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Aug 19, 2010, Chicoana, Argentina travel blog

Aug 19, 2010

A travel blog entry by


Continuing the road trip...., Chicoana, Argentina travel blog

Continuing the road trip....

A travel blog entry by candcthai


... and invoked Gauchito Gil. The next day his foal was recovered and he has been a believer ever since. All around Chicoana are tobacco fields and huge tin drying cabins.  Apparently Golden Virginia grow tobacco here (but call the farm ...

De klasse van 'oud geld', Chicoana, Argentina travel blog

De klasse van 'oud geld'

A travel blog entry by patuzeltje


Omdat we niet langs de kant van de weg willen staan bij Purmamarca om ons oude ticket naar Salta te verzilveren, kopen we een nieuw buskaartje en nemen de bus vanuit Tilcara. Dat valt tegen! Geen fijne, luxe bus dit keer maar een gammel ding waar ik ...

Gauchos, Chicoana, Argentina travel blog


A travel blog entry by soschmas

Ein paar Tage reiten (lernen) und viel Fleisch essen (Asado). Enrique ist beleidigt, wenn wir nicht je ein Kilo Lomo (sehr lecker!) essen. Stefan ist ein Naturtalent, ich tue mich ein  bisschen schwerer, wenn es schnell wird... Aber das kenne ich ja ...

el carril, El cafayate, Argentina travel blog

el carril

A travel blog entry by lior77

hey after a few days in salta, and these were some really great days, with lots of food, i always was hungry, even a minute after i ate lunch or dinner, and i had some good steack, lots of beer, i saw a colombian show, and danced alittle bit something ...

Why we skipped Uruguay, Chicoana, Argentina travel blog

Why we skipped Uruguay

A travel blog entry by lucyorsman


... thought this was a bit much for a day trip. The next stage of our journey takes us to the north west of Argentina, to a small village called Chicoana in the region of Salta. It is summer, but intense heat means rain, for 9 months of the year they don't ...

Breathtaking Horseback Riding Adventure, Chicoana, Argentina travel blog

Breathtaking Horseback Riding Adventure

A travel blog entry by edanderika


... to make us dinner of cuchara parada or standing spoon stew.  Our guide turned out to be 21, a rodeo star in Argentina, and an incredible talent for horses.  He loved running the horses a short distance and then stopping them to where they ...

Yee'ha, Ride 'em Cowgirl, Chicoana, Argentina travel blog

Yee'ha, Ride 'em Cowgirl

A travel blog entry by jmabro


Since we went riding in El Calafate and Annie discovered she really enjoyed riding, we have been looking for somewhere to go riding again. There have been a few places we would have liked to go but, for whatever reason, have not. Annie read about a horse ...

Salta so far...., Chicoana, Argentina travel blog

Salta so far....

A travel blog entry by shammann


... 18 that I haven't had a drink to celebrate our patron saint. Ah well, will make up for it next year. So my mission in Argentina is over. Just got back from Bolivia and have a few days here in Chicoana before I take to the road again. How to sum up ...

Sexy gauchos, asados, and so much more., Chicoana, Argentina travel blog

Sexy gauchos, asados, and so much more.

A travel blog entry by sroblin1729


We survived the 18 hour bus ride to Salta (which surprisingly was not too bad!) and made our way to Sayta, the ranch we were staying at.  Upon arrival, Enrique and one of his "workers" graciously welcomed us to their ranch. To say that Enrique is a ...

Day 11 - Sayta Estancia - Day with a Gaucho, Salta, Argentina travel blog

Day 11 - Sayta Estancia - Day with a Gaucho

A travel blog entry by rookietravelers


... , Enrique himself had prepared the Asado - it seemed to be his speciality. This was the best meal that we had eaten in Argentina and from Niyati's perspective, the best Asado she has ever had. I couldn't eat the Asado but I could definitely see that it ...

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