Last weekend’s “Hawaiian Hotel” skit on Saturday Night Live has brought harsh criticism from the Hawaiian lieutenant governor and others. Hawaiian luau dancers are depicted as angry and condescending to tourists.

Well, I can say the feeling’s probably mutual. The derision towards tourists expressed in the skit matches the attitudes our bloggers had. Here’s just a sample of the negative reviews from the other side of the table:

Luau in Kauai, Hawaii

Luau in Kauai, Hawaii

In the evening, we joined most of the 2000 passengers from the ship on one of the many coaches to Luau Kalamaku … The whole experience was garish, shallow and completely fake. I really thought Jill was going to punch the photographer when he insisted we stand next to a half naked dancer to have our picture taken. We were back on the ship by 8:30pm so went to watch a variety show put on by the ship’s crew which was a very refreshing change from the staged Luau.

-from “The Green Island of Kauai” – Kauai, United States

Fiona_justin stopped at a luau after checking out Pearl Harbour:

Luau in Lahaina, Hawaii

Luau in Lahaina, Hawaii

We ended our week in Maui with an evening at the Old Lahaina Luau. Foe was impressed with the skill of the dancers. I was impressed with the unlimited open bar.

-from “Hanging loose in Hawaii” – Lahaina, United States

Luau dancers in Waikiki, Hawaii

Luau dancers in Oahu, Hawaii

Trippinwithleis was not so impressed with her luau experience in Oahu.

Well this evening Meg and I went out, intentionally this time, to the Polynesian Cultural Center for a supposedly authentic luau. I guess I had all of those images from the movies ingrained in my brain because I was very disappointed when we were sitting at long tables eating a buffet style meal.

-from “Weird…” – Oahu, United States