10 best places in England

by starlagurl

TravelPod forum regular, Sianeth compiled this list of the best things about England in the TravelPod forum discussion on the top 10 things about your home. Do you agree?

1. London town (specifically, go up to Primose Hill at night and look down over the lights of the city – awesome)

Evelyncagney on Primrose Hill

Evelyncagney on Primrose Hill

“At the weekend I had a great night out in Camden with the gang and eased the hangover with Sunday lunch and a stroll in Primrose Hill with Jenny, Steve and Paul.”Evelyncagney

2. Lake District

Traylertravels on Hadrian's Wall tsk tsk tsk

Traylertravels on Hadrian's Wall tsk tsk tsk

We got up the next morning & headed to Hadrian’s Wall. Now if you tell anyone that we climbed on an ancient Roman archeological site, we will just deny it!!!!Traylertravels

3. Peak District

Bandglittle on top the Heights of Abraham

Bandglittle on top the Heights of Abraham

The cable car ride is spectacular, the views amazing, and we are told this is the Peak Districts oldest attraction [not the cable cars just the mountain and caves].Bandglittle

4. Yorkshire Dales

Sianeth in the Yorkshire dales

Sianeth in the Yorkshire dales

We were given a guided tour of the Cave, complete with ridiculous hard hats.- Sianeth

5. Bath (slightly biased, but beautiful!)

Didi.smith in Bath

Didi.smith in Bath

Bath has been lovely! Probably the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to in my life!Didi.smith

6. Stonehenge

Bgtraveler2009 at Stonehenge

Bgtraveler2009 at Stonehenge

It was really windy and it’s fairly quiet so there’s definitely a mysterious, eerie air about the place. – Bgtraveler2009

7. York

Britt.mark at Clifford's Tower

Britt.mark at Clifford's Tower

“Strange city – not dirty but drab and maybe a little depressing but with a million arresting features everywhere you look and everything is dated pre 1800.”Britt.mark

8. Chester

Matt_and_ames in Chester

Matt_and_ames in Chester

We found Chester to be a very pretty town.Matt_and_ames

9. Oxford

Bodleian Library in Oxford

Bodleian Library in Oxford

“Oxford is amazingly beautiful.  In the summer there are literally thousands of college and English language programs there – one can barely walk down the street.”Jchiarie

10. The moors and beaches of Cornwall

Travelmonster at Perranporth Beach

Travelmonster at Perranporth Beach

“It’s fantastic being in Cornwall, wide open spaces, trees, rivers, rolling countryside and fresh spring air – I can breathe again, wonderful!!”Travelmonster

17 Responses to “10 best places in England”

  1. David Says:

    Personally, she missed the best part out. London !!!

  2. starlagurl Says:

    London was the first one!

  3. David Says:

    Oh yeah, I was blind. Still I personally think there are better places than Primrose Hill. Walk the city looking at Wren churches and monuments with St Paul’s being the highlight

  4. starlagurl Says:

    It’s just one lady’s list of the best of the UK.

  5. Anne Says:

    You’ve left out the Newcastle-Northumberland area, and clearly, no list is complete without the north east! :P

  6. Patti Says:

    IMHO Portobello Market in Notting Hill on a Sat. morning is THE place to be for both visitors and locals.

    It’s where you can buy fresh fruit and veg, antiques, souvenirs, be entertained by buskers, get a coffee/tea and people watch! Yes it can be crowded around noonish but that’s part of the charm, so go earlier or later if you want to miss the crowds.

    If you’re there on a Sunday, then Camden Town and Camden Market are the places to be.

  7. Michael Schwartz Says:

    Very glad to see Peak District is mentioned as high as three. I was living there up until about 18 months ago – when Toronto got the better of me! Overall, an excellent choice. How about St Albans and the Chiltern Hills? Or the Dorset coastline?
    Toodle-pip old fruits!

  8. florije Says:


  9. Gayle Says:

    Lakes is great, but Whitby is a must..seaside village that has it all

  10. whereswill Says:

    what about Manchester!!!!!!

  11. Smitten by Britain Says:

    Chester is on my list as well. So lovely.

  12. Arianna Says:

    you seem to have missed out durham. durham is a better version of york. My parents live there now and it is such a nice place!

  13. Jester Says:

    Brick Lane is definitely a must see around the east end of London!

  14. FabFour Says:


  15. Camden Market Says:

    Thanks for posting, Camden Lock has lots to offer every type of visitor, and it’s why it’s one of the city’s!the capital’s top holiday magnets.

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