5 best Philippines beaches

by starlagurl

In the TravelPod forums, zzz_Stan posted the five best beaches in the Philippines, according to him. Do TravelPod bloggers agree?

1. Boracay Beach

White Beach by Kiki1975

White Beach by Kiki1975

“Boracay is a beautiful spot and great if you like nightlife and crowds. However, I preferred quieter Malapascua and Bantayan.” – Kiki1975

2. Puerto Galera

Marelit in Puerto Galera

Marelit in Puerto Galera

“The nightlife in Sabang beach is too much.” – Marelit

3. Panglao Beach

Blue sunrise at Panglao Beach

Blue sunrise at Panglao Beach

“Sunrise on the beach is a photographer’s dream come true. The many rock formations on the east end provide a dramatic backdrop for the sentimental soul.” – Bingdc

4. Siargao

Siargao by Jack_and_dry

Siargao by Jack_and_dry

“The only beef I have is that the spot Cloud 9 is extremely over-rated, some saying it’s in the top 10 in the world for waves. Don’t think so!” – Jack_and_dry

5. Panglao

The beach in Panglao

The beach in Panglao

“There wasn’t alot to do here, lovely beach with white sand and blue water but very rough waves and lots of junk and what not up on the shore.” – Tracymiller

6 Responses to “5 best Philippines beaches”

  1. crismanila Says:

    I’m surprised that El Nido in Palawan is not on this list, are as Malapascua and Caramoan Islands off the coast of Cam Sur.

    Puerto Galera is nothing compared to the above beaches….

    Boracay gets 10 for beauty and 0 for peace and quiet. The beach is overcrowded by partiers and locals…

  2. starlagurl Says:

    Well, that’s why we have the comments section! Thanks for your suggestions. The list is subjective, of course.

  3. marissa Says:

    I agree El Nido, Palawan should be in there too. Puerto Galera should not be on the Top 5.

    I don’t understand why Panglao is #3 and #5

  4. crismanila77 Says:

    I’m surprised that starlagurl, the one who made this list, hasn’t been in the Philippines yet (if I were to base from her travel map).

    There are tons of beautiful beaches in the Philippines, and Puerto Galera is definitely NOT one of them.

    Palawan alone could make up the top 5.

    I can not vouch for Siargao, and I’ve only been to one Panglao beach, the one in Bohol. That doesn’t even come close to the other Philippine beaches. Where is the other Panglao beach located?

  5. starlagurl Says:

    For the record, I didn’t make this list, zzz_Stan did, as you can see from the forum posting that he did here:


  6. crismanila77 Says:

    Thanks for clarifying! Happy Travels!

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