The latest floods in Venice are quite shocking, but this isn’t the first time that tourists haven’t waded around the canal city in slimey water up to their knees. Check out these blog posts from a waterlogged St. Mark’s Square

Founding member Clintonb writes about exploring the city during a flood in 2005.

Clint and Dan in St. Mark's Square

Clint and Dan in a flooded St. Mark's Square

We had to revisit the San Marco in this beautiful day, and it made it look so much better that the sun was out. haha however the entire square was under water!! THere were wooden planks up on stilts for access to the church. Unfortunatly very slow to get anywhere as hundreds of tourists all on these small planks makign it very slow to move.. so, with the very minor few of us there we took our shoes off, rolled our pants up and just walked through the water! It was absolutely disgusting and slimey water which is probably heavily diseased, but hey – it provided really good photo opertunities with no one in the way at all! haha Can you imagine all the pidgeon crap, and god knows what from the pollutance of the venezian canals that we’re walking through – haha mmmm!!!

-from “Walking through St. Mark’s sq under water“, Venice, Italy

Again, in 2006, the square was flooded as Mimmy21 can attest.

Flooded St. Mark's Square

Flooded St. Mark's Square

We decided to visit St Marks Square first- the main tourist desitination in Venice. Little did we realise that everybody else was heading there too. For a non-peak period- Venice was extremley busy and crowded! Trying to put on a brave face me and Maria faced the crowds and lined up with the rest of the tourists in the rain on the raised platforms which saved our feet from getting wet and frozen in the water that was fast filling up the square. Never in my life will l forget watching shops flooded with water, police patroling in gumboots, crazy tourists taking of their shoes and socks and hoping in the water just to get a good photo and dead pidgons floating by! All this distracted us for the real reason we were lining up in the first place- to enter the beautiful St Marks Cathedral!
-from “Venezia-Pizza, Gelato, Canals, Romance and Beauty!“, Venice, Italy

Sharon1306 also visited Venice in 2005, and was majorly inconvenienced by the flooding of St. Mark’s Square.

Walking the planks in Venice

Walking the planks in Venice

My feet are killing me, so I sit on the steps and people watch. Some tourists actually take off their footwear, roll up their pants and wade through the murky green water. And some are even splashing about having a nice time. All I can think of is the microscopic fungi and algae that probably infest the green water. Ugh.

After a while, we’re hungry and use the planks and cross the square to find somewhere to eat. It’s unbelievably crowded and the flooding is not helping matters. We’re inching our way forward on the plank along with other tourists when some emergency technicians (I think) shove their way past us with an injured, bleeding guy on a stretcher. It’s quite a sight. We finally make it to the other side and take a deep breath. Whew! After lunch, we walk back to the hotel for a little rest.

-from “Of secret itineraries and ghost walks…“, Venice Italy