You can’t always impress people with a travel blog.

Sometimes having an actual book to display on the coffee table is what you really need.

Today we’re announcing a long awaited feature. Professional blog printing. For cheap.

Inside of your Trip Book

Inside of your Trip Book

Your blog can now be printed in soft or hard cover starting at $13.95 USD.

To get started, just click on “Turn blog into a book” in the side bar of any blog entry.

Alternatively, there is a banner ad that appears under all trips in your Dashboard and a link in the “Tools” drop down menu in your Dashboard.

Your Trip Book cover

Your Trip Book cover

You can customize the cover of your book with any photo, but it looks best with a horizontally oriented picture like this one. There will also be space for an author bio, blog comments, a table of contents and an introduction.

Check it out and then let us know what you think.


  1. The price for each blog you give is fine. However what if somebody like me who has so many entries in 4 different blogs with more than 5.470 photos?
    Will it be the same prize?

    I mean in one blog I have 111 entries. Is the above price fixed for no matter how many entries and photos one has? I really need more details on this. The idea is great though, a big thanks again.
    I am proud to be a member of Travelpod, and the Top Local Expert for 3 continuous months!

  2. i want your to be published at my blog..and im interested to avail the book stuff..but before geting me that..will it be possible for you reputed firm to provide me a sample via post or a soft copy as an idea- for eg your way to present my blog as a sample, then ill definity be realy be impressed n convinced to spent an amppount on your interesting stuff i read about you..
    Rather then browsing a free brows and a big environment running my own events on facebook and expandin my circle..
    Regards- fassi

    1. Fassi, sorry but we don’t send out samples of the books. If you play the video at the top of the book you can see some of the books that we had printed out for ourselves. They look great, I promise!

  3. Fantastic News….

    any discount for my blog printing coming my way in exchange for sending this idea to Luc? – emailed him with the idea – must have been almost 18months – 2 years ago

    Should be a great money spinner for the sight. good luck.. and let me know about that discount!
    cheers and happy new year
    Gayle and Rob

  4. i am nearing the end of my travels and would like to know more about this too. How much is the per page rate? how many pictures per entry are included? my blog is very long with over 12000 images

  5. That is seriously so very, very AWESOME!!!! Encourages me to use travelpod even more! Definitely getting one for every trip!

  6. I have a personal travel log from an extensive trip I took last year that I would like to publish in book form. This seems to be the perfit. How do I do this since it wasn’t in a true “blog” form?

    1. Marguerite, where is your travel log right now? To use this service, you have to have your blog up on

      TravelPod blogging accounts are free, so all you’d have to do is paste your writings into your blog at TravelPod and you’re ready to go.

      Louise Brown
      TravelPod Community Manager

  7. Hello Starlagurl,

    This is a Great Idea and I must say you give genuine, and quality information for bloggers. Great job!

    I have a personal Travel Blog ( and I would like to publish in book form.

  8. I have started my blog in 2005 and I would like you to publish 2005,2006, 2007, 2008, 2009. When can you let me know if you can do this and when.
    My cell phone number is 510-566-4010
    Laura Bornkamp

    1. Hi Laura, do you have an account at We currently only print blogs that are hosted on TravelPod.

      We can only help you out if you move your blogspot blog to TravelPod.

  9. Wonderful idea! Many readers have told me I should publish my blog as a book but I really couldn’t be bothered. So this would be a perfect solution!!!
    Would be cool if next to any blog entry there is a button saying something like “Get this blog as a book for $XXX.” so that readers can make an immediate informed choice rather than having to start a process of figuring the actual cost of the book.
    The site, by the way, is looking so much better. Great job, dear friends.

  10. I would love to create a TripBook from my blog but, like other bloggers, am worried about the size of it. I have approx 100 entries and over 5000 pics, not all of which i would want to see in printed form.

    However, i certainly don’t want to start deleting pictures or text from my original blog, so perhaps a solution may be allowing users to create a duplicate of their blog, which can then be summarised / amended as appropriate, a tripbook created from it and the original blog left intact.

    Is this a possibility?

  11. Hi Fruss,

    In the process of creating your blog, you will be guided through the process of selecting which entries are included in your book.

    As a temporary measure, you could move the photos you don’t want to put in your book into a blank entry.

    Then, you could create your book without including the entry you moved your photos to.

    Does that make sense?

    It would be really easy to do.

    Louise Brown
    TravelPod Community Manager

  12. Just to add to the great suggestion form Louise I would like to add that when you enter the the Book program you will have the opportunity to preview your book and you can remove items from it before you send it to be printed.

    Anything you remove from the book preview does not affect your blog whatsoever. Your blog will stay intact…only the proposed book would have the changes made to it.


    Jacques, TravelPod

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