If you haven’t heard, TravelPod will be closing on June 19, 2017. Refer to this FAQ to find answers to archive questions and more. We’ll keep this updated as questions come up.


How can I save my travel blogs?

We’ve created a tool for you to easily create an archive of all of your blogs, photos, and address book.
Follow the instructions at this link:


I paid for Enhanced Membership. Will I be reimbursed?

Yes! We are issuing a refund for any unused portion of current Enhanced Memberships as of May 15, 2017. We will send these refunds via PayPal within one week of this date. If you paid for an Enhanced Membership that is still active, you will receive an email to your PayPal email address notifying you of the credit back from PayPal.


I have clicked the “Start Archiving my Blog” button, but I don’t see my archive. What happened?

It takes our servers some time to compile all of your work into one file. We notify you with an email when your archive is ready for download. The email contains a link to your archive.


I received the email, and it contained a list of links. Why multiple downloads?

A small number of members have a large amount of content that will not fit into a single ZIP archive, so we have split those archives into several smaller ones. They work just like the normal archives.


If I download my blog, how can I keep blogging on a different platform?

We will include two versions of each trip in your archive. One version is a file that ends with “.html” and is great for viewing your blog on any computer. We also included a version of your blog that can be used to import your writing into WordPress, a free and excellent option for blogging. You may also use the file to import to other blogging tools that can read a WordPress import file. We have instructions for importing into WordPress here.


Are there any other options for keeping my blogs content online?

Yes! A community-driven archive site called TravelArk can help you preserve your blog online. Visit the following link to learn more: http://www.travelark.org/


I received the email with my archive link. Now what?

Most members will see a single big green button that says “Download file,” but members with several large blogs will see a list of download links. (This is due to size restrictions on ZIP files.) Click the link to start downloading an archive and your browser will begin the download process. When it’s complete, locate the .ZIP file in your Downloads folder and open it. It will expand into a folder containing HTML versions of all of your TravelPod blogs that you can view on your computer, a folder containing all of your photos and videos as they appeared on TravelPod, XML versions of your travel blogs (for importing into WordPress), and a file called READ_ME.TXT, which contains instructions for using all of these things.


I am on a phone or tablet, how will I get my archive?

We advise you to be very cautious when downloading using a mobile device. Some blog archives can be quite large and unless you are on a free wi-fi network, you may incur charges for downloading such a large file.

Some phones and tablets will download the zip archive, but in most cases you will need to copy it on to a computer to open the archive and view your offline blog.


My photos aren’t high resolution like they are on my camera/phone/hard drive

This is because TravelPod saves your photos at a lower resolution. We do not store full resolution photos, but we include the highest resolution photos that were used on TravelPod.com when you uploaded them.


I tried uploading my videos to WordPress, but they won’t upload. Why?

TravelPod saves your videos as .flv files, and this format is not supported by WordPress, unfortunately.

You can use a third-party tool like Handbrake or Adobe Media Encoder to convert your flv files into a format accepted by WordPress, such as mp4.

Please note that you must pay for a Premium account on WordPress to upload videos to the Media Library.


I want to host my own WordPress site instead of using their hosted solution on WordPress.com. Will my import file work on my WordPress installation?
Yes, it should work fine.


I followed the instructions for uploading my blogs to WordPress. It worked, but there are no photos.

For technical reasons, we are not able to create an import file that moves photos from TravelPod onto WordPress. You will need to manually place your photos using the admin tools on WordPress or whichever online blogging tool you may decide to use.


I clicked the link and instead of downloading a file I was sent to a page with a list of links.

Some members have created so much content that it cannot be zipped into a single archive file. For those members, we’ve created a page to allow for multiple, smaller archive files to be downloaded.


I have a question about my PayPal refund. Who can I talk to?

We can help you if you send an email including your TravelPod member ID to support@travelpod.com.