We’ve all been in that situation before. You’re sitting at a substandard internet cafe waiting for your favourite website to load (TravelPod, of course). The computer looks like it came from 1982 and you’re using some kind of sketchy dial-up connection.

There’s no way you’ll be able to upload photos, but you just want to input a brief text update to let your friends know where you’re at.


Update Express to the rescue!

By going to www.travelpod.com/update you can bypass all the fancy stuff that makes TravelPod so cool on faster computers.

You can cut right to the chase and blog away in a stripped down version of the site.

Since we redesigned the dashboard section of the site, we redesigned Update Express while we were at it. We hope you like it.

Check it out


  1. The basic text editor updater
    link doesn’t appear to work it just redirects to the normal dashboard page ? I’ve seen a basic editor come up when my
    connection is slow, would you have a link to access this at other times? The reason is that only the basic editor
    works when posting from an iPod touch, the normal editor doesn’t work

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