travel blog entry by kerney


... that day and start our journey across the Nullabor in the hope of catching a couple of nice days at Cactus Beach in South Australia. We packed up, then had a swim at Hellfire Bay, beautiful coloured water, around 18 degrees - but the wind was testing in ...

Great Southern Right Whales, Caiguna, Australia travel blog

Great Southern Right Whales

A travel blog entry by submergedfrogs


I haven't blogged for a few days but yesterday was nothing to write home about. We left Esperance very early, 0700, to head as far as we could. We ended up doing 780kms, stopping at a free camp, Moodini Bluff, 26kms East of Madura. It was a very very ...

On the road again..., Caiguna, Australia travel blog

On the road again...

A travel blog entry by jillsy

Well the highlight of this day was driving on the longest straight stretch of road in Australia. 146kms of straightness. I'm dead keen to get home so we aren't really stopping to sightsee anymore, which in hindsight is a bad idea. Next time, we'll ...

A shower never felt so good, Caiguna, Australia travel blog

A shower never felt so good

A travel blog entry by busmartins


... gas at Cocklebiddy (60c/litre) and the guy there gave us some vouchers for tea, coffee and a shower.  We pushed on to Caiguna where we enjoyed free cuppas and best of all a SHOWER.  I hadn’t had one since Monday and Kimbo since ...

What time is it?, Caiguna, Australia travel blog

What time is it?

A travel blog entry by deleenheer


... power coming out of our yin yangs. I am writing this from another roadside stop, this one about 30km west of Caiguna right on Australia's longest straight road (145kms). The stars above are brilliant tonight, but clear skies mean warm clothes are on ...

Norseman to Caiguna., Caiguna, Australia travel blog

Norseman to Caiguna.

A travel blog entry by moffatsoztrip


... a photo at the sign that told us we were about to travel on the longest stretch of straight road in Australia.   The last hole for today was at Caiguna Raid House and we ate dinner here before Moff drove s short distance ready to start the day at ...

Silent Scorpions, Caiguna, Australia travel blog

Silent Scorpions

A travel blog entry by bee.hive


... nbsp;must admit before this journey I always thought that the Nullarbor was a dirt road that ran right through the middle of Australia, like the equator line on the globe. Pfft. It actually follows the bottom of the country, passes the SA border ...

Day 4 of trip, Caiguna, Australia travel blog

Day 4 of trip

A travel blog entry by eddi6063


Stopped here for a cuppa. It was a Roadhouse with Fuel, food, and ...

cocklebiddy first time on the computer, Caiguna, Australia travel blog

cocklebiddy first time on the computer

A travel blog entry by wemmiwhim


... 000 dollar set up for your morning view. he he./ Well we went to a camper store and now i have an ensuite, Campers around australia sigh in relief.  The next day we headed into town, few hassles with 15yr old whom shall remain nameless. half and hour ...

Free camp, Caiguna, Australia travel blog

Free camp

A travel blog entry by langdons

90 mile ...

DAY 88 – Caiguna Roadhouse - Nallabor - WA, Caiguna , Australia travel blog

DAY 88 – Caiguna Roadhouse - Nallabor - WA

A travel blog entry by mainey


... and had a cuppa (yep Jayde and I chatted quite a while). About 27kms from Balladonia we started the longest straightest road in Australia of 146.6km. Onto next tee off and deciding to camp at next course Caiguna Roadhouse. When we pulled up there was ...

Nullabour, Caiguna, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by debbiestevenson

... been left, but have noticed that all the bins at rest areas have bins overflowing, they obviously don't get emptied. Stopped at Caiguna blowhole, it's basically a cave in the ground and you can feel the cold air coming up from it. Now on the longest ...

Day 79. The Nullarbor Plains Part 1 Still WA, Caiguna, Australia travel blog

Day 79. The Nullarbor Plains Part 1 Still WA

A travel blog entry by sammy64


... We then headed east along the Eyre Hwy, a very boring road except for 146.6km which is the longest straight road in Australia. We have stopped part way for the night because the Nullarboring Plains are so exciting we want the experience to last longer. ...

Walbeobachtung?, Caiguna, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by rahelundpeter


... ; die Stunde rumsitzen und die Szenerie geniessen war trotzdem schön, auch ohne Southern Right Kolosse... An der Grenze zu Western Australia gibt es einen bemannten Quarantäne-Checkpoint, was wir zum Glück wussten und unsere Einkäufe und unser gekoche ...

Day 8 Nullarbor Roadhouse, SA to Caiguna, WA, Caiguna WA, Australia travel blog

Day 8 Nullarbor Roadhouse, SA to Caiguna, WA

A travel blog entry by missdella


... my mind; the whole place was filthy, and I had a bad feeling about it all so I drove on. I stopped again at  Caiguna Roadhouse further up the highway; it was basic but clean and staff were friendly. The caravan park was the usual gravel ...

Way out on the Eyre at Caiguna, Caiguna, Australia travel blog

Way out on the Eyre at Caiguna

A travel blog entry by pete-anne


... to make the crossing. The distance between Balladonia and Caiguna is 182 kms.  145 kms of this distance is Australia’s longest highway straight.  Anne drove the whole stretch, while I operated the large artificial hand at every vehicle ...

The border crossing, Caiguna, Australia travel blog

The border crossing

A travel blog entry by bates01


... the structure. Made a quick stop to watch the eagle that had been feeding on the roadkill in front of us. Tonights stop is Caiguna roadhouse.  Best shower yet - very 70's with the shower head being like a bucket poured over your head.  Decided ...

WA bound, Caiguna, Australia travel blog

WA bound

A travel blog entry by drownsroundaus


Was a long day but we finally made it. Due to the time difference change we decided to set our clocks back last night but realised that we had put them forward so then had to change them back again 3hrs! So ended up going to sleep about 8pm which was ...

Caiguna WA, Caiguna, Australia travel blog

Caiguna WA

A travel blog entry by clarkewa


Drop off pills and head to the edge of town to view the Caiguna ...

Oztrip, Caiguna, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by oztrip

Today we left Esperance for the big drive across the Nullabor Plains we drove for about 500 klms until we found a spot to camp on the ...

Cocklebiddy, Caiguna, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by sebtm


On avance de nouveau, cette voici-ci jusqu'à Cocklebiddy. La route s'étant rapproché de la côte on s'arrête pour entrecouper la route de quelques belles photos. Bilan: - Great Australian Bight Marine Park - Chevaux sur une air de repos ...

blowhole, Caiguna, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by adriananddenise

.. ...

O/N Stay, Caiguna, Australia travel blog

O/N Stay

A travel blog entry by thomsonphamalee


An overnight stay at the Caiguna Roadhouse, Eyre Hwy. ...

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