Last week was a little nuttier that usual at TPHQ. The Traveler IQ Challenge was featured on and we doubled in traffic almost instantly which had us scrambling to tweak and optimize the challenge while we ordered new servers.

We also scrambled to be one of the first to launch on Friendster’s new platform. We’re happy to say that you can now play the traveler IQ challenge on Friendster if that’s your social network of choice.

We’ve also hired 2 awesome developers and are this close to hiring a new community manager that you’ll all be meeting soon.

It’s always tough finding time for training but last week we spent 2 days on a course for design and usability – ie: how to make web sites prettier ( is that a word? ) and easier to use. We hear you loud and clear that TP can be a little confusing to use at times and are working hard to make it easier.

We’ve already added a handful of tweaks to make it easier to use and plan to roll out more updates this coming week. Making TP easier to use is very high on our priority list so you will most likely start noticing small changed here and there.

We’ve been growing the team a lot faster than we’d thought we would this year and although we just moved into our new office a few months ago, we’re looking for a new office already!

We’ll make sure to post some pics once we find something and settle in.

On a personal note, we’re looking forward to another TravelPodder joining the extended team: I just found out that I’m going to be the father of a baby boy soon! Which probably means that I’ll have to master the art of changing diapers while posting to this blog on Sunday mornings 🙂