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The Himba, Epupa Falls, Namibia travel blog

The Himba

A travel blog entry by djchurch

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... , in the area called Kaokoland. Tribal conflicts with the Nama people eventually forced these people to flee in neighbouring Angola, where they sought aid from another tribal group, the Ngambwe. These people treated the people from north west Namibia ...

Compromisso, Luanda, Angola travel blog


A travel blog entry by missoesurbanas


Na finalização do projeto não poderiamos deixar de desafiar os universitários de Angola a se comprometerem em dar continuidade ao evangelismo na universidade. Estamos na ultima semana e o projeto não acabou. Este foi o primeiro projeto missionário ...

Morals and humanity from the ground up, Casalettovillle, Angola travel blog

Morals and humanity from the ground up

A travel blog entry by superfun

From the Deep Thoughts department: Come join a group of younger adults at 1819 Oakwood NE for some conversation. Matt Lovell is starting this. Let him know if you are interested even a little. He says, "For a while now I have not believed in any god ...

The remote North, Marienfluss, Namibia travel blog

The remote North

A travel blog entry by emmaw


I know I have said this before but I am looking at an amazing view! Our half of the group left camp at 8.30 and began the drive towards the Marienfluss. We had been driving for about 20 minutes when we noticed the others weren't behind us. We tried to ...

Um milagre a cada dia, Luanda, Angola travel blog

Um milagre a cada dia

A travel blog entry by missoesurbanas


Durante o tempo em que estivemos envolvidos com o Projeto Angola foi possível ver a poderosa mão de Deus sobre as nossas vidas.  Eu falei para os estudantes em uma de nossas reuniões: nós precisaremos de um milagre de Deus para irmos para Angola. ...

Igreja, Luanda, Angola travel blog


A travel blog entry by missoesurbanas


... em nossos projetos missionários sempre conseguimos um violão emprestado em alguma igreja. Mas não foi isso o que aconteceu em Angola. Quando chegamos lá descobrimos que não havia violão em quase nenhuma das igrejas que fomos. As igrejas que ...

Movimento de Oração, Luanda, Angola travel blog

Movimento de Oração

A travel blog entry by missoesurbanas


Sem dúvida alguma, a oração foi uma das nossas ferramentas mais ...

Despedida, Luanda, Angola travel blog


A travel blog entry by ikono


Não vou concluir o blog com reflexões muito profundas e pseudo-intelectualóides de um pretensioso super-homem com bagagem de vida suficiente para dar uma de alto moralista. Vou deixar os Outkast e o Cee-lo fazerem isso por mim, com o refrão de um som ...

Day 13 - Sunset Cruise, Nkwasi Camp, Angola travel blog

Day 13 - Sunset Cruise

A travel blog entry by aporter

... River. Very peaceful, although a bit contriversal. Not only did we drift past a number of people trying to take their evening baths, but we did also made a brief, yet "illegal", stop in Angola. The local kids didn't seem to mind though. :) ...

Evangelismo, Luanda, Angola travel blog


A travel blog entry by missoesurbanas


Fomos para a universidade Agostinho Neto e tivemos um tempo muito bom de ...

Angola's Story, Luanda, Angola travel blog

Angola's Story

A travel blog entry by hmax


... irrational border officials. There was a group sigh of relief when, with only an hour or two delay, we obtained access into Angola. However initially we were not able to extend our 5-day visa, which left an unrealistic expectation that we could drive over ...

Chegando à casa, Luanda, Angola travel blog

Chegando à casa

A travel blog entry by ikono


A tarde já se despedia e quando assim é, as perspectivas de avançar convenientemente são anorécticas. Ainda assim e para que não ficasse com uma má ideia do meu próprio país quando tivesse de o comparar com os outros, as boleias apareceram umas ...

Treinamento, Luanda, Angola travel blog


A travel blog entry by missoesurbanas


O treinamento aconteceu na IEBA - Igreja Evangelica Batista de Angola e contou com muitos participantes. a maioria universitários de diversas faculdades de Luanda. Eles ficaram muito empolgados com o treinamento e foi muito bom no momento em que ...

Illegally in Angola!, Calai, Angola travel blog

Illegally in Angola!

A travel blog entry by momentsintime


... Indeed….what a good surprise it was!   Who would have thought that I would have stepped foot one day in Angola, especially “illegally”!   I was more than happy to tick off “Angola” as another country I've ...

A Cidade, Luanda, Angola travel blog

A Cidade

A travel blog entry by missoesurbanas


A Cidade de Luanda tem suas particularidades. Vamos ver algumas coisas sobre os hábitos locais e funcionamento. O centro da cidade é formado de prédios antigos e rua asfaltada. A cidade ainda está em fase de reconstrução. Muita poeira e carretas ...

