Yep, I’m a list-aholic, and when it comes to travel lists, I’ve pretty much seen them all. Ten best beaches, 10 best historical monuments, 10 worst hotel rooms, 10 up and coming destinations, if you can dream up a travel list, I’ve probably seen it already.

Something I’ve never seen before though, was this list:

Top 10 Interesting Abandoned Places

Centralia, Pennsylvania

Centralia, Pennsylvania

The photography is amazing. I think it’s just fascinating to look at these pictures and imagine the landscape in a happier time, when kids would line up to ride the merry-go-round at Katoli World in Taiwan, or when old-timey miners strolled to work, metal lunchbox in hand, at the coal mine in Centralia, Pennsylvania.

Have you been to any of these abandoned places? Planning to go?

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Louise Brown

TravelPod Community Manager


  1. Varosha is good, but you can’t get to close to it. Miles of golden sand though.

    Chornobyl was an amazing place to visit. Seeing the wild boars were good, the vegetation taking back over, I want to go back again

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