especially in Dubai. Recently, introducinlyric, a frequent contributor to the TravelPod forums, turned my attention to this article in Australia’s Daily Telegraph.

Apparently a woman from England got a little boozed up and engaged in some raunchy behaviour on a Dubai beach. In case you didn’t know, that’s really not kosher in a Muslim country such as Dubai.

It’s alleged that Michelle Palmer was seen having sex on the beach, and when approached, swore at a police officer, and even attempted to hit him with a high heeled shoe.

Michelle Palmer

Michelle Palmer

What I want to know, however, is what exactly happened to the guy she was doing it with? Did he get off scott free? Is gender-based inequality so bad in Dubai, that they only apply this law to women?

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  1. David: Why don’t they report on that as much as the lady? It’s ridiculous!

    Journeyetc: Haha, yes, I would definitely advise that you risk going to jail in a foreign country for a few minutes of passion.

  2. You bloody idiot ! A woman is having public sex (a prosecutable offence right across the globe) and all you can think of is gender rights ? What an idiot you are

  3. Well, yeah, I think it’s interesting that everyone cares about the woman more than the man. I haven’t read anything about the man involved, I haven’t even heard his name mentioned anywhere. It seems to be an unexplored angle on this highly interesting and topical subject.

  4. 1: Probably one of the stricted countries in the world.
    2: Alcohol is illegal.
    3: Public affection is illegal too.
    4: Swearing can get you in serious trouble.
    5: In fact most things of Western origin may get you in hot water.


    Go to the beach blind drunk with a unmarried partner, have sex, get caught, move 200 yards down the beach, have sex again, get caught AGAIN, start swearing to the Police! try throwing your shoe at the Police to make it better, get arrested, deny it globally, get proven via DNA that your lying.

    Priceless. Wont be doing that again in a hurry!!!!!!

  5. I know the woman in question and have been looking after her since the incident. Due to her not speaking out to the press (as against the law here and also she’s the first person ever out here to be named and picture in the press, again it’s again Dubai Court Rules!) Unfortunately whoever ‘sold her out’ and the story was based on expat gossip & hear-say, unfortunately she has had 95% lies written about her. Here’s to confirm a few things (and I’ve been with her when her translator read out the case file and police/witness reports!):
    *No Racist/Muslim/Islam Slur – never happened and nowhere in reports!
    *No Attacking/Abbusing/Hitting with or without shoe – again NEVER happened!
    *No warning/caution first, again NEVER happened and nowhere in police or witness reports.
    *She was fully-clothed and there’s no sun-loungers on that beach as some papers have reported.
    *Full sex didn’t happen and her DNA test results proves this.

    Yes she was silly, very very silly, but I can ensure you with her being a friend I know she hardly goes out as a complete workaholic, and on this occassion she drank too much and made the biggest mistake of her life resulting in being in the world media eye, everybody talking about her not based on true facts, it’s an awful situation she is in. She is scared stiff and very paranoid as to who to trust out here (as press offering money for stories/pictures of her!) and won’t leave where she’s staying, she’s basically a mess and this has all been ‘trial by media’…. However due to it being across world news it’s turned political so looks like making an example of her! NOT GOOD!

    Also there was no intention of going to the Beach (again I can assure you she is not an exhibitionist and she’s not that type of woman – in fact it was her friends that encouraged her to go off with this guy as they thought it would do her good as she doesn’t go with people, hasn’t had a partner for years and just not that type of person – those friends are completely remorsed for encouraging her!) They were going back to his HOTEL that was called Oasis Beach Hotel at Jumeirah Beach Residence (based at the Marina here – NOT the Jumeirah Beach) Unfortunately the taxi driver didn’t know what they were saying, they were so intoxicated and didn’t notice where being dropped off, was looking for the hotel and after a kiss and cuddle on the beach has resulted in this making of a Monster that is not true. VERY VERY Bad situation she’s in and I can’t hold back not telling people so please pass this on as even though the truth will come out when she’s out of prison and deported she’s then got to re-build her life, find somewhere to live, find a job etc.. in the meantime people should not just be reading stories based on lies.
    I beg people who read this to pass this on as she needs help, she’s not being treated well here with witness statements changing being influenced by the media…. it’s a really bad situation she’s in and she regrets so much what she did but what everybody is reading is not the truth.
    Irony is if you lined her up and said pick out the woman that would be drunk and have a snog and grope on the beach she would be the LAST person you’d pick out. She’s the one that told her staff to dress conservately and respect all laws out here she was always sorting everybody else and advising all the young ones out here…..
    Please I beg you to pass this on, Thank you

  6. non-sense! of course people have taken their picture while having sex on the beach! i have copies!
    and a british girl in the beach with clothes on?? c,mon! skimpier the better for them.
    doggy style,missionary while her legs are it! like theyre on the privacy of their own room!

    dont tell lies and try to protect the slut.

  7. See, this is why people travel to the Caribbean where you can do what you want, i was in the Caribbean last year at charlisangels adult sex vacations resort and i had the time of my life we need to enjoy life as possible because it’s not eternity.

  8. 1. IF she had thrown her shoe, in the Middle East that as insult
    2. IF they were having sex on the beach, do it at night
    3. IF they were kissing, again this is improper there

    In a nutshell, when in Rome do as the Romans do and if you really need to have sex on the beach go the the Gulf Coast in Alabama. You can do it there and not get caught (or arrested). Trust me!

  9. If that was a local man doing it with a European woman. He would not be arrested; in fact he will be complemented on his sexual encounter! But, the woman will be accused of adultery!

  10. Where in the Caribbean is this charlisangels adult sex vacations located? Sound like my kind of vacation.

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