Making TravelPod Better: August 2015 edition

Autumn is nearly upon and August has come and gone, so here’s a list of some of the most important things we improved on TravelPod last month:

  • We’ve (finally) removed the flash requirement for all of our photo-uploads, so you can now upload profile photos, trip photos, and do mass-uploading of blog photos directly from your mobile device!
  • The TravelPod iOS app has been updated to work with iOS 9. The new version hasn’t yet been released, but should be out in time for iOS9’s autumn release.
  • Blog photos now occupy the full width of the display when reading on mobile devices.
  • Comment-notification emails now include image thumbnails and snippets of blog content to provide a little more context.
  • As usual, we’ve also made a number of bug fixes and visual tweaks.

TravelPod is a big site, and we absolutely depend on your input for deciding what to give the most love. Please keep sending your feedback and tell us how we’re doing and what you’d like us to do better.

** Photo by TravelPod member oandb

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