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The Southern Highlands, Bowral, Australia travel blog

The Southern Highlands

A travel blog entry by catherinemoldau


... and found the few adaptations required before The Big Trip. We met Di and Grant and some of his family for Sunday brunch in Bowral. Michael and I will be flying back to Sydney from Perth for Diana And Grants wedding on 2 May. So it was really nice ...

Sidetrip to Bowral, Bowral, Australia travel blog

Sidetrip to Bowral

A travel blog entry by arleneandjavier


... us on a great hike down to rather dramatic and lush park, completely unlike the mental picture we had set for Australia.  We had, of course, pictured red clay, kangaroos underfoot and perhaps a motley crew of vehicular barbarians ...

Arriving in Australia, Bowral, Australia travel blog

Arriving in Australia

A travel blog entry by donnakingdon


... between movies ( I watched 7 in total), and after 5 1/2 hours, I lifted the window shade and got my first glimpse of Australia's northern coast. It was very exciting to know that I was now looking and flying over Australia and that Sydney was now only 3 ...

Tulip time in Bowral, Bowral, Australia travel blog

Tulip time in Bowral

A travel blog entry by donnakingdon


Tulip time in Corbett Gardens in Bowral, with massive displays of flower colour annually at the end of ...

Little sojourn to the Southern Highlands, Bowral, Australia travel blog

Little sojourn to the Southern Highlands

A travel blog entry by danskgirl

... . No starters, no desserts and a bottle of pure blonde. Quite nice actually. Finally got to our friends lovely place in Bowral before 6pm, where a selection of lovely cheeses, crackers, fruit & antipasti awaited us.  Started with a ...

Unload they extra, Bowral, Australia travel blog

Unload they extra

A travel blog entry by middletonfamily

Bowral   The next was Mum and Dad at Bowral where we unloaded all the van out onto there drive and left behind about 200 kg of stuff we thought that we would need but couldn't really fit We think that the extra stuff would not be helping with the ...

...better day, Bowral, Australia travel blog

...better day

A travel blog entry by lmitchell


... train station which was painful. Got to central station got my ticket and boarded the train. I had to switch trains at Cambletown and arrived in Bowral at 3:55 just in time to be picked up by Sue. She brought her dog Trix in the car with her so we went to ...

The home of Don Bradman, Bowral, Australia travel blog

The home of Don Bradman

A travel blog entry by taraford


We took the opportunity to take Tara for a run just to make sure she was back to full health. Visited Bowral, a beautiful town in the Southern Highlands where the Don Bradman Cricket museum is located. We aren't cricket nuts but the Museum was ...

Happy New Beginnings, Bowral, New South Wales., Australia travel blog

Happy New Beginnings

A travel blog entry by peekayloon

... before we return to work, and will spend most of that time staying with Martine's mother in the Southern Highlands at Bowral, doing lots of gardening, a spot of house maintenance, some dog walking, and hopefully beginning to put into practice some of the ...

From Melb to Sydney., Bowral, Australia travel blog

From Melb to Sydney.

A travel blog entry by haveago


... was with Janet Williams-Smith who runs CPS’s Early Childhood program. This program is the first of its kind in Australia and is taking overseas research and vigorously evaluating in Australia.  Can see more details on their link : ...

Around Bowral, Bowral, Australia travel blog

Around Bowral

A travel blog entry by geoffdawe


A quiet day touring locality. However we did manage a wine tasting. Drive through countryside to see couple of waterfalls - Fitzroy and Bellman. See pictures. We leave tomorrow morning for the Dye family get together at Tumut. From there we head South ...

Day 1 Bowral - Sydney, Bowral, Australia travel blog

Day 1 Bowral - Sydney

A travel blog entry by adventuremums


... train to Broken Hill. The plan was for Team Pullan (Mum - Paula, kids - Danni 7yo and Zac 5yo) to catch the train from Bowral meeting Team King (Mum - Suzanne, kids - Max 11yo, Mitch 8yo & Emily 5yo) on the train when they boarded at Mittagong. ...

Final preparations, East Bowral, Australia travel blog

Final preparations

A travel blog entry by suzeey


Today the truck had a new set of Cooper ST Maxx all terrain tyres fitted at half-price to replace the previous set which developed multiple cracks between the tread and along the sidewalls. Then it was off to Sandra for me to have a short back 'n' sides ...

Getting ready for Dubbo, Bowral, Australia travel blog

Getting ready for Dubbo

A travel blog entry by brucedavie


No, I'm not on the ...

