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Now in its 8th year, the Travelers’ Choice awards from TripAdvisor are the only hotel honors awarded by the world’s largest travel community, based on the trusted opinions of millions of real travelers.

This year’s award categories include Best Bargains, Best for Families, Best B&Bs and Inns, Best for Romance, Best Luxury, Best Service, and Best All-Inclusive. Plus, TripAdvisor has added two new categories for 2010: Trendiest and Best Relaxation & Spa.

Another new feature in 2010: Europeans’ Favorites, where TripAdvisor’s European members share their local insights on the best accommodations in Europe.

You can also browse travelers’ top 25 hotels by region: United States, Europe, India, China, and Japan.

See all the winners at Just one look and you’ll be packing your bags for a new adventure.

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