I had an awesome time on my roadtrip across the USA. Me and my friends hopped in a car and visited the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and a hot spring in Denver. But the most memorable moments were meeting up with other bloggers.

Thank you to everyone who managed to make it out.

Planning a meetup in your town for TP bloggers is easy, I did it and I don’t even live in any of these places! I met some great people that I wouldn’t have met otherwise, and had some interesting travel talk with all of them. Contact me if you want to plan one of your own.

Here are some shots from our meetups:

Phoenix @ La Grande Orange

You can find these bloggers in the picture:

Judy (second from the right)
Tom (blue shirt way in the back)
Carrie and Thomas (pink shirt in the middle and white shirt seated)

Wichita @ River City Brewing Company


Des Moines @ Fong’s Pizza


Chicago @ Chief O’Neills

Suzanne (in front)
Carol and Bryan

Detroit @ Mexican Town

Irina and Arvid

Toronto @ Bier Markt




Marian and Ray