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Feb 28, 2013, Lubango, Angola travel blog

Feb 28, 2013

A travel blog entry by timshazz


Enfin l'angola, Lubango, Angola travel blog

Enfin l'angola

A travel blog entry by vmarchal


... où tu vas, et finalement j'ai été pris en voiture pour trouver un hôtel pas cher et ceci sans demander de l'argent... Lubango est une jolie ville avec 2 attractions le christo rei comme à Rio, une grande statue du christ qui surplombe la ville; et ...

Angolan camping, Lubango, Angola travel blog

Angolan camping

A travel blog entry by beattie99


Beautiful scenery from immense baobabs to rocky outcrops to dry savannah, you can tell we're getting close to Namibia! Angola is quite beautiful and real big sky country! Roads are great and have the telltale signs of a newly laid Chinese road... My love ...

Angola Day 3 of 5 - More Sitting, Lubango, Angola travel blog

Angola Day 3 of 5 - More Sitting

A travel blog entry by phileasfarx

... that was about it really.   The scenery was marvellous at times; very mountainous is central Angola and beautiful coastline too. We arrived at Lubango at around 10pm, 15 hours after leaving Luanda.  These tortuously long journeys, often on ...

Mar 22, 2011, Lubango, Angola travel blog

Mar 22, 2011

A travel blog entry by frusc101


tribes en haarspeldbochten, Lubango, Angola travel blog

tribes en haarspeldbochten

A travel blog entry by danieinafrika


Hoogtepunten van Angola zijn toch wel de traditionele tribes en de haarspeldbochtenweg van Lubango naar Namibe. Ook heel leuk het Christusbeeld. Nummer 1 is natuurlijk die in Rio de Janeiro, nummer 2 is in Lissabon. Maar nummer 3 in Angola is zeer zeker ...

Cristo Rei, Lubango, Angola travel blog

Cristo Rei

A travel blog entry by kenziertw


... and bushcamped at 1700 meters (5525 feet) - I needed my sleeping bag for the first time since Mount Cameroon. 20th March We drove to Lubango, where we went to see the 'Cristo Rei', a statue of Christ (at 2000 meters/3250 feet), much like in Rio . ...

Dec 05, 2009, Chibia, Angola travel blog

Dec 05, 2009

A travel blog entry by trekker65


My night in the bus station, Lubango, Angola travel blog

My night in the bus station

A travel blog entry by carlosherbane


... obviously was not true. As we arrived at the SGO terminus, there was a whole crowd of people boarding buses to Benguela and Lubango. I got a fright when I was told that there were no buses until tomorrow. Aiuka had gone and I was stranded. At the last ...

Jenman African Safaris & my Angolan 4x4 Expedition, ANGOLA , Angola travel blog

Jenman African Safaris & my Angolan 4x4 Expedition

A travel blog entry by nickyj30


... that had previously done one of their African tours. We visited the Iona National Park, Ruacana, Foz do Cunene, Lake Arco, Lubango and much more. Jenman was very helpful with my booking – they even assisted with local flights which I found amazing ...

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