Another day another new feature on TravelPod! Okay we’re not that quick but we are rolling out a new feature today. The number one request amongst travel-podders at our last meet-up was to be able to tag their entries and photos with places they’ve stayed. So starting today we’ve added a new control that allows you to conveniently tag your entries and photos with places you’ve stayed. We have a pretty large database of existing hotels, hostels, and B&B’s to make it even easier for you to tag your entry. Below is a screenshot of what you will now see when you create or edit an entry.

Hotel tagging on entry page

To use this tagging feature, simply click in the textbox and start typing the name of the place you stayed. An auto-suggest feature similar to the one for cities will appear under the textbox with a list of places that match what you’ve typed so far. Select one of the options or feel free to enter your own name. You can also add more than one place, to do this simply click the “Add another” icon or text. This will take your current selection and move it down into a new textbox leaving the top one free to enter another place.

There is also a search feature, which allows you another way to find hotels, hostels or B&B’s. After entering your query and hitting “Search”, a list of hotels matching your query will be shown. Simply click the name of the hotel and the search window will disappear and the textbox on the entry page will be automatically filled out for you.

Search box

Let us know what you think!

Shaun McQuaker
The TravelPod Team

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