Bon Appetit magazine has just announced the top ten chili houses in America. This year, Ben’s Chili Bowl tops the list.

Some TravelPodders couldn’t resist a steaming bowl from the famous Washington, D.C. fixture.

Lambchop sampled more than just the chili at this historical institution:

Inside Ben's Chili Bowl

Inside Ben's Chili Bowl

We went to Ben’s Chili Bowl which is a historic restaurant that is famous for its half-smokes and chili dogs. It is a favorite of many celebrities including Bill Cosby and of politicians i.e. Hillary Clinton. Just think of a celebrity and they have probably been there. Ben’s Chili Bowl is also where I chatted up a cute little thing named Brittany. It was a very good time there.

-from “Wash.,DC” – Washington, District of Columbia, United States

The Golden Gate Boys Choir and Bellringers aka So29 also stopped in for some grub after a singing gig at the White House.

The choir outside of Ben's Chili Bowl

The choir outside of Ben's Chili Bowl

Today was a memorable day for the boys, and it isn’t even over! They began their morning by singing in front of the White House!
Can you imagine the significance of singing in front of the White House on July 4th? The Boys understood, and will never forget this experience!

-from “The White House!!” – Washington, District of Columbia, United States


  1. Make no mistakes about it, this is a chili joint, not some wannabe upscale restaurant serving a haute version of a comfort food nor is it downplayed to look like some jerkwater dive. It’s still in its original 50s lunch-counter chic.
    Ben’s offers a limited menu but you’re not here for sushi or osso buco. You’re here for two things and two things only. Chili and anything that can be covered with chili.

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