Bradman Centre, Bowral, Australia travel blog

Bradman Centre

A travel blog entry by ourcaravan


We left Sydney and headed to Bowral as the boys wanted to visit the Bradman Museum. Hugh loved it while mum lasted about 10 minutes before she had had enough. When we returned to the car we unfortunately had a flat battery. Prior to leaving we had signed ...

The Way Home 1, Bowral, Australia travel blog

The Way Home 1

A travel blog entry by pops4


... mechanics replace the fuel filter. Unfortunately this made no difference whatsoever to the truck's performance, but we made it into Bowral a bit after 6pm . We spent a relaxed and extremely comfortable evening with our old friends "The Wilsons". It was ...

Care to hire a Yank?, Bowral, Australia travel blog

Care to hire a Yank?

A travel blog entry by turicchi

So, I got a job across the street from my school at a fabulous hotel/resort and restaurant. Wonderful owners and managers that let me be the "Dessert Queen". I blame them for my 50 pound gain in 6 months. O.k. maybe not their fault, and maybe they ...

My new Photoblog, Bowral, Australia travel blog

My new Photoblog

A travel blog entry by qfroaming

Check out my new photoblog at - "Sue Ellis is Quantum Foam Roaming"  (  I will be updating it on an ongoing basis with new photos as well as some of my favourites from this trip.  ...

Coffee shops, Bowral, Australia travel blog

Coffee shops

A travel blog entry by shobden


... we meet again soon. Before we left, there was just enough time for L and J to take us to the Farmers Market in Bowral where some of the food temptations were too delicious to ignore. Finally it was time for more emotional farewells but with a certain ...

A trip to Bowral!, Bowral, Australia travel blog

A trip to Bowral!

A travel blog entry by margaret_pino


... with acres of garden. As we had arrived early Sue took us to see Berrima which has the oldest licensed Inn in Australia. The woman who owned it was named Henrietta Darietta who is now deceased. There were some great little shops with local produce and ...

Must Do's, Bowral, Australia travel blog

Must Do's

A travel blog entry by underworld-x

Cities of the Underworld under ...

Familiar teriitory, Bowral, Australia travel blog

Familiar teriitory

A travel blog entry by shobden


... so we eventually drank the bubbly at 12.30. Despite their warnings, we did not encounter a single wombat on the journey back to Bowral. With the temperatures close to 30 for the next few days, we did very little other than revisit some coffee shops after ...

On our way, Bowral, Australia travel blog

On our way

A travel blog entry by guykb


After a very early start we made it to Bowral Station in time for our train. Here's the happy ...

I am a Solo Traveller, Bowral, Australia travel blog

I am a Solo Traveller

A travel blog entry by qfroaming


Life is not a virtual experience. Life is real and a one-off opportunity to achieve happiness. That is why I am going on this solo trip to the USA – I want to live a REAL LIFE that makes me happy. Some people do not understand my reason or purpose, ...

We're almost ready, Bowral, Australia travel blog

We're almost ready

A travel blog entry by ronvivian


... . Packing is almost completed - suitcases too small as usual but we are carrying half a suitcase of sheets for Christopher!! We leave Bowral on Monday and fly out early Tuesday morning for Dubai.  Sad to be missing the beautiful colours of the ...

MISTY SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS, Bowral, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by hazel.leslie


... good coffee and freshly baked muffins (amongst lots of other good looking stuff), as if we needed more food!!  Our Studio apartment in Bowral is very comfortable and is a short walk to the main street, Bong Bong Street. The next day we aimed to visit ...

Under 2 weeks to go!!, Bowral, Australia travel blog

Under 2 weeks to go!!

A travel blog entry by timdavisrice


Oscar is almost 6, the cat has had his nuts chopped and the clock is ticking.... So much for every one to do before we board the plane. The boys have their second last soccer match tomorrow and O is having his 6th birthday party. Max has to finish ...

Adventure Mums Introducing Ourselves, Bowral, Australia travel blog

Adventure Mums Introducing Ourselves

A travel blog entry by adventuremums

... both work part time and focus on balancing work, family and fun. We are best friends from the Southern Highlands region of NSW, Australia. We often go on trips together as our husbands usually have to work during school holidays and we found it more fun ...

Ready to go., Bowral, Australia travel blog

Ready to go.

A travel blog entry by suzeey


It's raining tonight in Bowral, but we are packed and ready to leave in the morning, hoping to drive out of the rain and in to fine ...

Arrived in Boral, Bowral,  Australia travel blog

Arrived in Boral

A travel blog entry by knich


1st order of business off to the ...

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