Fellow travellers and bloggers, we have some sad news to report. After 20 years of leading the travel blogging revolution, we’ve made the difficult decision to close TravelPod on June 19, 2017.

We realize that this will probably come as a surprise to some, but for others it may seem like a natural development, as the nature of sharing travel experiences continues to evolve in unexpected and exciting ways.

From the start, TravelPod led the way in helping people share their travel experiences with friends, family, and the world. Over TravelPod’s 20-year history, our members logged over 2 million blog entries and shared tens of millions of photos and videos, sharing short road trips, multi-year trips-of-a-lifetime, and everything in between. We’re incredibly proud of TravelPod, and the amazing contribution to connected travel that Luc Levesque made when he founded it in 1997, when travel blogging was new and blogging services were still just an idea. We’re equally proud of the many talented people who helped to make TravelPod the best way to share your journey on the web, whether you were on a laptop, in an internet cafe, or on your tablet or phone.

However, as all great journeys eventually end, we’ve decided the time is right to bring this amazing adventure to a close.

Our top priority is that members are able to back up their blogs, photos, and address books quickly and efficiently, so we have built an easy-to-use tool to do just that. All you have to do is request the backup archive using the tool found on your TravelPod Dashboard, and we will handle the rest. We’ll email you when your archive is ready for download.

The archive consists of a .ZIP file that you just double-click to install a folder on your computer. Inside this folder, you’ll find :

an HTML version of your profile page, including your Address Book. You can link to the other html files in the archive by opening this page in a browser.

an HTML version of each of your travel blogs, viewable locally on your computer in any browser

an XML version of each of your travel blogs specifically designed to upload easily into WordPress, which is a free and excellent blogging platform. (We’ve posted instructions for importing your TravelPod content into WordPress here.)

– within each blog folder, a folder containing all of your photos as they were saved on TravelPod

You can learn more by visiting your Dashboard, or by reading the blog post here.

We have also published an FAQ for quick answers to your questions about the archive tool and more.


A community-driven alternative: TravelArk

We would also like to mention that one very dedicated TravelPod member has started a project called TravelArk to create an alternative online copy of travel blogs for members who are interested. In addition to using our backup tool, we recommend you check out the site here: http://www.travelark.org/

Thank you for being a part of our journey and for using TravelPod to share your travels with the world. It was an amazing adventure!

The TravelPod Team