Angola, Indiana, Angola, United States travel blog

Angola, Indiana

A travel blog entry by donstevenson


Don was interviewed yesterday by Margie Metzger, of the Sturgis (Michigan) Journal. Margie's story is at ...

Chegamos em Luanda, Luanda, Angola travel blog

Chegamos em Luanda

A travel blog entry by missoesurbanas


... bem cansativa, desembrcamos em Luanda. Fomos recebidos pela equipe de missionários da Cruzada Estudantil e Profissional para Cristo de Angola, que nos conduziu até o local onde ficamos hospedados. Antes de embarcarmos eu estava tratando com o senhor ...

Enfin l'angola, Lubango, Angola travel blog

Enfin l'angola

A travel blog entry by vmarchal


Finalement, j'ai eu mon visa pour l'Angola à oshakati. Cela m'a couté 200 dollars US pour avoir privilège. Le consul était de mauvaise humeur... pas de négociation possible. Mais, j'ai eu de la chance car au lieu d'attendre 10 jours comme les autres ...

Cabinda, Cabinda, Angola travel blog


A travel blog entry by ikono


... hitleriano cego. Entretanto foi esse sentimento que me deu uma fraqueza nos joelhos, me obrigou a sentar, tirar a minha bandeira de Angola que tinha estado no fundo da mochila desde o início da minha viagem e, aproveitando o raro momento de solidão que ...

Angola, Luanda, Angola travel blog


A travel blog entry by andrewsinclair


... truck drove up to where we could get a good photo of the thin needle-like structure of the Mausoleum of Agostinho Neto, Angola's first president.  Driving down the coast road we visited the Miradouro de Lua, a veritable moonscape of rust and ...

Benguela..., Benguela, Angola travel blog


A travel blog entry by beattie99


Chill day so relaxing, pool and 3 huge meals a day! Left late in the morning after breakfast to make Benguela for the day. On route we met up with Tommy (another over lander I'd previously charts to on HU). Thinks he's had a hard time of it so we invite ...

Angolan camping, Lubango, Angola travel blog

Angolan camping

A travel blog entry by beattie99


Beautiful scenery from immense baobabs to rocky outcrops to dry savannah, you can tell we're getting close to Namibia! Angola is quite beautiful and real big sky country! Roads are great and have the telltale signs of a newly laid Chinese road... My love ...

Hello Angola!, Luanda, Angola travel blog

Hello Angola!

A travel blog entry by beattie99


... into he cheerfully turns up and asks to see us... 2 stamps issued no problem just 2 hours later! I can't believe we're entering Angola already, the passport was so difficult to get and it feels like a final run from now! Hmm angolan border not much ...

Angola Day 1 of 5 - Tough Day, Soyo, Angola travel blog

Angola Day 1 of 5 - Tough Day

A travel blog entry by phileasfarx


... Bureaucratic describes it quite well.  Being asked for my itinerary, I noted down my planned route through Cabinda, DR Congo, Angola and into Namibia, sufficient information I reasoned.  No.  'Give me your whole route.’  ...

Angola Day 2 of 5 - Sitting, Luanda, Angola travel blog

Angola Day 2 of 5 - Sitting

A travel blog entry by phileasfarx


In truth I did not sleep much on the coach that night in Soyo. In fact it took me perhaps two hours to be able to sit still.  There is a comedown from adrenaline and tension which leaves you restless and fidgety. I did get some sleep though and I ...

Luanda don't think so..., Quicama, Angola travel blog

Luanda don't think so...

A travel blog entry by beattie99


... don't habla any anglais! I decide to get over my paranoia and move on... Especially when they charge $35 for chain! Angola is expensive! We headed out of town and stopped for a photo when we met a group of angolans taking some japanese tourists ...

Ангола, Humbe, Angola travel blog


A travel blog entry by 2africa


Ангола. Ночую километров 10 от г. Humbe.  Сплю на ...

Ангола, N’zeto, Angola travel blog


A travel blog entry by 2africa


Ангола. Пляж рядом с г. Ньзето.  Сплю на ...

Problem at border, Uene, Angola travel blog

Problem at border

A travel blog entry by mikeandmary

Went through the DRC customs with no problems and drove across the little river bridge into Angola. In the immigration compound we had to hand over our passports for them to get photocopies of the visa and information page and they then stamped us in. ...

Freedom at last, Quinquengue, Angola travel blog

Freedom at last

A travel blog entry by mikeandmary


... were then allowed to see what was the other side of the gate. As we now only have 6 days to drive the length of Angola we had to drive quickly. This resulted in us once again breaking the new windscreen. We altered the route slightly and went towards the ...

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